14 MUST-SEE Porn Movies from the 1980s

In the 1990s, Porn reached its peak in quantity and quality. While the technology got smaller, the movies, the companies and the budgets became much larger. Most theaters went out of business by the end of the decade. DVD was the main format for all movies and it was high quality and inexpensive. Producers could take chances and turn a profit on low cost niches and fetishes. The industry diversified, more people than every before watched porn and companies began to pay more attention to customers as the adult industry became big business.

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The masseuse Paul thomas

The Masseuse(1990) Since its release in 1990, The Masseuse has been remade by its original director, Paul Thomas. But, even he was not able to duplicate the success he had experimenting with character development and plot as integral parts of an adult film. That year, The Massuese won best Film Screenplay for Vivid as well as Best Actor awards for Randy Spears and Hyapatia Lee. The film’s story is ordinary and real and the performances are convincing. The movie became an instant classic and stands to this day as one of the most well crafted, erotic adult movies ever made.

euro vacation

Buttman’s European Vacation(1991) You could bill this as a gonzo parody. The name plays off the National Lampoon series as Stagliano works his way across some of the best locales in Europe for sex; Amsterdam, Paris, Cannes and Rotterdam. Along the way he would introduce American audiences to the careers of legendary performers like Rocco Siffredi, Christoph ClarkDeborah Welles and Zarra Whites.

justine nothing to hide 2

Justine – Nothing To Hide 2 (1993) If a movie can have pedigree, then Justine comes from purebred. Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 is a sequel of sorts to the Spinelli masterpieces Nothing to Hide and Talk Dirty to Me Paul Thomas helmed this film which is a “story of two generations and the girl who loved the me in both.” Mike Horner, who was known for his comedy roles gives the performance of his career as the father who unknowingly is sleeping with his son’s girlfriend. In the 2015 Documentary, this and it’s prequel were name as two of the Greatest X Rated Movies of All Time

citizen shane

Citizen Shane (1994) Today, Marc Dorcel is head of a world renowened production company known and recognized for making high end adult films and for innovative film techniques. It is then fitting that in 1994, Citizen Shane introduced audiences the world over to Dorcel’s directorial “jenes se qua.” The movie has the same premise of the Welles epic. We discover the life of Victor Henri Shane, an international press magnate and playboy after he utters two simple words on his deathbed.

Up and Cummers 10

Up And Cummers 10 (1994) In the 1990s, there was one performer who reached pinnacles in porn that no other performer ever had before and may not ever again. Jenna Jameson became the most well known pornstar ever, made more money in the business than any other performer starting her own merchandising and production companies. This is the movie where her career began. Jenna was only in the business for a few months but nothing had been released yet. Her co-star, Kylie Ireland had only been working for 6 days! Randy West had no idea he was launching the careers of two of the biggest female pornstars of the 90s.

the dinner party

The Dinner Party (1994) The first feature film for Jenna Jameson, Dinner Party also starred Kylie Ireleand along with Hall of Famer Asia Carrera, Debi Diamond and Celeste. Besides having this virtual Who’s Who of talent, the film stands out because it has a lot of appeal to a female audience and is listed as one of AVNs Top 10 Movies for Couples.

Latex Michael zen

Latex (1995) If there is one director who defines 90s porn, it would be Michael Ninn. He brought a surreal artistry unlike anyone had every done. Latex was one of his early works that established him as a pioneer and visionary for adult movies. It won Video of the year and a best actor for John Dough and has since been established as one of the best X Rated movies of all time.

perverted stories

Perverted Stories 1(1995) Porn movies were coming into their own and DVDs were being sold in record numbers. Director Jim Powers found a way to make his movies stand out with this off the wall series that featured depraved and extremely taboo concepts. The Perverted Stories series would prove to be his most controversial, and in turn, his most popular. The series was frequently nominated for AVN’s [Most Outrageous Sex Scene](/clip_search.php?scene_attribute_id%5B%5D=909) award. It is quintessential 90s entertainment.

Mathilde Perfume

Mathilda’s Perfume (1996) French starlet [Draghixa](/porn-star/562/Draghixa-Laurent.html) won a Best Actress award for playing dual roles; she stars as Agnes, the virgin orphan, betrothed to Sir Jeremy; and as Mathilde, the promiscuous first wife who cuckolded and humiliated the same Sir Jeremy before mysteriously disappearing. The movie is a hallmark of Marc Dorcel. Exceptional storytelling with provocative themes among lavish and beautiful settings and landscapes like the sprawling Castle estate where this story unfolds.

conquest the porn movie

Conquest (1996) Conquest was an ambitious period piece produced and directed by Brad Armstrong. It was one of the biggest budget features from the 1990s. The movie was shot on film when almost everyone else was using the latest in video technology. The were able to film on a real ship Tall Ship, with authentic period costumes, choreographed sword fights and it featured the biggest porn star of the 1990s, Jenna Jameson.

jenna loves rocco

Jenna Loves Rocco (1996) In the 1990s, two of the biggest stars in adult films were [Jenna Jameson](/porn-star/67/Jenna-Jameson.html) and [Rocco Siffredi](/porn-star/3504/Rocco-Siffredi.html). Until this film, neither had done a scene together and many wondered if it would work given their individual reputations. Siffredi was known for being rough and reckless. Jameson was the diva who was in high demand and there were some things she just would not do.

Michael Zen Satyr

Satyr (1997) The genius of Michael Zen is on full display in this mythological feature starring 90s superstars [Asia Carrera](/porn-star/25/Asia-Carrera.html) and [Jenna Jameson](/porn-star/67/Jenna-Jameson.html). It isn’t easy to get reviewers, or anyone for that matter, to say they are turned on by watching half-human, half animals have sex. But 22 AVN nominations, Movie of the Year award and a listing in the AVN Top 500 movies of all time should leave you with no doubt that is precisely what he did.

Janine and vince neal sex tape

Janine & Vince Neil (1998) One of the biggest things to come out of the 1990s was the celebrity sex tape. The first instance actually came out in 1988 with the Rob Lowe sex tape, but that was more of a scandal and intended to hurt his career. The 90s turned that concept upside down as celebrities weren’t embarrased about having the sex tape revealed, they just wanted to make sure that they were being properly compensated. The biggest sex tape to come out in the 1990s was the Pam and Tommy Lee vacation tape. Not to be outdone by his bandmate, Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neal had a sex tape “leaked” where he had sex with porn star Janine and a Penthouse pet.

one size fits all candida royalle

Candida Royalle’s One Size Fits All (1998)
Candida Royalle was a trailblazing director and the first to make a real attempt to create adult movies that would appeal to woman and consequently couples. As a woman she obviously recognized that women watched porn, but she also recognized that the industry at the time was controlled by older men who were unwilling and incapable of making adult movies that appealed to women. She ignored all the naysayers and she forged ahead. One Size Fits All is a romantic comedy where a group of women recount the sexual encounters they each had when they owned the dress.

Flashpoint x

Flashpoint X (1998) Riding high off the success of his epic big budget pirate movie “Conquest”, Brad Armstron had to find a way to top himself and he was able to do so with Flashpoint X. If there was one criticism of Conquest, it was that it had a thinly veiled plot and storyline. The story line and character development in this movie make the sex scenes that much hotter. Shooting on location, mainstream production values and special effect pyrotechnics helped establish Armstrong as one of the best directors to come out of the 1990s.

Titiana Private

Tatiana (1998) An epic costume drama from director Pierre Woodman, the Tatiana follows the trials and tribulations of a poor peasant girl and her family who have fallen on hard times. It is a period piece set in 1834 Ukraine. The power dynamics of the feudalism set the stage for anything to happen. Pierre Woodman cast his own wife,[Tania Roussof](/porn-star/34876/Tania-Russof.html, in the starring role which would eventually wind up as a [critically acclaimed trilogy](/series/15218/Tatiana/) winning the Hot d’Or for 1998 and 1999 as well as the 1999 AVN award for Best Foreign Release.

houston 620

Houston 620 (1999)
In the 1950s there was a fad to see how many people could stuff themselves inside a phone booth. In the 1990s, there was a fad to see how many people could stuff themselves inside a pornstar. [Annabell Chong](/1945/Annabel-Chong.html) did 251, [Jasmine St. Clair](/porn-star/724/Jasmine-St-Claire.html) did 300 but [Houston](/porn-star/62/Houston.html), metaphorically and literally, blew the doors of them with a record breaking 620 men in a 24 hour period. The record would only hold until 2002.

Torn Ginger Lynn

Torn (1999) In 1986, after only two years in the adult film business, [Ginger Lynn](//hm.adultempire.com/1195/ginger-lynn-pornstar.htmlgirl next door” look that contrasted her unbridled and energetic sexual performances. That same year, she stopped performing in adult movies so she could purue a mainstream acting career which she did with a fair amount of success. In 1999, Ginger starred in Torn. The film marked her return to the adult industry after a 13 year hiatus. She was older, wiser and probably at the height of her sexual peak and it shows.

[Click Here to watch a playlist featuring scenes from these “must see movies” the closed out the millenium.