The Foxxxiest: Ana Foxxx's Top 10 Scenes

The annals of adult film are filled with beautiful women. But a scant few women in adult are so stunningly, dumbfoundingly, unequivocally beautiful that they stand apart. But beauty doesn’t always translate into performance. What good is someone who looks good but can’t play to the camera? Can’t appear interested or enjoying herself? For that matter, isn’t interested and isn’t enjoying herself? And so we narrow the field… and we’re left with just a handful through the ages.

Ana Foxxx is one of those select few. Saying she is attractive enough to be a supermodel seems to be a common refrain in her movies, but truth be told, that is underselling her appearance. I am sure that a lot of time, energy, diet, exercise, and skincare goes into keeping Ana Foxxx who she is, but she is as flawless and literally awe-inspiring as they come. And if that weren’t enough, she is nasty. She is engaged and loves what she does; she knows what she wants, and what she wants is not plain old, vanilla sex.

Ana Foxxx for

So enough gushing about her for now—now that I’ve been outed as a devotee. I was tasked with writing about her ten best scenes. That’s like asking for ten favorite sunsets. So, lost in a sea of roughly 200 great scenes (because as long as Ana is in it, her beauty and energy carry the clip to at least an A-grade, regardless of what else is going on), I reached out to our own Authentic Lesbian for help narrowing it down. She, too, worships at the altar of Ana. After much deliberation, we were able to settle on ten scenes. But truthfully, don’t limit yourself! As of the time of writing this, all her clips are on sale, and you’d be borderline reckless to limit yourself to just ten clips!

Oops I Spilled! (2017) from Fantasy Massage

Ana Foxxx, Kate England & Xander Corvus

Ana Foxxx, Kate England, and Xander Corvus in Oops I Spilled! from Fantasy Massage

Xander Corvus is being checked in by Ana to a nuru massage parlor. For the uninitiated, nuru massage is a Japanese technique in which the masseuse’s entire oily naked body is used to massage the client. He is led to a room in which a robed Kate England is waiting for him. When Ana leaves to go back to the front desk, Xander seems both confused and disappointed (I totally commiserate, Xander!). But Kate, and her offer of soaping him up in the shower, allows him to forget his woes. Ana calls Kate away and, rock hard and left in the shower, Xander gets the secretary to pick up the slack.

This scene is pretty incredible. I, for one, love massage and nuru titles. Ana stays clothed (but has her pants ripped and her shirt lifted) while Kate is a shiny, naked beacon of hot. The sex is passionate and oily, and everything one could ask for.

Ebony Overload (2020) from Adam & Eve

Ana Foxxx, Nia Nacci & Chad White

Ana Foxxx, Nia Nacci, and Chad White in Ebony Overload from Adam and Eve Pictures

Chad White is a shiftless boyfriend “wasting his life” playing videogames. With her friend Ana over, Nia Nacci decides that to get her boyfriend off the controller he needs a new distraction—Ana! The two of them waste no time in seducing him. He puts down the controller and peels off his pants, and we have a pretty awesome scene on our hands! The sex is hot, fun, and surprisingly tender for a ‘bit of fun’ threesome. The three of them work up a nice glisten before Chad busts all over Nia’s big, beautiful tits… and Ana playfully laps at the cum before giving Nia a couple afterglow kisses.

Black Anal Asses (2016) from Hard X

Ana Foxxx & Manuel Ferrara

Ana Foxxx and Manuel Ferrara in Black Anal Asses from Hard X

File this one under “No Shit, Sherlock:” When you get a goddess like Ana together with a legend like Manuel Ferrara under the direction of a brilliant gonzo director like Mason, you are going to wind up with a blistering hot scene! The energy is bombastic from the start. Ana grinds her pussy against Manuel’s eager mouth. She dominantly sits on his face and rides it like it was a fuck toy. Manuel proceeds to take control of the situation, and begins biting at Ana’s hip as she struggles chokes down his cock.

The sex is vigorous and passionate and bursting at the seams with unbridled lust for one another. Ana takes Manuel anally for a majority of the scene with both vim and vigor, as she cums multiple, multiple times. When Manuel pops, both of them are shocked by the volume and velocity of his load. Still raging hard after his ejaculation, Manuel plows into Ana’s ass for a few more blissful thrusts before having her lap at his cock to get every last drop out.

A XXX Documentary (2018) from PornFidelity

Ana Foxxx & Donnie Rock

Ana Foxxx and Donnie Rock in A XXX Documentary from PornFidelity

I actually hadn’t seen this one until it was recommended to me for this article… and it might be my new favorite movie of all time. Stylish, passionate, organic sex scenes are punctuated by thoughtful sitdowns with performers as they discuss their past, their turn-ons, and what porn means to them. Ana’s scene begins with a smorgasbord of interview bits from the likes of Prince Yashua, Lily LaBeau, Chanel Preston, and scene partners Ana and Donnie Rock. Ana talks about virtually everything: her past, her path to sexuality, her reluctance in receiving oral (until she found out porn performers are really good at eating pussy and that it feels awesome), and how she is willing to portray herself and her race in film.

It turns out Ana and Donnie had known each other and flirted with each other for two years prior to filming this: their first scene together. They were chomping at the bit to know each other biblically, and it shows. It is an all-out fuckfest where the two of them show off everything they’re capable of and relish in one another’s sexing abilities. Ana and Donnie are sweaty and heaving messes (well as messy as two handsome people can be) by the end. There is a bit of comedown conversation, and the two are giddy. And I’m going to rewatch this scene (and movie) many more times over the coming years.

Anal Beauty 12 (2019) from

Ana Foxxx & Jean Val Jean

Ana Foxxx and Jean Val Jean in Anal Beauty 12 from

Jean Val Jean plays Ana’s acting coach in this beautifully shot vignette. She is in her final private lesson in his home and she can’t concentrate because she has an uncontrollable desire for him. He notices her distraction and she confesses her feelings. The cool, romance-novel-studly Frenchman tells her it is normal to have feelings for a mentor—but he never confesses wanting her the same way! And quickly his pants are down and his dick is hard.

This is as glossy as a hot and impassioned anal scene gets. Ana is especially radiant, and she’s so good in this scene that it’s impossible not to fall under her spell. Jean is his usual excellent self, and this is one for the books. Easily this is one of the all-time scenes… and that’s saying something!

Lily Cade’s Dirty Picture (2017) from Filly Films

Ana Foxxx & Heidi Jenner

Ana Foxxx and Heidi Jenner in Lily Cade's Dirty Picture from Filly Films

Director Lily Cade plays an unfaithful photographer in this really solid film. Ana makes an appearance in two scenes—the second a threesome that also involves Lily. But despite me loving Lily Cade as a performer, I prefer Ana’s lead-in scene. She is posing for pictures in her underwear and a masquerade-esque cat mask alongside the similarly attired Heidi Jenner. The two of them seductively vamp like cats for the camera: licking their ‘paws’ and clawing out towards the lens. Their lingerie comes off one piece at a time as the shutter keeps clicking away, and Ana and Heidi begin pawing at each other. It is a super sexy and super simple lesbian scene where the women keep their masks on the entire time. It is a stunning scene thanks to the sexual energy of the pair. When performers vibe in a scene, it becomes a transcendent affair… and this one is truly beyond.

Prison Heat (2019) from Sweetheart Video

Ana Foxxx & Demi Sutra

Ana Foxxx and Demi Sutra in Prison Heat from Sweetheart Video

This is a women in prison movie directed by auteur Ricky Greenwood. Despite the film’s roots in exploitation films like Caged Heat and The Concrete Jungle, the scene between the inmate Ana and her prison guard lover (played by friend and protege Demi Sutra) is tender, sweet, and romantic. But don’t you dare mistake tender and sweet and romantic for boring!

The locker room tryst between Ana and Demi is sexual fireworks show! The two beautiful women caress and lick and scissor each other in a passionate way that only people who truly care about one another off-screen can. Despite the grim setting of a correctional facility, this stands as one of the most romantic and heartwarming lesbian scenes ever caught on film.

Strapped In The Ass (2019) from Third Degree

Ana Foxxx & Evelyn Claire

Ana Foxxx and Evelyn Claire in Strapped In The Ass from Third Degree

Evelyn Claire is another otherworldly beauty who just takes my breath away every time I see her on camera. This scene could pretty easily just be her and Ana staring at the camera while sitting still for 40 minutes and I’d be tempted to put it on this list just the same. Luckily, I don’t have to defend this clip’s inclusion one bit!

Evelyn and Ana are very obviously attracted to one another. The scene is full of a curious exploration of each others’ bodies and responses. They are very much pleased with every flick of the tongue, slap of the ass, kiss, and nibble imparted upon them. It’s a joyful scene, and would have been a great one even before the titular strap comes out. Evelyn tops Ana with a purple strap-on number and she revels in every stroke and the erotic glee that erupts from Ana.

I do have a small gripe with this scene, though. Don’t mic the creaky leather couch so much! It’s a little distracting in the beginning, but once you’re just a couple minutes in you won’t notice a thing besides these divine women digging on each other.

Black Girl Magic (2019) from Evil Angel: Chris Streams

Ana Foxxx & Roman Nomar

Ana Foxxx and Ramon Nomar in Black Girl Magic from Chris Streams and Evil Angel

Director Chris Streams sees Ana Foxxx in a light that I don’t recall ever seeing her in. She is heavily made up and wearing bright lingerie which, while not unheard of for Ana, isn’t totally out of her repertoire. But it does change the vibe of the scene. Ana Foxxx is a versatile performer, and her actual enjoyment of rough and real sex penetrates (no pun intended) any persona she’s putting on… be it a feature or a gonzo title.

Ramon Nomar knows how to coax incredible performances from his scene partners. Ana elevates everyone she works with. The two of them together just give off a raunchy dynamism that is impossible to look away from. I don’t want to be the hokey writer that invokes the word ‘magic’ in a title called Black Girl Magic… but here I am. It’s undeniable. The pair, under Streams’ expert guidance, are magical.

Lady Gonzo Volume Three (2019) from Adult Time

Ana Foxxx, Joanna Angel & Small Hands

Ana Foxxx, Joanna Angel, and Small Hands in Lady Gonzo Volume Three from Adult Time

I wanted my description of this clip to just be two words: “Holy shit!” But then I wouldn’t be much of a writer, would I? But maybe there is no more apt description for this work of gonzo art. It is the most fun and breezy scene I can recall seeing at the moment. Director and co-star Joanna Angel (Lady Gonzo herself) is awestruck (rightfully) by Ana, as the two talk and walk behind a warehouse. The two are all giggles and mutual admiration, and Joanna can’t help but warm Ana up for her husband (rocker-turned-porn-god Small Hands) by herself.

Joanna can’t help but gasp and express her shock that someone so beautiful can be so nasty as Ana shows off her love of drool, her sword-swallower ability with a dildo, and her proclivity for jizz. Ana gets off with a tentacle-y dragon dildo that she falls in love with before Joanna brings her inside for some Small Hands. The three of them get on like gangbusters. They are happy throughout and Small Hands delivers a vigorous railing of the enthusiastic Ana. I can’t recommend this clip (and really, the whole series) enough!

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