Love Radio: A HotMovies Review

We’ve been blessed by a new Private exclusive: Love Radio. It just so happens to star one of my all-time biggest porn crushes, Anna De Ville, so I lunged at the chance to review the movie for the site. Anna plays a radio show host who shares sexy stories of her listeners’ love lives. It is an interesting schtick to use as a wraparound for what would otherwise be an unrelated series of vignette clips. Anna holds it down as the DJ, and though her delivery is a little wooden, I could listen to her talk all day every day.

Anna De Ville in Love Radio from Private

The fact of the matter of the movie is this: I think the film was put together using “orphan” clips hanging around in a vault with no movie to call their own. To tie them together, they use the radio confessionals ploy. The result is a movie lacking in narrative that lends itself to some really silly moments of the plot not matching the action. But given that nobody can film regular features right now with the pandemic in full force, it’s a small price to pay that gives us some extra unintentional comedy on top of the boner inducement. We’ll probably be seeing more titles like this from big studios as the quarantine keeps people from producing new movies. This is the new normal for the time being, and luckily it includes super-hot sex, even if it doesn’t have equally hot plots and writing.

Clip 1 featuring Kaisa Nord and Don Diego

Kaisa Nord and Don Diego in Love Radio from Private

So the first story comes from a guy whose dad remarried recently. In the marriage, he gained a stepsister and talks in his letter about how he has had many, many sexual fantasies about her. We cut from Anna reading the story to the “actual” occurrence. Stepsister Kaisa Nord barges into her brother’s room with a banana and a condom. She tells her stepbrother that she likes a boy and wants to be intimate with him, but doesn’t know what to do… so he helps her put the condom on the banana (as one does). “Brother” Don Diego makes it a bit more intimate than wrapping produce in a rubber ought to be, and when Kaisa moves to go, she notices her brother’s bulge. She decides to experiment with the real thing then and there.

The story is weak sauce. As we have seen in countless porns before this one, the timid and supposedly inexperienced virgin begins to suck and fuck with gusto. And because Private is known for good, hot, and a little rougher sex than the typical romantic feature studio… Kaisa goes from coquette to starving anal queen in a heartbeat. So the downside to this segment turns out to work in our favor! Kaisa is attractive, and there’s no shortage of ass-spreading and other amazing views.

Clip 2 featuring Florane Russel and Nick Ross

Florane Russell and Nick Ross in Love Radio from Private

Our next ribald tale has no dialogue whatsoever. But the story, according to our DJ, is a woman that allows her daughter’s boyfriend in the house when her daughter is out running an errand. He asks to shower off his soccer stink, and mama Florane (who in no way, shape, or form is old enough to have a daughter who is old enough to have a boyfriend like Nick Ross) sneaks a peek at the boyfriend’s goods in the shower. Supposedly the two of them have an ongoing tryst, and we are shown a later date… and Florane is in a sparkly number that gets pulled up for easy access.

The sex is solid despite the lack of talking. Florane is a looker, and the sex is hot. I’m always a sucker for ass spreading during cowgirl position, and this has a good amount of it. Florane’s ass is a total peach, and she’s got on some kind of sparkly makeup on it that gives it some extra shine as she rides her daughter’s boyfriend’s cock. When Nick pops, he pulls out and gives her ass and pussy some glaze to go with her sparkles. It’s a good scene and well worth a gander. It’s not earth-shattering, but any appreciator of beautiful people that know how to fuck (which should basically be all of us) will like it.

Clip 3 featuring Helena Moeller and George Uhl

Helena Moeller and George Uhl in Love Radio from Private

Helena plays a woman who didn’t have time for a dude, but wanted to get her rocks off with one. She finds a man using an app and they start exchanging naughty pictures and texts (remind you of anyone else under this quarantine?). She sees a video of him cumming to a picture of her and it becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back… and she insists they meet up. Turns out they live in the same building (small world), and that her dude is far older than she normally dates or would consider. But George Uhl is nothing if not handsome and charming, and she agrees to keep going along with her plan.

George has her do a sexy striptease before they get down to business. It’s a romantic romp, all things considered. Nothing too flashy, but it is spiced up with a healthy dose of anal. George is an old hand at handling talent, and Helena obliges perfectly.

Clip 4 featuring Cindy Shine, Mina K, and Lutro

Cindy Shine, Mina K, and Lutro in Love Radio from Private

Anna’s next story revolves around a man who is choosing to be celibate for some reason, but has an attractive coworker who is rubbing herself up against him and teasing him at every possible turn. When the two of them are ordered to work late together, she pulls out her tits and he can’t take it anymore and bends her over to take her from behind. Except….

That’s not really what happened. For some silly reason, Anna’s reading of the story has very very little to do with what is happening onscreen. It is a workplace-based scene. And it does feature Cindy Shine teasing the hell out of silver-fox Lutro, but she doesn’t pull her tits out like the story says, and he doesn’t bend her over like the story says. Instead, the two of them are wordlessly joined by another coworker (a bespectacled and sexy Mina K) for a super hot threesome. I’m all about workplace nookie in videos, and the sex is good enough to forgive the incongruity in the movie… but not enough to ignore it.

Clip 5 featuring Anna De Ville, Angelo Godshack, and Thomas Lee

Anna De Ville, Angelo Godshack, and Thomas Lee in Love Radio from Private

The makers of this movie would have to be touched in the head to cast Anna De Ville as a narrator for sexy stories and not have her get in on the action herself. The setup for this scene is that she’s joined in the studio by a long-lost college friend who begins to tell his own story. The story basically is just that he has a crush on Anna and never voiced it. She is shocked by the news and cuts to music to handle her business… and decides to make up for lost time by taking Angelo right there in the studio.

There’s a mild protestation from Angelo because of the guy on the soundboard, but Anna dismisses it by saying it wouldn’t be the first time he’s seen her fuck. But what they do is they go into the sound room (which has a couch) and invite the dude on the boards (played by Thomas Lee) in on the action. What transpires is the hottest scene, by far, in the movie (and that’s not just my crush on Anna peeking out). The woman is a pornography virtuoso and it is almost unfair that someone as beautiful as her could also be so nasty (and photogenic about it). She deepthroats the two dudes with a heaping handful of spit and gagging, and she loves every second of it. The two guys take turns in her mouth and in her pussy (and ass) before she finally gets them to DP her.

The scene is on the rougher side, so viewer beware. Angelo fishhooks her, and also at one point piledrives Anna anally into a gape pose. There is running makeup, and drool, and dick-slapping. Anna is all for it, and if you’re already a fan of her work you know this is the sort of thing you have to look forward to. The scene finishes with her hungrily devouring the two guys’ loads, and going back to the microphone as if nothing much had happened.

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