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The word “documentary” to many is akin to listening to a person delivering factoids in the driest, most monotonous, Ben Stein-like tone. Then there are the those who are actually excited to watch them! We all have that one friend who looks forward to the next symposium, the next lecture, and yes… even that darn documentary! They’re the geeks we know and love. (No shade, because I’m a geek myself—and proud of it!) But no matter how beneficial a documentary of any kind may be, we would rather be entertained while being taught, right? Whelp girls, guys, and my fellow geeks—here at HotMovies we are turning the stereotype about documentaries on its ass to give you an inside look at some of the most well-known porn stars of both today and yesteryear! From the newest release from award-winning director Bree MillsHow Women Orgasm, to a peek into the life of porn legend John Holmes, these documentaries will entertain and get you so hot and bothered you’ll just burst with excitement! Come take a look at some of the hottest porn documentaries that we’re sure will keep you cumming back for more!

How Women Orgasm

The subject of a female orgasm has got to be one of the most talked-about subjects surrounding sex. Is the female orgasm a real thing? What’s the deal with squirting, and how does that work?! Are her orgasms real or is she faking it? Well Bree Mills collaborated with Adult Time studio to put together a dynamite cast that’ll answer all your questions—they can show you better than they can tell you! And trust me when I tell you there’s no way they could fake the fucking frenzy they work themselves up to, nor could they fake the moment they fall over that precipice into orgasmic bliss. Watch as Dee Williams, Jane Wilde, Jay Taylor, Jenna Foxx, and Whitney Wright introduce you to How Women Orgasm.

A XXX Documentary

Director Andy Zane offers you the chance of a lifetime: to get to know the innermost thoughts of some of today’s most influential porn stars across a range of topics. They speak on many subjects: what turns them on, strict parents, sneaking out to be rebellious, and, of course, finally bucking the system to discover and own their sexuality! Not an easy task when your family background makes sex and everything that comes with it a subject too taboo to speak about—let alone act on. Pull up a chair and get to know Olive Glass, Michael Vegas, Prince Yahshua, Lily LeBeau, Ana Foxxx, Donnie Rock, James Deen, and Chanel Preston a bit better. Then get ready to orgasm right along with them as they make speech a reality by demonstrating the hedonistic action that they love to indulge in, and that PornFidelity is known for!

I Am Riley

She’s a petite, oh so sweet, precocious chick with a girl-next-door vibe that would draw you right in and melt the coldest heart, but don’t let that dazzling smile and perky persona fool you. Once she’s on set she’s one of the most uninhibited, raunchiest, nastiest stars that I have ever seen in action! I love EVERY minute of watching her be SO good at being so damn bad! Seriously, give her a throbbing cock, a pulsing pussy—or hell: give her both and many at the same time and Riley Reid will show you why she’s hands-down one of the most in-demand female stars in the adult industry today! Get to know what turns her on so she can turn you out in the video dissertation that’s centered around Riley Reid and her carnal adventures.

We Like Girls Project

When you have to make sure your performers are separated just to make sure you catch all the steamy lesbian action on camera—you know it’s going to literally be a fucking good time! In fact, it’s so good that the newest release in the series We Like Girls Project Volume 2 is 2020’s XBIZ award-winning film for Best Girl-Girl Feature of the Year! But don’t fret that there’s not enough Sapphic action to go around, these girls like girls so much that it’s an entire series! We’ve got them all here for you to binge-watch the many hours of lesbian action and orgasms served up with just one click!

The Blue Movie Remastered: Grindhouse Edition

Before there were any adult cinema theaters, strip clubs and even streaming websites like ours, the only way you could see a “stag film” was by patroning prestigious gentlemen’s clubs or visiting the local brothel. The History of The Blue Movie is a compilation of the earliest American stag movies known to survive, such as A Free Ride which was released in 1915! Other clips include scenes from the late, great Alex de Renzy, one of the greatest erotic filmmakers of all time. Classics like Femmes de Sade and Baby Face are also featured.

Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes

Even though it’s never been officially measured, one look at the massive fuck-stick this man possessed and it’s easy to understand why his name became synonymous with adult entertainment. John Holmes took advantage of his god-given gift and became legendary among us mere mortals. “John was to the porn industry what Elvis was to the world of Rock & Roll,” according to some who’ve had the privilege of working with him. William Margold describes him as, “the little boy with a big dick who found his pot of gold at the end of his zipper,” meaning John was VERY much in-demand during a time when people were prosecuted for making fuck flicks. However, in the name of freedom of speech and free expression, this king of porn was living every man’s wet dream. Onscreen he was known to be sweet, caring, and tender while others who knew him offscreen as a jerk, but there’s always more than one side to every story. Wadd is the documentary that chronicles the life of John Holmes both on and off set, and gives us a glimpse into the many sides of the prolific porn star from childhood to his death in 1988.

I Am Angela

Mark Spiegler has been known to work the best of the best in the adult industry. Not only are they the cream of the crop, but legends in the business such as Sasha Grey, Belladonna, and Asa Akira… and of course, the au naturale beauty, Angela White. She’s one of those rare talents that even makes her peers, like the iconic Joey Silvera come out of retirement just for a chance to work with her. But it’s not just about her gorgeous looks and those luscious 32GG tits; this hard-working AVN Hall of Famer leaves an impression wherever she goes. Especially when an equally decorated peer like Asa Akira can be quoted as saying, “Angela is perverted, she’s super, SUPER sexual. She’s a woman that owns her sexuality and she works very hard, and has a very specific vision.” She is Angela White and she’s inviting you to immerse yourself in her uninhibited vision of perversion that she effortlessly conveys whenever she’s on set.


Before there ever was a Linda Lovelace, there was Claudine Beccarie. She’s a well-rounded human being, with a kind heart and good morals who just happens to have worked in the sex industry. Did I forget to mention that she was DAMN good at it too!? This documentary made in 1975 examines the state of the French pornographic film industry and is entirely constructed around Madame Beccarie, the first true superstar of French hardcore films. Ms. Beccarie also paved the way for the likes of Brigitte Lahaie and Marilyn Jess.

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