Mommy's Daughter 3: A HotMovies Review

The Mommy’s Daughter series is one of my favorites running (I’m campaigning right now for a box-cover ‘Hall of Fame’ for the sole purpose of putting the cover of Mommy’s Daughter 2 in it). We have the exclusive VOD release of Mommy’s Daughter 3 from on HotMovies, and I am happy to say (especially because I was the one assigned to review it) that it is the best entry so far! In fact, not one, but two scenes will be going into my rotation of stand-by clips if I ever want a favorite to rub one out to without having to spend too much time thinking about picking. (You can click the little heart icon next to a clip to ‘favorite’ it—even if you don’t want to buy it—making it easy to get back to whenever you like.)

Mommy's Daughter 3 from

Clip 1: Katy Jayne and Morgan Rain

Katy Jayne and Morgan Rain in Mommy's Daughter 3 from

Morgan and her stepmom have always bonded by watching movies together. It’s an emotional last movie night, as Morgan is about to go off to college, but that doesn’t stop Morgan from asking point-blank about the phenomenon of squirting to her shocked stepmommy. Morgan is genuinely curious about it and wants to know how to do it. Luckily for her (and for us), Katy is a caring mom and can’t have her little girl go off to school not knowing how her body works. So Katy gives us all a little scientific background on squirting and then pulls off her panties for a demonstration in how it’s done. Her cumming in front of her stepdaughter turns her on to such an insane degree that she gives in and has Morgan taste it off her pussy… and the two consummate an unspoken, years-long attraction.

This clip is an A+ scene. Katy is excellent in the cartoony role (not to mention very hot when masturbating). Morgan is a fresh face I want to see more and more of; her ability to squirt is just an awesome bonus. Add to this the fact that Morgan gets how porno talk should be done (her adorable breathy uttering of “mommy” over and over during the scene is pure boner fuel), and I see the makings of a really big name in the adult game for years to come.

Clip 2: Emily Willis and Richelle Ryan

Emily Willis and Richelle Ryan in Mommy's Daughter 3 from

Emily is a total bitch to her gentle, loving stepmom Richelle. Emily won’t listen to any requests for help or to get chores done and constantly rubs it in Richelle’s face that she’s ‘not even her real mom.’ Emily is sneaking around and getting into trouble when she overhears Richelle talking on her phone to a pay pig (a person that gets sexual gratification by way of financial dominance over them). Emily snoops around and finds out that Richelle is a professional Domme on the side… and plans to lord it over her. But something snaps in Richelle and she turns the tables, finally becoming her glorious dominant self with her stepdaughter (and having her way sexually with Emily in the process).

Richelle’s brand of domination seems kinda wholesome, if that’s possible, but it also very much so gets the job done. Emily is totally into it by the end… and that is very hot to see. The light kink angle of the scene helps to keep this entry of Mommy’s Daughter feeling fresh when it would just be so easy to give up and recycle plotlines. It might not be my favorite scene of the series, but it is still worth a watch.

Clip 3: Gianna Dior and McKenzie Lee

Gianna Dior and McKenzie Lee in Mommy's Daughter 3 from

So in a plotline I haven’t seen in taboo before, a naked Gianna Dior is sitting bound and whimpering. She pleads to a cell phone for her father to pay her ransom. The person holding the phone is doing a little bit of sexual teasing of Gianna for effect, and then we see that it’s McKenzie Lee doing the camerawork. It comes out that the pair are stepmother and stepdaughter, and that they are trying to trick Daddy into paying a ransom for some extra money… by filming a naked hostage video in their own garage. The filming turns McKenzie on so much that she fesses up to existing feelings for Gianna, and the two of them act on it.

It’s a novel concept plot-wise that starts us off with Gianna Dior in the nude, which is never a bad thing! McKenzie and Gianna are both incredible performers, and so the sex is exactly as hot as it needs to be. But there was something I couldn’t ignore in the scene; Gianna, who’s usually pretty good in scenes in terms of acting, repeated her character’s concerns a little too much for my liking. Her fears of being caught, both with the ransom and with the lesbian stepmother tryst, are appealing to fantasies I don’t personally have… but even if I did have them, the constant callbacks to it could be distracting. Luckily, no amount of words can detract from seeing two beautiful performers grinding on each other.

Clip 4: Cherie DeVille, Jessie Saint & Natalia Queen

Cherie DeVille, Jessie Saint, and Natalia Queen in Mommy's Daughter 3 from

This scene is somehow simultaneously the most icky and perhaps the sweetest of the whole Mommy’s Daughter series. Cherie DeVille has unwholesome thoughts about her stepdaughters, and visits a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller informs her that she will get what she wants, but she must wait until they all turn 18 to get her wish. All’s fair in porn and age-play between consenting adults, I suppose. On Cherie’s youngest’s 18th birthday, her daughters can hardly keep their excitement at bay… and they ambush her in her bed in order to be taught the lessons of loving by their beautiful stepmother.

Cherie is a nurturing stepmother if nothing else. She is patient and she explains every bit of the art of Sapphic lovemaking and pleasure. The combination of enthusiasm, beauty, and chemistry (on part of all three women) propels this clip into vaunted territory. No matter which way you break this scene down—older woman/younger woman, taboo, or just plain lesbian—it is at the absolute top of its class. I’ll go so far as to say this is the best Alan X scene I’ve seen.

If you’ve followed my work for HotMovies, you’ll know I have a special weakness for pigtails and high socks. Natalia Queen and Jessie Saint handily fill out that particular predilection of mine (and Jessie gets bonus points for a sexy and adorable rainbow choker). The two girls are just as good as Cherie (who is one of the best to have ever done it) in terms of performance, allowing themselves to remain in character while having scintillating sex. Natalia is already something of a known quantity: an award-nominated, button-cute blonde with a panache for rougher sex and taking gigantic dicks. Jessie wasn’t really on my radar before this, but now I plan on doing a deep-dive into the handful of movies she’s been in so far… and I will be first in line for her new stuff, too. Jessie was a revelation; her facial expressions and commitment to the scene displaying a rare amount of star power. I can’t speak highly enough of Clip 4 if you are okay with taboo content. I would be stunned if it weren’t up for awards when nominations start rolling in.

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