Lesbian Cheating Wives 2: A HotMovies Review

GirlGirl.com has very quickly become one of my all-time favorite studios, so I was super stoked to be assigned to review our latest exclusive from them, Lesbian Cheating Wives 2. Director and mastermind Alan X has built his reputation on all-girl content. His sweet spot is a direct overlap in the Venn diagram for this film: light-hearted lesbian vignettes. Read on for my thoughts on the movie.

Clip 1 featuring Darcie Dolce and Penny Pax

Darcie Dolce and Penny Pax in Lesbian Cheating Wives 2 from GirlGirl.com

So this was a pretty mixed-up premise, even as far as porno plots are concerned. Penny Pax plays the ex-wife of Alan X (showing up in a non-sex role). She is spying on Alan with his new wife, Darcie Dolce. Penny’s got one of those radar-gun listening devices, and she overhears a conversation where Alan mentions he’d like to celebrate his impending closing of an account by bringing another woman into their bedroom. He suggests possibly even hiring a prostitute to be the third. He says goodbye to Darcie as he makes his way off to work. We cut to Penny dressed up scandalously with heavy makeup, and she knocks on the door. Darcie answers, and Penny introduces herself as Candy, the hooker hired by Alan to be their third (apparently to infuriate Darcie that her husband would actually go through with hiring a hooker). Darcie informs “Candy” that her husband isn’t home, but that she loves women and might as well use up the time that’s been paid for. “Candy” is confused by all this and is very hesitant in playing with Darcie, and seems to genuinely have wanted that threesome. So here are my questions: What was Penny’s plan in the first place? Did she expect to not be recognized by her own ex-husband at the front door? How did she not know that Alan wasn’t home if she’d just been listening to him talking about how he was leaving for work? And why did it take her until two-thirds of the sex scene was over to realize that fucking Darcie might be a decent enough form of revenge on her ex?

And then it hit me: shut up, Jeffton! It’s porn and you have two amazingly beautiful women having sex with each other! Darcie and Penny both have some of the greatest big, natural tits in the business right now. Penny’s ability to seem innocent and scared and hesitant even in the middle of sex is the best of all-time, and it adds to the sexiness of the scene. The two of them are old hat at knowing how to navigate a soft lesbian scene, and we get great views of both of them as they work their mojo on one another. Plot insanity aside, it is a good scene.

Clip 2 featuring Abigail Mac and Christiana Cinn

in Lesbian Cheating Wives 2 from GirlGirl.com

Abigail Mac plays a rich working woman married to stay-at-home housewife Christiana Cinn. The one thing Abigail knows about how Christiana spends her time is that she loves spending Abigail’s money on home renovation… and the one thing Abigail suspects of Christiana is that it has to do with cheating on her with the contractor. So, Abigail pretends to leave for work in order to observe Christiana and the contractor (again, Alan X). A poor vantage point leads Abigail to believe Christiana was blowing the contractor, when in fact it was all quite innocent. Abigail barges in hurling accusations and kicking Alan out… and then she orders Christiana to the other room while she gets out a domination sex toy kit.

Abigail dominates Christiana—simultaneously turned on by the fact that her wife ‘cheated’ on her for dick, and also angered by it. The sex is strong and passionate and all about Abigail’s ability to please her wife more than any penis could. Both of them keep character tremendously well! In fact, Christiana keeps denying that she cheated in the middle of pleasure well past when most people actually would continue to deny, instead of just going with it. At the height of their passion, Christiana gives in and repeats what Abigail instructs her to. Abigail asks her wife if she feels better now that the ‘truth’ has been divulged, and Christiana almost instantaneously backtracks and goes back to denying. All of that is besides the point, as anyone watching the sex going on will be a puddle of jelly by the end of the scene.

Clip 3 featuring Aidra Fox, Kenzie Taylor, and Laney Grey

Aidra Fox, Kenzie Taylor, and Laney Grey in Lesbian Cheating Wives 2 from GirlGirl.com

You’ve got to love porn logic! Laney Grey plays the nubile neighbor girl that is constantly getting chased away from the pool of married couple Aidra Fox and Kenzie Taylor. We enter the scene just after Laney has ramped up her campaign by tanning nude poolside in full view of Aidra. When confronted, Laney lets her intentions be known and comes onto Aidra. Proclamations of polyamory and suggestive movements nearly work, until Kenzie spies the two of them and storms in jealously. Later still, Laney breaks into the house when Aidra is alone and pretends to be Kenzie as she massages an oblivious Aidra. Kenzie catches the two of them fooling around in bed, and Laney winds up convincing Kenzie that keeping Laney around as a fuck toy who will do chores will be what’s best for Kenzie and Aidra’s marriage. The three of them consummate the decision in a super-hot threesome. Laney’s actions are criminal and predatory, but porn and the double-standard of men and women makes this all legitimate. Also, polyamory is pitched as some kind of sex cult, but it all works because things we would never do in real life tend to be the hottest things to watch other people simulate in sexual situations.

The sex is great in this scene. I love lesbian threesomes that involve women with different hair colors and body shapes, because it feels like you’re getting the best of multiple worlds. The three gorgeous women are all fine actors, and they make every use of the bench as they finger and grind and lick their way to completion over and over. The scene ends with Kenzie and Laney lavishing attention on the de-facto hero of the scene, Aidra. It is a fitting and hot finale to the scene. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention one of my favorite new lines in porn, when Aidra tells Laney, “My wife and I are in a lesbian relationship.”

Clip 4 featuring Gia Dimarco and Karla Kush

Gia Dimarco and Karla Kush in Lesbian Cheating Wives 2 from GirlGirl.com

Karla Kush plays the recent widow of a wealthy (and much older) philanthropist. After a brief introduction, we are thrust into an impromptu press conference where Karla is questioned about her husband’s death. Clad in sunglasses and managing a very convincing ‘woe is me’ routine, she is shielded and guided by Gia Dimarco—who is playing that role of family friend or attorney that guides the media and protects the person in question. As soon as the meeting ends, the two of them go inside and are all over each other. It comes out that the two have been lovers prior to Karla’s husband’s death, and they now plan to run roughshod over her inheritance in a way that only lovers can.

This scene features some of the best lesbian sex of the whole movie. Gia and Karla are very obviously really into each other (and not just putting on a show). And despite the showy aspect of many GirlGirl.com scenes, the duo really do dive into one anothers’ pussies. There is nothing terribly out-of-the-ordinary or noteworthy about the sex; it is very straightforward and does not make use of any toys or props. Karla marvels at Gia’s sexual abilities in a way that seems both genuine and also manages to not break character. When all was said and done, I found myself fanning myself off.

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