Submit To Desire 5: A HotMovies Review

Submit To Desire 5 from SexArt is an exclusive on HotMovies! Starring Timea Bella, Chrissy Fox, Linda Sweet, and Marica Hase in five clips delving into the glamorous side of impromptu sex with beautiful couples who are ready to fuck wherever the moment may strike. Director Andrej Lupin gives us beautiful locales that will compel these couples and the viewers to Submit to Desire! Let’s take a closer look:


Scene 1 – Timea Bella & Matt Ice


Timea Bella is sitting on Matt Ice’s lap in a gorgeous bedroom. She kisses him deeply and uses her hand to squeeze his growing bulge. Matt pulls her dress above her waist and we see her heart-shaped ass as she grinds into his cock. She reaches down to stroke his his shaft a bit, and then the dress is finally pulled over her head and she sits down on his dick. Matt grabs Timea’s ass as she rides him hard before she slows down to arch her back, coming close to an orgasm very quickly. Matt places her on her back to eat her pussy and then slips that aching shaft between her tight lips and fucks her missionary while she wraps her tiny ankles around his ass. Matt pumps into her causing Timea to cum and Matt follows suit blowing a load deep inside Timea’s freshly fucked pussy.


Scene 2 – Chrissy Fox & Andy West


Chrissy Fox is desperate to get out of the rain, and fortunately Andy West comes to her rescue and brings her inside where he runs her a bath. We watch Chrissy undress and slip into the tub, splashing the shallow water around her tits as she gets excited thinking about her lover waiting for her wet body in the next room. She meets him in the bedroom and they cuddle a bit before Andy penetrates her. Chrissy sits on top of him to take his cock, letting the towel drop from her still wet body. Andy eagerly runs his hands over Chrissy’s tits before she places her pussy directly on his face to feel his tongue and mouth. Andy spreads her cheeks apart and digs his tongue deep into her pussy. She sits back on his cock and she starts getting very close to cumming. Chrissy climbs off of him to kiss him and stroke his swollen cock. She places his head in her mouth and uses her hand to squeeze precum out of his shaft. Then Chrissy lies on her side and Andy slips his cock in deep and quickly makes Chrissy cum. Andy pulls out to let her catch his breath and pushes his cock back in. Chrissy lies on her back and opens her legs wide so Andy can easily pound her. She rubs her swollen clit as he thrusts, until his dick slips out again and he blows his load all over her stomach.


Scene 3 – Linda Sweet & Kristof Cale


Linda Sweet and Kristof Cale are taking a bright, sunny ride on his motorcycle before they stop for ice cream. Back in their hotel, those calories have them energetic and horny as hell and the fiery Linda Sweet quickly pulls out Kristof’s dick to jerk it to get the blood flowing to his cock. Linda unbuttons her top to show her freckled breasts while Kristof slides his hand down her shorts before Linda gets Kristof on the bed with his cock in her mouth. Her lips make it swell to capacity so she moves down to his balls before she slips those panties off and takes a ride on his shaft before switching places and letting her pussy lips take a ride on his mouth. Kristof gets up on his knees to plow Linda doggystyle. He pulls her closer as she arches her back to get him deeper into her pussy. He slows his thrusts as we see up close that his big cock is stretching petite Linda’s pink pussy and getting her very close to an orgasm. Linda turns on her back so Kristof can fuck her missionary and then he grabs her by her ankles and plows her deep until she cums and squirts all over her belly. She then uses her lower back muscles to ride Kristof’s dick causing him to shoot his load deep inside her, leaving everybody quite wet!


Scene 4 – Kiara Lord & Matt Ice


Kiara Lord covers Matt’s neck in kisses as they go for a drive, slipping a wet tongue in his ear. Kiara is horny as fuck, so when they arrive home they both start devouring each other in the patio before Matt can find the keys ostensibly in his pocket. Kiara unbuttons his jeans as he rubs her clit through her tight dress. Matt slides his fingers into Kiara’s pussy, his fingers already bringing her close. She bends down to swallow his uncut cock. Kiara stands back up and turns around so Matt can pound her from the back. Matt pulls out Kiara’s tits and pumps away. They hear some passing traffic and pause for a moment in panic before Matt continues thrusting outside the patio doors. Matt finally fully undresses Kiara out in the open and fucks her while she’s facing him with her back up against the glass doors. She then hops up on him and he grabs her ass cheeks and holds tightly while pounding her while holding her in his arms and saying fuck gravity. Matt slides down to the ground with Kiara still bouncing off his dick. She cums and he’s not far behind as he blows a load inside her out in the open. His cock slips out and its covered in his cum. We see that their keys have been left in the car.


Scene 5 – Marica Hase & Matt Bird


Matt Bird is bound to a table, plastic wrapped around his head and cock. Marica Hase walks in, also covered in plastic around her nude body and goggles around her eyes. Marica runs her hand along his bound body and then produces a huge knife which she uses to cut him out of the plastic. Marica climbs on top of him and peels off her latex gloves from her hands. Marcie runs her lips over his chest and Matt’s dick gets stiff as he begins to stir from his fugue state from the heat of Marica’s body. She places the head of his cock slowly into her mouth; her own body, curvy and flushed, is trying to break free from the plastic binds. Marica sticks her exposed pussy in his face while sucking him off. Matt’s tongue slowly circles Marcie’s lips. Marica finally frees herself from the plastic and slips Matt’s shaft deep inside her pussy. She squeaks in pleasure as she rides his big dick at a languid rhythm, his cock stretching her tiny pussy and also making her tight asshole pucker for the camera. Marica leans up and arches her back to ride him faster. She spins around a few times trying to find that perfect spot until he grabs her by the hips and guides her and then pounds her. Marica hops off to suck his dick and taste her own pussy on his shaft. She turns to face him and he places his engorged cock back inside her. Matt sits up, fully alert, and pulls her close. Matt shoots his load inside her and she lifts her hips to get off his cock and we watch his semen drip out. Matt takes a breath and then something really UNEXPECTED happens before his post-orgasmic bliss can wear off… DAMN!


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