HotMovies Reviews: Who's Your Daddy? from MissaX

Who’s Your Daddy? from MissaX is killing it on the site: currently the Most Popular title on HotMovies and has been all month! 2016’s Penthouse “Pet of the Year” Kenna James portrays a perfect, young naïf in a submissive lesbian relationship with her best friend (of dubious influence), played by Cadence Lux. Cadence doesn’t just have her eyes on Kenna’s bison of a stepfather (played by Chad White), but also the fragile and filthy relationship teeming with sexual turpitude between stepdaughter and stepfather.

MissaX’s Who’s Your Daddy was based on a suggestion from a member from’s chat forums that Missa fleshed out story-wise into a five-part series in a way that only Missa could. MissaX porn is reliably disturbing, sexy, devastating, and incredibly well-scripted. The Who’s Your Daddy series is no different!


Who’s Your Daddy? Part One: Cadence Lux & Kenna James

“Real work is for the uglies.”

Kenna James is a delicate flower waiting to be trampled by her best friend Cadence Lux. The two young women are in a Domme/submissive relationship. Kenna is emotionally invested, Cadence… not so much. There’s something else she’s after, least of which a new place to stay after being kicked out of family home for moral corruption. Missa opens on the young girls discussing career opportunities at a strip club Cadence has plans for, and Kenna’s eyes are wide as she takes notes. Cadence is utterly taking control over Kenna’s life as her Domme. Cadence orders Kenna to dance and strip in a mock audition for her new career, and she schools Kenna on the rules of the strip club (circa Jennifer Lopez from Hustlers). Poor Kenna frets that Cadence doesn’t really want her sexually, but just wants a big cock. Kenna tries to touch her friend/Domme, and Cadence barks at her to ask for permission first. Meanwhile, Kenna’s stepfather Chad White lurks in the hallway above, listening to Cadence bully and corrupt his stepdaughter Kenna. Chad appears concerned—and aroused—as any proper guardian would be.


Kenna slips off Cadence’s panties. Cadence orders Kenna to touch herself. Kenna’s pussy is getting wet and she whines that she knows one day Cadence will leave her for a dick. Kenna’s mouth is soon hovering over Cadence’s mound. “Can I taste you, Mistress?” Kenna begs. Cadence finally allows Kenna to devour her cunt. Kenna James LOVES eating pussy, and it shows. Kenna gets lost in Cadence’s lips. “What did I tell you about going too fast?” Cadence warns. Cadence sits on Kenna’s face before fingering and eating Kenna’s virgin pussy. “You can’t cum unless I give you permission!” Cadence scolds. Kenna climbs on top of Cadence to trib. Little Kenna can barely keep up as she thrusts her thighs into her Domme. Cadence pushes a trembling orgasm out of Kenna’s tiny body while the young women gore each other with their swollen clits.


Cadence implores to her sub that if she does get a boy, they’ll only use him for cock together. Cadence calls out to Chad White from upstairs, “Sir, you can come out now. I’m clean and free of lice!” Cadence proudly proclaims to the stunned slab of meat as he watches his stepdaughter get dressed. Kenna, embarrassed but energized, asks if Cadence can stay with them—moving Cadence’s plan for Kenna and Daddy to the next phase.

Who’s Your Daddy? Part Two: Cadence Lux, Kenna James & Chad White

“I think Cadence should get to call you Daddy too.”

Cadence and Kenna are looking for trouble with some frat boys as Chad comes home to a chorus of “Daddy!” from both girls. Daddy has pizza and tries to convince them to ditch the frat boys and stay home and play some games. “Games are for kids,” Kenna pouts. She implores to her Daddy that she’s a true lesbian, but Cadence suggests that Kenna is into dick—specifically, her stepfather’s dick. Chad orders Cadence to go back home, and the young women beg for forgiveness. He sends them to Kenna’s room after Kenna suggests her Daddy might be a little jealous. He orders them to Kenna’s room again, this time without dinner. Cadence gets on her knees below Chad, and gropes him, searching for something else to eat.


Kenna accuses Cadence of trying to run her Daddy off. Cadence knows Kenna wants him, Kenna just doesn’t know it yet… but she will soon. Chad eavesdrops on them outside their door and hears Kenna say that she knows her stepdaddy would never take her virginity; he’s a good guy. That’s not what good daddies do. Cadence leads Kenna to Chad’s bedroom and barges into the bedroom to, ahem, apologize. Cadence knows this little girl is full of shit.


Chad attempts some more half-assed parenting before he’s tricked into to letting the two women climb into bed with him. They gush over Chad’s impressive cock, now hard. Kenna wants to touch it, but Cadence first. Cadence shares how she punishes Kenna, and it involves a lot cum-lapping. “I’m the man of the house!” Chad barks. Chad pushes Cadence’s hand away. “She just wants to touch one,” Cadence pleads.

Kenna has always wondered if the big ones like Chad’s would hurt. Chad gives in, under the promise that Kenna will stay away from other guys if given the chance to wet her curiosity with Daddy’s dick. Kenna strokes him and it swells in her tiny hand. “You’re too good for a virgin,” Chad tells his stepdaughter. Cadence begs to taste it, and Chad allows her to wrap her lips around him—for “educational purposes” for his stepdaughter, of course. Kenna leans in close as her Domme sucks her stepdaddy dry. Cadence deep-throats Chad’s meat and slathers him in spit, before both girls are sharing precum kisses and Chad is taking turns titty-fucking them. Chad cums in Cadence’s mouth, and she turns to her sub and shares the load. Kenna is excited and out of control, spreading her gorgeous legs for her stepdaddy to see. She asks him to fill her with his cum.

“It’s getting late girls,” Chad finally says.

Who’s Your Daddy? Part Three: Cadence Lux, Chad White & Kenna James

“Good thing my cock doesn’t make the decisions!”

The next morning Chad finds Cadence in the kitchen and he explodes on the interloper. Cadence needs Chad to be her Daddy, and Chad needs her to move out the fuck out; last night was a mistake. Cadence begs Chad to kiss her. He screams that he will not be manipulated before shoving her on the kitchen counter getting ready to shove his prick into her, but sprightly Kenna interrupts them. “We were going to make you breakfast in bed,” Cadence chirps before shooing Kenna away. Chad pulls out a cucumber, for “educational purposes” again, and follows Kenna to the bedroom.


Chad offers a solution for Kenna to lose her virginity so he can hold on to his morality. Kenna needs to learn how to please herself, and her stepdaddy is ready to show her. Cadence helps the lesson by taking Chad’s cock in her throat to direct Kenna how to use the cucumber. Chad orders Kenna to kiss him while he feels how wet she is. Chad spreads Kenna’s legs on the bed and uses the cucumber on her himself. Kenna can’t stand anymore. “I want you, Daddy,” she purrs. Chad uses his cock head to tease Kenna’s lips, stopping at just the point of full penetration, struggling to respect the barrier, that boundary.

“I don’t know if I can take it all,” Kenna whimpers. Kenna looks terrified and excited. “Oh, yes you can,” Chad beams as Kenna nods in approval, eyes glowing. She wants more. Chad gently fucks his subby stepdaughter, while Cadence makes Kenna’s pussy drip by mouthing her clit before Cadence takes Chad’s cock down her throat to clean it off. Chad orders both women to share his meat between their mouths before Kenna finally gets the nerve to sit down on her Daddy’s dick. He pumps her slowly with Cadence covering her back in wet kisses. Kenna slides off to put Daddy’s dick in her mouth again, and both girls take turns riding Daddy’s cock. Chad blows his load inside of Kenna, and Cadence happily cleans her pussy and there’s no turning back.


Who’s Your Daddy? Part Four: Cadence Lux & Chad White

“It smells like Daddy in here.”

The next morning, Chad is in the bathroom getting ready to hop in the the shower and is stalked by a wanting Cadence, seizing the opportunity to get Daddy by himself. She confronts him eagle-spread on the sink, but he rejects her and tries once again to throw her from the house. But, he quickly succumbs to her charms while under the guise that Cadence is succumbing to his.


Chad grabs Cadence by the back of the head to face-fuck her. He teases that bratty cunt with his cock before fucking her up against the sink, finally giving this troublemaker the domination she’s feigning and craving. Chad makes Cadence cum and squirt, gets his cock cleaned off, and pounds her again before pulling out a stool so he can show Cadence how nasty a sixty-nine session can really get: choking Cadence with his mammoth tool and destroying that cunty throat. Cadence sits down on Chad’s prick, rubbing her clit in victory before Chad blows a load right into her open mouth, just as the lovely Kenna James approaches the bathroom. Chad panics and orders his new sub to keep her fucking mouth shut as he retreats in the shower. But Kenna can smell her Daddy; Kenna knows something is up, and as Chad cowers in the shower as his stepdaughter and his new sub fight over his hairy cock. Cadence believes she’s already won and orders Kenna to use the other bathroom. Soon the coast is clear as Kenna retreats in her own victory…


Who’s Your Daddy? Part Five: Kenna James, Cadence Lux & Chad White

“This is so messed up…”

The fragile family unit arrives home from the movies, with Kenna and Cadence engaging in another bratty fight meant to provoke an erection moreso than emotions. They’re quarreling over who has “ownership” of being owned by Daddy. Kenna is a more confident vixen and seductress, while Cadence looks more lost than ever. Kenna’s flower has really blossomed into something wonderfully obscene. Kenna bats her eyes and threatens Cadence some more. Will Cadence have to leave her new home at dysfunction junction and give up Kenna and her new Daddy? She’s not as sure as she once was. The hits come fast as Kenna announces she is breaking up with Cadence, and Chad grimly says that he cannot be Cadence’s Daddy.


These two young women change moods as easily as they change panties; they turn on Chad and push him on the couch, and start groping him, seducing him. It’s really just a game, and the game is the submissives are the one who really have the power. Cadence and Kenna slip off his jeans to double-team his cock; Chad has officially lost control (if he even had any from the get-go). Cadence pushes Kenna’s head down deep on Chad’s swelling prick beneath her pretty cheeks, before Kenna hops up and pushes her pussy onto Daddy’s tool—all while Cadence licks her ass like a thirsty little lamb. Cadence and Kenna switch up, taking turns riding and swallowing Daddy’s cock before Cadence’s body explodes from an orgasm while Kenna uses those playful fingers over Cadence’s clit. Cadence is a fucking brat, and this brat wants to cum again; she cums right in Kenna’s face before Chad orders his stepdaughter to mouth his balls. Cadence’s eyes open wide as Chad blows inside her. Kenna sucks it up like a sugary sweet before Chad pounds Kenna doggystyle, making her cum. Chad pulls out of his stepdaughter and a blows one last stream of semen on those pink pussy petals. Cadence licks the cum dripping out of Kenna and Chad pulls his two kittens in tight. The family unit is closer than ever before. Until next time…


Poor Chad White. He was doomed the moment Cadence Lux laid eyes on him, as we all are (in the very best way!) And Kenna Jame steals the show; her arc and chemistry with Cadence Lux is stunning! Kenna James has never been sexier!

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