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A self-described industry force, Nina Rivera has been steadily working her way to XXX prominence since 2017. Her self-produced films under her own label, proved her to be a kinky, mesmerizing performer. Nina is starting to get the recognition she deserves, with shoots from major studios like Brazzers and Evil Angel, and the title of “Miss Funny Boners” in the 2020 HotMovies #Pornament. We sat down with Nina back in February to discuss her rising career, what turns her on, and the power of believing in yourself.

Nina Rivera

JH: What made you want to enter the porn industry?

NR: Well, since the age of 16, I’ve been trying to look for the normal vanilla jobs like working at Walmart, working at McDonald’s, and that never happened. I never got hired, I never got the call back, whatever. And when I moved up to West Virginia, it was still kinda the same thing and my mom was into escorting and one day I just asked her, “Can I start escorting?” and she said, “Yes.” She kinda helped me through there, and porn somehow came later.

You’re represented by Silver Back World, which is owned by Prince Yahshua. What made you decide to sign with them and be represented by them?

And when he first met me at AVN, he thought I was actually under the age of 18 so he kinda didn’t wanna mess with me. But over the years, he got to know me through Super Hot Films, which is owned by my manager Don Whoe, and they were really good friends. I kept working with Don, who worked with Prince, and he really liked my personality and he started Silver Back World and Silver Back Modeling and he just thought it was a good idea to start representing me.

Yeah, Prince is great. I interviewed him a couple years ago, and yeah, he’s a legend. Have you gotten to perform with him yet?

Yeah, we shot two scenes for my website (, which is under Super Hot Films. We shot two scenes, but professionally for the big companies, not yet.

If you ever get a chance to perform with him with one of the big companies, is there anybody, or any studio, or any director who you would really like to work with on that?

I work well on Chris Streams, he was great. Probably Chris Streams.

You worked with Chris Streams on Black Girl Magic with Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar. Can you tell us a little bit about that day on set? ‘Cause that scene is awesome, I love it.

Thank you. I was really nervous ’cause when it comes to sex scenes, I’m not really the talkative one. I really let my performance kind of show who I am, which is a nasty freaky little girl. But when I met the two male talents, I instantly started blushing. I didn’t know how they were gonna take me, ’cause both of them are legends themselves, so they’re great performers and great all around. Wow!

Nina Rivera in Black Girl Magic from Evil Angel

You produce and stream your own content; what are your favorite kinds of scenes to shoot?

I like boy-girl scenes because I just… I seem to attract more to a guy than I do a girl, but I do love girl-girl. I haven’t really done a threesome yet as far as like a girl-girl-girl… I would really like that.

If you had a chance to shoot that scene, which two girls do you think you would wanna perform with?

I really love Angela White, hands down I would really love to do a scene with Angela White. And maybe Autumn Falls!

Yeah, you have a type, I think! [laughs] On Twitter you describe yourself as an “industry force,” what do you mean by that?

Well, I guess people really don’t know about this industry, it’s really cutthroat. I got into the industry making my own content. I started filming for the bigger companies just last year. I always had filmed my content with Don Whoe I think since 2015.

People described that I kind of snuck my way into the industry, but I just did my own stuff. I worked hard, I made the connections. It wasn’t like I snuck in; I did the hard work and I guess people don’t like it and it’s like a controversy in a way. Because big stars sign with the big companies, but I was nominated for three awards for Urban X and it was just my own content.

Which awards were you nominated for?

My website got nominated for Best Female Website three times in a row.

That’s great! With the industry being so competitive, what do you think the secret to your success is?

Just believing in myself, and really not concentrating on what other people think of me. Once you start focusing on what people think of you, it really starts bringing you down to the point where you start believing them and start repeating what they’re saying about you, and it just sends you to a spiral of depression. Since I have the supportive team that I have from Don, Super Hot Films, Prince, and Silver Black, it keeps me sane, believing in myself, and believing in my family also.

Nina Rivera

I read that you’re a fan of kinky sex; is there a fetish scene that you’ve done that really stands out to you and that you want your fans to definitely see?

I love the scenes where I’m being tied up. I don’t have many of me using fucking machines or anything like that, but I’m working on that. Also, I want to eventually work with Kink and probably learn from them because they’re very kinky with stuff.

Everybody has a fuck-it list, as they say, and I know you wanna do a girl-girl-girl threesome. Is there anything else on your list that you’re dying to get to do on camera that you haven’t gotten to do yet?

A gangbang, a blowbang…

Yeah, everybody wants to do gangbangs.

Yeah, like a gangbang double-penetration. I don’t know about triple-penetration, I might have to work a little bit harder for that, but that is still on my bucket list to do. But if it’s gonna be my double-penetration gangbang, I’ll be okay with that.

If you could cast your perfect gangbang with anybody in the world, alive or dead, who would be in it?

There would be a lot. I got to add Markus Dupree, of course. Prince, Isiah, Small Hands… I wanna add a lot of guys ’cause there’d be no number of guys I’d want in this gangbang.

Yeah, like an infinite number of guys.

Yeah, I’ll be the only girl in the room, and let just everybody just go ahead. That would be my fantasy gangbang.

Nina Rivera

What’s your favorite emoji?

What’s the emoji that people use for squirting? I use that a lot.

Yeah, I use that too. That kind of splashy one?

Yeah! [laughs]

What makes you feel sexy?

Some lingerie, being home by myself, turn on some sexy music, that’s kind of what gets me in the mood.

What’s on your sexy music playlist?

A lot of Usher.

What’s coming up next for you that we have to look out for?

I have a few VODs coming out on HotMovies. I am being booked more so people are gonna definitely see me on more sites like Brazzers and Reality Kings. I just have to keep supporting my fans for getting that happening, getting me noticed and all that.

And the last question, what would you like to say to your fans at

NR: Thank you for the support!

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