The Indie Spotlight: She Seduced Me

There are times when a writer within the land of fantasy ponders to themself if the stars that brought them to their said “wonderland of work” will always be remembered, in particular, performers like Hall-of-Fame performer Jill Kelly. What makes Jill Kelly so special to me is not just her ability to perform unlike any other, it was also the fact that this woman was one of the kindest souls I ever encountered when I first entered this industry. What made her so unlike any other porn star was that she had a keen business sense to go along with that heart of gold—a heart that has been well-documented across the internet for many, many years. Unlike today’s industry, there was more that went into the behind-the-scenes work of production. Shoots were longer, and I mean way longer. For instance, once upon a time there were actual days dedicated to doing “table reads” (where everyone sits down and learns their lines and the direction that the director is looking to take the film, on top of getting to know the cast). This is where production assistants, writers, cameramen, lighting, and sound people all began their own dance of seduction to begin making a film. Jill Kelly was known to hire people who loved what they did, and this is where our tale of She Seduced Me begins, with Jill Kelly Productions and the man who was hired to create the box cover designs with one of the first true “indie” companies. I consider him a trailblazer that did not go by the norm in any way, doing what people said they could not do: creating their own brand of adult films.

Let Me Be Free from She Seduced Me
The Interrogation from She Seduced Me
Mommy's Having an Affair from She Seduced Me

Now, this interview is not to talk about where visionary director Alan X has been, how he got into the business, or even where he sees himself in twenty years. This article is about a man who did exactly what the amazing Jill Kelly did many years ago and decided that it was time to do things his own way. If you were to ask any performer who has worked with Alan, they will tell you that his sets are very well-managed and that the man knows what he wants. His visions of lesbian erotica have put the genre on the map in ways that it has never been before (which, in my opinion, makes this new creation of his that much more impressive). It is a formation that strikes curiosity, not just with the fans, but with industry insiders and media personnel alike. In an era of clips, videos, snip-its, and content, Alan is one of the first big-time directors to head on over to the realm of independent cinema. This signals something very massive to this writer, so I aimed to find out all that I could from Alan himself.

When you have built up companies, watched companies fall, and seen the amount of performers that this man has, it is mind boggling to think about how he keeps his passion in an industry that has directors now do up to five or six jobs just to survive. This was not always the case when Alan began in this industry. To see where it all clicks together, we go back again to the days when he created those beautiful box covers for Jill Kelly. Box covers, along with box cover shoots, were something that turned models, photographers, and video folk into true artists of the world. There were days that were dedicated to making sure that what you saw on the shelf in DVD or VHS form simply jumped off the shelf and told you to watch if you could handle the ride. I looked at the history of this man’s lengthy career and discovered that this was something always within his DNA as a director. His job has long been to create something powerful and beautiful with resources that may be sometimes limited, but you must take advantage of creating, hitting your budget, and respecting your deadline. I asked Alan firsthand: what is so appealing about going back to your roots and “indie” cinema like this? Alan answered:

“I’m really thrilled that we are in an unprecedented era of performer-produced content. I see a lot of girls putting a lot of energy into their self-produced, self-shot content, and have achieved incredible results using nothing but a smartphone and a tripod. The concept behind my new studio, She Seduced Me, is that I want to partner with models and give them the ability to co-produce premium lesbian scenes using state-of-the-art cameras and lights, collaborating with an experienced director to produce something special… all without needing any budget for production.”

That is a bold statement—an era of partnership and cooperation. If you look at today’s world around us, it is obvious that we need this desperately in so many ways. It is a stage of growth and evolution. It is something every branch of entertainment does every so often. I think that fans would be so surprised to hear that adult entertainment came from the same place as Dumbo and the WWE, right under the big top. This industry was founded by those looking to band together for a better future, for survival and prosperity for their way of life, for their artistic passion. They faced a world that did not want beautiful women showing skin for the adults, while the kiddies saw clowns juggling three tents over. How history repeats itself. If you take time to see Alan’s creations, you will see that this is not your everyday, ordinary girl/girl cinema. This is something new, something bold looking to break free of the norm.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw a lesbian scene that featured fetish in the She Seduced Me catalog. Then, not only did I see that this was not your standard production of kink: this was two of the most sought-after girl/girl performers who are never shown this way due to their ability to charm their audience as college coeds. Alan has them tying one another up, using rope as if it were another sexy appendage, and waking the heavens with moans of pleasure with a little aid of darkness and sin. Judy Jolie and Alex De La Flor create something that you just do not see in girl/girl. It was from there I had to go to the source again. What are these roles and film sets like? Is this just another day at the office, or is this really coming from the heart? I asked Judy Jolie: a performer who has already been the glue of many films, and a woman who is one of the most unsung performers of power, to tell me all about Let Me Be Free:

“Working with Alex De La Flor for the first time was completely amazing! We had so much energy and such great chemistry on the side, it really felt like we were just having a lot of fun. Shooting for She Seduced Me was definitely a fun and very chill, kickback experience. Everything was very well-planned-out and the scene really came together quite effortlessly.”

Alex de la Flor & Judy Jolie in Let Me Be Free from She Seduced Me
Alex de la Flor & Judy Jolie in Let Me Be Free from She Seduced Me

Fetish has always been a side of the business you just don’t see enough of, and when you do, most people are a bit hush-hush on the things that are taboo they enjoy, letting them become even deeper passions within their heart. That is groundbreaking as can be. She Seduced Me is doing something that I also have never seen. Alan is adding in the starlets who tend to make a bigger living on their own platforms and have grown a following more like “tongue-in-cheek” horror films and starlets did back in the day. For example, the lovely Rebecca Vanguard: this beauty of the business is one of the most captivating hidden gems in the business. She’s starred in a few big production films where she stole the spotlight and had critics and fans asking, “who is that?” Her true impact has been within creating her own “indie” productions and giving her fans a more hands-on feel of what and who she is. Miss Vanguard is a true lover of women and it is that genius of Alan X that has brought together Rebecca and the soon-to-be-legend herself, Georgia Jones. In one of HotMovies’ highest-rated clips, The Interrogation is something that finally puts a powerful force together with an immovable object. Hence, the massive amount of views and likes that grows every month with this clip. I asked Rebecca what she thought about finally getting this opportunity to be in a girl/girl extravaganza with Alan and what it was like to be able to showcase who you really are as a performer. Her response:

“Working with Alan X for the first time was great because I felt like the director of my own set. Obviously, Alan is the director on set, but he is genuinely looking for a collaboration of all parties. Georgia Jones is a sexy switch. I had never met her before that day, but I think we definitely had a good spark for our scene together. I am normally the submissive one, but in this scene I am the dominant, and it was really, really fun! I hope to work with Alan and Georgia again in the future.”

Rebecca Vanguard & Georgia Jones in The Interrogation for She Seduced Me
Rebecca Vanguard & Georgia Jones in The Interrogation for She Seduced Me

It is obvious that what we are seeing in the world of XXX cinema is no fluke, fad, or something that is yesterday’s news. I think what Alan himself has proved is that the age of art is back in full swing, and that perhaps we are witnessing the dawn of a new renaissance within the world of erotica, sexuality, and film. Alan gave me access to the She Seduced Me library, and what I saw in each vignette was Alan getting to be Alan. I saw performers getting to be themselves and explore their sexuality onscreen, and that is something even more powerful than cinema. I won’t go as far as to say that Alan has never done such things in his great career, but what he is allowed to do now is work at his own pace, grow his own scripts and ideas into powerful creations that no one sees coming—not even the performers showing up to shoot. The best thing of all: he is at the head of the locomotive that is about to burst upon the scene everywhere in XXX. Alan himself gives the performers validation in their pursuit of their dreams and not just that, he lights up a path that shows if you have the passion, you too can turn the job of graphic design, photography, modeling, and acting, along with the thoughts that swirl with such ideas into the reality of being your own boss, your own director, all into creating your own brand. You must see this for yourself with She Seduced Me.

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