You're Safe Now: A HotMovies Review

Pure Taboo does an incredible job within their self-imposed guidelines. They make twisted content that is super hot, that turns you on, and simultaneously makes you wonder whether or not you’re an awful person by getting turned on from it. More than just the family-fucking of other taboo labels, Pure Taboo digs deep to figure out some truly despicable predicaments. Many of their titles trade on the fact that even when people aren’t happy about consenting to sex, their bodies can betray them—that their physical selves can dissociate and experience enjoyment and arousal even when their mind is screaming, “No! You don’t like this! You’re not supposed to!” It’s a really dark and (hopefully) well-guarded wavelength of our id that Pure Taboo broadcasts on.

The two segments (divided into three clips) that make up our newest exclusive, You’re Safe Now, fit right in line with that loathsome id fantasy. In both scenarios, the men in the catbird seat exploit the imbalance of power. They wield their advantages like a weapon and use them to get much younger women to sleep with them. Icky? Yes, of course it is, but adult entertainment is where we can indulge in fantasies safely that we’d never dare act on in the real world—so, let’s indulge together.

You're Safe Now from Pure Taboo

Clip 1 featuring Whitney Wright and Derrick Pierce

Whitney Wright and Derrick Pierce in You're Safe Now from Pure Taboo

Whitney’s character is approaching a home trepidatiously. She’s decked out in hip clothing, but is comparatively conservative for adult film (her skirt is a little on the short side, and looks very sexy with her high socks). When she gets into the house, she is greeted by Derrick, and it turns out that he is her new social worker. They go on to explain that she took her younger sister and escaped a cult’s compound. They were tormented and were about to be exploited sexually by the leader of the cult. Whitney took her sister and they fled to a women’s shelter.

Derrick draws the story out of Whitney, and Whitney gets more and more emotional as it goes on. And when Whitney is at her most vulnerable, Derrick springs the trap. He promises to give her the help she needs, and to get her somewhere better than the shelter, but only if she gets down on her knees and sucks his dick. Whitney is appalled, but her options are so limited that this is the least of all evils. He begins bossing her around, having her undress item by item while she sucks him off. Then he gets down and licks her virgin pussy. Her body is responding against her thoughts, and he is enjoying that probably more than he’s enjoying her. He has her be honest as to whether she likes what she is doing. He gets off on her saying she doesn’t.

And that’s the draw of the scene: a vulnerable young woman exploited by someone who’s supposed to be helping her (someone basically old enough to be her father). The acting is just as good as we’ve come to expect from the two veteran performers. The chemistry is there, but is also deliberately subverted to show the disgust and fear on Whitney’s part and the sadistic pleasure on Derrick’s. Whitney is as radiant as ever—even in the midst of her distress. And she looks so gorgeous in her outfit that even though I wanted to see her naked, I wish she’d kept it on. As with many PT scenes, there is a twist at the end. This scene is classic Pure Taboo all the way.

Clip 2 featuring Maya Kendrick and Nathan Bronson

Maya Kendrick and Nathan Bronson in You're Safe Now from Pure Taboo

This clip, while a full sex scene, is meant as the setup for the third clip. Maya and Nathan are a young couple. Their sex is a flashback. The clip opens with Maya nervously pacing a bathroom by herself, and trying to phone someone in a state of distress while she’s curled up into the corner of the bathroom floor. We cut to two weeks ago; the sun is shining and warm, and the couple are naked in bed and making out (and Nathan is already rock-hard). Maya nervously gets down to put Nathan in her mouth and something changes within the first couple moments. Nathan’s smile widens as he begins to thrust unrelentingly into Maya’s mouth. She pauses multiple times, and he insists on continuing. Then he puts her on her back and, no foreplay and no oral to loosen her up, enters her. We are immediately aware this is her first time and that it is not pleasant for her. But Nathan doesn’t care; he is in it for himself. She asks him a few times to slow down or go softer, and he just ignores her pleas. The sunny bedroom works as a counterpoint to a traumatic and selfish first time together. Nathan is about to cum and says he will finish inside Maya, insisting that everyone knows you can’t get pregnant on your first time. Reluctantly, she takes it.

This clip is about as good as you can get—both in terms of quality of production and quality of performance—in watching a scene where the guy is only thinking of himself in having sex. That is the draw of this sex. It is disconcerting and it is selfish, and while I don’t personally find unease erotic… there are many of you that will (no judgments). It serves as a perfect setup to the second part of this story. And, as a side note, I will say that my correspondence with Nathan and onset experiences of him (as can be read in my BTS article) have given me no reason to believe he’s anything other than a sweet and thoughtful guy. That said, he plays a selfish asshole really, really well.

Clip 3 featuring Maya Kendrick and Eric Masterson

Maya Kendrick and Eric Masterson in You're Safe Now from Pure Taboo

In a surprise to nobody but perhaps Maya’s character, it turns out you actually can get pregnant on your first time. And lo and behold, Maya is pregnant. When she breaks the news to her dad, he flips out, and insists on setting up an appointment for an abortion. When she says she wants to keep the baby, her dad throws her out. She goes to Nathan’s house, but he is not there, and has not been responding to calls and texts. Maya breaks down in front of Nathan’s dad, played by Eric Masterson. In a super-dark place, Maya admits she has nowhere to turn… and that’s when Eric makes his move. He begins to tell her that he’s always found her attractive, and that Nathan has probably run off forever. He says that he will take care of Maya and the baby, but only if Maya is willing to be his. She is shocked, but he leverages his power and lets her know he is her only hope unless she wants to be a homeless teenage mother. And with that understanding, she relents.

The sex is in direct contrast to that of Maya and Nathan’s sunny and disturbing romp. Where Maya was once bathed in the rays of the day, she is now cloaked in shadow in an all-dark room. The only light comes from the bedside lamps, washing everything out, and is the only way we see the goings-on. But also providing a flipside reflection of Nathan’s use, Eric is surprisingly tender to Maya. The two of them have gentle sex and, despite Maya not being in love with Eric, she is open to it. He takes his time with her and even fingers her to climax before she goes down on him. It is a sexy and romantic scene… just slightly tainted and flavored with the insidious pretext of the power flex. It makes for an incredible sexual counterpoint to Maya’s previous clip, and a great way to finish the story.

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