Writers' Roundup: I'm Feeling Lucky…

With the boundless entertainment options we face on a daily basis, sometimes we can get in a tunnel-vision mindset when watching and listening to our favorite kinds of content. We stream the same five songs every day until they’re no longer enjoyable, or binge-watch TV shows so quickly they’re all easily forgotten. It’s inevitable that we approach our favorite porn the same way; our collective churn-and-burn behavior in the search for the next exciting video isn’t lost on us! HotMovies understands the importance of allowing our users plenty of fun features to aid you in the discovery of your next obsession, including our oft-overlooked ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ randomizer.

I’m Feeling Lucky sets our enormous library of adult movies on “shuffle,” so our users can find something they’d never thought to search for. So now with all this extra time on our hands (thanks, coronavirus!), the HotMovies staff decided to take turns messing around with the I’m Feeling Lucky feature to see what came up. We each chose a movie we wanted to watch and a movie we wouldn’t normally watch from our results.

Judy Hologram:

Want To Watch: Pink Slip II

I love it when MissaX gets weird, so I was VERY lucky indeed when I landed on Pink Slip II! Lyra Law, one of porn’s most under-appreciated actresses, plays a put-upon secretary, desperate to make her creepy boss approve of her looks so that she can keep her job. She chugs down a black-market beauty potion, which give her rouged cheeks, a bigger bust, bright green eyes, and… a huge, hard cock. Yes, this is a futanari fantasy! Lyra jerks off her new member and even autofellates, choking on her own cum and giving herself a massive facial. The next day at work is a secretary revenge fantasy for the #MeToo era, with Lyra’s expert dirty talk making it all the more juicy.

Wouldn’t Watch: Privat Deutsche Amateure Ohne Hemmungen

Before I watch Privat Deutsche Amateure Ohne Hemmungen, I did not think I liked German amateur porn, and after I watched it I did not like German amateur porn.

Pink Slip II from MissaX
Privat Deutsche Amateure Ohne Hemmungen from MJP-Video


Want To Watch: The Devil Made Me Do It

I one movie I would definitely watch is The Devil Made Me Do It. Whenever someone says that, it makes me immediately sit up and pay attention because… well, I’m nosey. I want to know what it is that He made you do exactly. In this instance, watching Cheyne Collins and John West tag-team Jasmine Byrne‘s fuckholes in a DP-anal penetration session definitely satisfied my curiosity!

Wouldn’t Watch: Magazine Photo Shoot Volume 137

The title I wouldn’t watch is Magazine Photo Shoot Volume 137. Don’t get me wrong: these are beautiful girls serving up amazing poses while visiting some amazing locations. You may even get to see some masturbation moments here and there also. However, I’m a fan of scenes where there’s a couple featured with PLENTY of debauched action. I want a scene that encompasses a beginning, middle, and… what’s the end without a money shot?!

The Devil Made Me Do It from VCA Labs
Magazine Photo Shoot Volume 137 from G.D. Douglass

Stoney Rubble:

There are always going to be those hectic Monday mornings where you don’t have time to choose which pair of chaps to wear, so you snatch anything out of the open hamper so you can dash out the door. The I”m Feeling Lucky HotMovies function serves the same purpose, but if you have to get off before you get out—like before a court sentencing or a church picnic. It’s a fantastic feature for the indecisive and independent voter alike! The feature gives you a ton of different suggestions and genres from clips you’d love and others you might not realize you’d care for until you give it a view. So here it goes, something I would never ever say to myself in any other context: “I’m Feeling Lucky…”

Want To Watch: FemDom Ass Worship 21

Look, I’m probably going to watch anything that features Alura Jenson manhandling an unworthy schlub, so when FemDom Ass Worship 21 popped up, it was my first pick. The last scene where Alura Jenson crushes poor Jeremy Conway with her incredible ass really made my day. Alura’s ass of steel is the shining apogee of a distant heavenly orbit; nothing else matters in that sky when hovering under Ms. Jenson’s beautiful cheeks!

Wouldn’t Watch: Sex Obsession 115 – Bondage Boot Licker

Sex Obsession 115 – Bondage Boot Licker is a kinky vintage clip that off-hand you don’t think you’re in the mood for it until curiosity drives you to preview it and then you realize, “I really am in the mood for a short and extremely filthy backroom bondage clip featuring a gorgeous redhead being dominated by a rando who looks like Charles Brolin before Barbara Streisand sunk her talons into him. Quick, dirty, and right to the point!”

Femdom Ass Worship from Evil Angel
Sex Obsession 115 Bondage Boot Licker from HotOldMovies

Give the I’m Feeling Lucky feature a try on HotMovies! You might just discover something, exciting (or disturbing) about your tastes!


Want To Watch: Bonnie Rotten Is Squirtwoman

Having watched porn pretty much every day for years now (as is my job), I’m at a place where it takes supernaturally good performances to move the needle for me. I appreciate amateur porn for it’s authenticity, but sometimes you want to see star-worthy, award-winning sexual feats that only true sexual artists are capable of. When perusing my ‘Lucky’ pics, it only took me a quick glance at Bonnie Rotten‘s legendary tattooed tits to make my choice. When it comes to the insanely energetic, raunchy performances I love, Bonnie is a go-to, top-tier star.

Wouldn’t Watch: Paige Cums Again

I have nothing against solo masturbation scenes, and I fully understand why they’re hot. I’ve just seen so many, I don’t think I’d seek something like this video out for myself. However, I’m happy to shout out Femorg for their real-orgasm, female-focused content. It’s just not for me this time!

Bonnie Rotten is Squirtwoman from Elegant Angel
Paige Cums Again from Femorg

Ed Mann:

Want To Watch: Girlvert 19

I clicked the “I’m Feeling Lucky” and come across Girlvert 19, which was the last volume of the iconic series made famous (or infamous) by the frenzied performance of uber-slut Ashley Blue. Blue and the series were synonymous with each other. She performed in all but the first volume and it was even the title of her memoir, Girlvert: A Porn Memoir. Blue wasn’t your typical-looking porn star. She was short, with dark hair and small tits that she never enhanced. But she had an unapologetic and fierce approach towards sex that made her performances in the Girlvert series seem as if she was being her natural self. For those of us who have watched a lot of porn over the years, you are sure to have one or two scenes from this series that you will not soon forget as the sexual scenarios are twisted, angry, vengeful and—like Ashley Blue—unapologetic. The Girlvert series is always worth revisiting.

Wouldn’t Watch: Euro Legs Teil 12

For the movie I wouldn’t normally watch, I selected Euro Legs Teil 12. It is a leg/foot fetish title featuring German performers. While I am not a foot or leg-fetish person, there were still some aspects of the movie that I found appealing. There isn’t much plot to the scenes, so there is no need to understand anything that is spoken, which is very little anyway. Being that it was a leg/fetish movie, they utilize atypical camera angles which made things more interesting to watch. The performers were appealing and clearly understood how to tease the men in the scenes. Even though there is some sex going on in the movie, there is no penetration, just some cunnilingus performed on the women, and the guys get off solely by being jerked off with the women’s feet.

Girlvert 19 from JM Productions
Euro Legs Teil 12 from Lava XXL

Jeffton Banks:

Want To Watch: Support The Bush

When I clicked the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button and got a movie featuring Karlee Grey, I said out loud (no joke), “Wow! I am lucky!” This movie is so freaking hot that Karlee’s scene might not even be the best of the bunch (sorry, Karlee, I still adore you). The first scene, between Niki Snow and James Deen, really put Niki on my radar in a BIG, BIG way (Hi Niki! You’re amazing!). The scenes are all rough sex. They are all really good. You will get off to this movie.

Wouldn’t Watch: I’ve Never Done That Before! #4

Once upon a time, Wildlife Productions was one of the major players in gonzo porn. They were most famous for their OG hotwife series, Screw My Wife Please!!, so in my “lucky” page, when two Wildlife movies came up, I kinda couldn’t help myself. I almost completely forgot about them… which is crazy considering they have over 600 titles (!). But that just goes to show you how tough it is to remember a studio that isn’t putting movies out anymore.

I went with I’ve Never Done That Before! #4 because I’m a sucker for pigtails, plaid skirts, and white panties. The movie, directed by longtime performer Tyce Bune, is admittedly a little uneven. But it is such a throwback to another era, that it was a delight to watch—what with its big-box raunchiness. The best scene in the film is a toss-up. The opener features two cleaning service schoolgirls (I don’t get it, but OK) getting caught experimenting with each other, having to make amends by screwing the homeowner. The other contender features realtor Kelly Warner securing herself a listing by pouncing on her potential client in an effort show him her fringe benefits.

Support The Bush from BANG!
I've Never Done That Before #4 from Wildlife Productions

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