Performer Roundup: How I'm Spending Quarantine (Part One)

Unless you are an essential worker, chances are you are stuck at home right now. And if you are stuck at home, chances are you are struggling a little: either to create a new routine, to make some money, to stay in touch with the people you care about, or to make sure that you are staying productive. Porn stars, as essential as they may feel at times, are also at home and going through the same challenges that we all are.

But after talking with them, and seeing how they are coping, it became clear that they can be a source of inspiration for us! The adult performers that I reached out to are doing what they can to make sure that life goes on as normal as they can muster. So we at HotMovies decided to put together a mega two-part quarantine Performer Roundup. Enjoy, and stay safe!

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

I’ve been busy shooting OnlyFans content, custom videos, and updating my clip stores: busy as usual! Not much has changed except I haven’t had sex with a woman in foreverrrrrr (I’m currently day 32 in lockdown), and I have to paint my own toenails… so it’s a good thing I’m bendy! Hahaha.

Missing my friends, but we have been FaceTime chatting and Google Hangouts-ing our Dungeons and Dragons sessions, so that’s been a great way to stay connected.

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre & Marcelo in Filthy Angel showcase from Severe Sex Films

I have been watching a lot of movies, playing videogames, reading books, and I just ordered a pet leech online.

Lotus Lain

Lotus Lain for Electrosluts from

Cooking, online shopping, and trying to do my best to keep it together.

Michael Vegas

Katrina Jade & Michael Vegas in Sodom from

I have been playing guitar and creating a lot of content. There are some great opportunities for content creators right now. Major companies like Brazzers and Adult Time are accepting and buying content from so many people right now. Also… masturbating.

Lita Lecherous

Lita Lecherous in Quarantine from Lita Lecherous

I’ve been walking a lot more, writing, and honestly nothing much more than filming content for HotMovies, the clip sites I’m on, and my OnlyFans. My hobbies are boring shit that others wouldn’t really consider hobbies. I mean, I bought a cozy $5 sweater and puffy paint and am going to attempt to make my own cute depression sweater. All I do is smoke weed, frolic in nature, and journal.

Dee Severe

Dee Severe & Jimmy Broadway of Severe Sex on the AVN red carpet

I work from home anyway (except for shoots), so it hasn’t been a huge change: editing stuff we shot before the zombie apocalypse and minding our online outlets, walking the doggos observing proper social distance with neighbors, Netflix, bought a stationary bike so I don’t become a fat blob.

Brock Doom

Brock Doom

During this quarantine, I have spent a lot of time doing a lot of reflecting on my life and the existence of humankind in general. I’ve also been meditating and doing a little bit of yoga, but mostly masturbating and watching independent and foreign arthouse or genre films. First and foremost, I should mention that I have been smoking a tremendous amount of marijuana, and drinking a plethora of energy drinks and gourmet coffees at home. I have also been cooking, and enjoying personalized pizzas on a practically daily regimen. I have also been uploading new and old content to my sites, and shooting a little bit of solo content too.

I plan on being more productive, but lately as the sun has finally been out in the last few days, I have spent a little bit of time enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on my cock and balls. I like to open my blinds and soak in some sun for half an hour if I can. Lastly, I plan on shooting a short film (non-porno) and reading a bunch of comic books. I have also been taking tons of vitamins and mineral supplements etc… But I’ve been doing that literally every day since I was 17 anyhow. Stay safe everybody!

Lydia Black

Lydia Black from Perv City

I’ve been good! I’ve been making content at home for other companies (and for myself as well), and I have been planning a wedding!

[Lydia got engaged very recently!]

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli XXX performer/director

Shooting solo content, enjoying time with Sal Genoa, working out, trying new crockpot recipes, reading, and writing.

Charlie Comet

Charlie Comet from his Twitter page

Well still been working for Coxxx Models around the clock from home, keeping the agency open. I’ve also been making my own content for OnlyFans.

Amilia Onyx

PAWG Amilia Onyx in Big Booty Obsession 3 from Lethal Hardcore

I’ve been doing good: practicing self care and spending time with my fur babies, mostly playing videogames, working online, and trying to stay productive!

T. Von Swine

T.von Swine from his Twitter

Swiney’s been keeping his porky fingers on mostly post-production tasks (like editing scenes and pulling grabs, etc.), cooking, and playing ‘Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2’ online, lol. Being a work-at-home/self-made pornographer these days, the quarantine hasn’t changed my daily routine all that much… but it seems to lend to more jerking off than usual because it feels like that’s what everyone else is doing too. So that jerkoff-zone energy never really goes away, lol. I mean, part of me finally committing to porno full time all those years ago was due to me being a degenerate masturbator, so…

Fallon West

Fallon West in Horny Anal Sluts from BAM Visions and Evil Angel

My time is quarantine has been a bit lonely at times and somewhat of a “cabin fever” vibe at times. However, I think this is fairly normal with the current situation, so I keep myself occupied with catch-up work online: lots of organizing and getting all my scenes categorized, paperwork, and editing/uploading. I have done a lot of cleaning and home workouts—including dance, yoga, and always stretching—making sure to keep in touch with family and friends through phone and text, and continuing to offer support to everyone in this global crisis. Updated a lot of the platforms I am on and scheduled out many content scene releases. I can’t forget about all the masturbating I have been doing. Lots of masturbating, which helps a lot since orgasms are vital! Hope everyone has been staying afloat and taking care of themselves!

Texas Patti

Texas Patti from Stunner Media

I just did an interview with HotMovies, and now we are planing on a new project. And we shoot a lot of content, my husband and me. 🙂

Jimmy Broadway

Jimmy Broadway in quarantine at home with his dogs

As for the quarantine, I’d like to say that I’ve taught myself Mandarin, rewired the house to run entirely on solar power, wrote a trilogy of murder mysteries set in the Middle Ages (and told in period dialect), and doubled my bench press while getting my body fat down under 2%… but that would be a load of crap.

The reality is actually kind of boring. We shot a lot in early March before everything really broke, so Dee has been editing. I’ve been mostly working on house and office projects—I did our taxes, I’m cleaning up our filing system, getting the pool ready to use, cleaning out our garage, and learning our new cameras. Besides that, chilling with the dogs and watching a lot of streaming TV (I’m trying to talk Dee into watching the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe from its start Captain America to its current finish, Spiderman: Far From Home).

Kimber Haven

Kimber Haven from her Twitter

As far as how I’ve been spending my quarantine… I’m an avid tabletop gamer and D&D player, and I am a pro model-builder. So I’ve been spending my time building and finishing my gaming models.

An RPG miniature crafted by Kimber Haven
An RPG miniature crafted by Kimber Haven

Jay Smooth

Jay Smooth getting his dick sucked

I started appreciating the time I had to create more of my own content, connect with my fans, play lots of Xbox games, and have way more time to my family. I also decided to read a couple books, and use my extra time to practice Hebrew. I wasn’t bored a single day since the quarantine started. I even created a TikTok profile dedicated to my short comedy clips. Check it out, it’s hilarious. I truly appreciate my fans who are ordering custom videos, merchandise, and subscribing to my OnlyFans. It means so much to me, especially during these difficult times. I reduced my subscription price to my OF by 20% due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so now it’s the perfect time to subscribe. It is a perfect place to chill during long quarantine days and nights.

Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet

My husband Mr. Sweet and I have been making custom videos, making content for OnlyFans, cooking everything from scratch that we have ever dreamed of (we are both fantastic chefs), hanging with our pups, and watching Shameless, Black Monday, the occasional Rick & Morty, and playing Evil Apples remotely with some of our family and friends.

Edyn Blair

Edyn Blair in TS Factor - All Stars...Just Girls from Evil Angel and Joey Silvera Productions

Moving to Texas and all that goes with that. Mostly though building up my OnlyFans page and taking the dogs to the park. And, of course, having quite a few sexcapades with fiancé every week!

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