Top 10 Hottest Roadside Sex Scenes on HotMovies!

Roadside XXX 5 from Bang is an exclusive on HotMovies! Starring Penelope White, Natalie Brooks, Xaya Lovelle, Selah Rain, and Sean Lawless. Roadside XXX 5 features four scenes of gorgeous women who are in need of some roadside assistance. After contacting Triple A, these ladies rceive some Triple X help! The Roadside XXX series features some of the most titillating impromptu road side sex scenes in porn. Let’s take a look at the top ten hottest roadside sex scenes found on HotMovies!


No. 1: Brokedown Babes 1Victoria Pure & Mr. Big Fat Dick, Scene 1


The lovely Victoria Pure gets stranded on the road and is completely out of cash. This is how some of the most brutal horror movies begin, but fortunately Victoria is saved by a mysterious stranger with a big cock. This is Mr. Big Fat Dick, and his act of derring-do is to fuck the gorgeous Victoria inside and outside of his truck while literally cumming to her rescue. The facial cumshot is epic (like the vast open road). If you can’t trust someone named Mr. Big Fat Dick, then the world is truly doomed.

No. 2: Public Agent Presents – Laura OrsolyaLaura Orsolya & Tomas Jondi, Scene 1


Laura Orsolya is a beautiful Hungarian traveler with ASSETS, let’s say. She’s lost and in need of a helping hand. Her knight-in-shining armor just can’t help himself, and gets his cock in between Laura’s huge F-cup tits before they can even pull away on the road. He pays Laura a couple of hundred Euros to titty-fuck her while hanging halfway out of the car on a deserted road, and open road or no, Laura’s amazing natural breasts and the attention paid to them help make this scene unforgettable!

No. 3: Monster Curves 38Luna Star & Duncan Saint, Scene 1


Luna Star gets stuck in the Miami heat and those clothes are begging to get peeled off. Her rescuer doesn’t know what’s in store for him as the fiery Luna immediately starts masturbating in the backseat before she fucks him twelve ways from Sunday all over the car, outside the car, above the car, and between the fabric of space and time as the hot Floridian sun burns on their backs. Luna’s filthy mouth makes this roadside fuck a gem and will have you blowing loads in record amounts.

No. 4: MILTF RoadsideAudrey Hollander, Otto Bauer & Johnny Thrust, Scene 3


There was a time when Audrey Hollander was one of the industry’s biggest rising stars. She could do things with her body (and yours) that could leave one’s jaw on the floor. In this roadside pickup scene, Otto Bauer and Johnny Thrust happen upon a very horny Audrey as she arches her back with a thumb pointed out at the road. Audrey’s looking for a ride, in more ways than one. It’s not long before Audrey gets double penetrated by both lucky men right outside the car, and watching Audrey take two dicks in a dirty, roadside creak is just like coming home!

No. 5: Helpless Teens – Kaisey DeanKaisey Dean & Derrick Ferrari, Scene 1


This one gets damn KINKY and that’s what makes it special. The Helpless Teens series always features scripted kinky fun. Kaisey Dean is in desperate need of a ride, and when a mysterious van pulls up she jumps in without considering if it’s actually a good idea. And it is, for the viewer anyway. The driver demands a blowjob for his service but that’s only the beginning as Kasiey fully submits to him out on the open road, outside the van, in the woods, and eventually in a make-shift dungeon where she’s brought to orgasm with a little BDSM fun. Kaisey must have really needed that ride!

No. 6: Roadside Sex Tapes 2Aidra Fox & Derrick Pierce, Scene 1


Derrick Pierce is a rent-a-cop with a big gun who pulls up on Aidra Fox assaulting some poor bastard in the middle of a parking lot. Derrick throws Aidra in the backseat and takes her into custody. Aidra pleads with the officer by telling him how horny she is, and she doesn’t want to go to jail, oh, and she’s horny. It isn’t long before Aidra is on her knees on the side of the road with Derrick’s concealed weapon out in the open and in her mouth. Aidra and Derrick are incredibly hot together in this scene. This is playful coercion at it’s finest.

No. 7: Roadside Blow JobNaughty Allie & Jake Chase, Scene 1


Naughty Allie is an amazing amateur performer who has been tickling loins for years. This short and sweet clip features Allie and her partner Jake getting sidetracked on route to their destination thanks to some snow blocking the way. Allie jumps at the chance for an impromptu roadside blowjob, and her oral skills have always been a sight to behold and this clip will show you why!

No. 8: Fucking For A Ride 2Elle Rose & Alberto Blanco, Scene 4


Elle Rose is stranded in a foreign country, and all she has as currency is her beautiful ass and tight body. Sex truly is the universal language as Elle uses her curves to extort some help from Alberto Blanco. Albert devours Elle’s pussy in the backseat before they both end up screwing in the sunlight of the country side as their bodies hang outside the van. Elle makes for a gorgeous waif, and the POV shots of Elle taming Alberto’s huge cock are amazing! Will Elle ever make it back to civilization?

No. 9 – Do It In The RoadCara Lott & Champagne, Scene 4


This 90’s classic features a few famous faces from yesteryear engaging in some impromptu sex that spills outdoors but the lesbian pairing with Champagne and Cara Lott features some of the most underrated girl on girl pussy eating of the 90s. Cara Lott is traveling cross-country, fucking her way through the population on her way to visit her uncle in the big apple. Cara is surrounded by horny stooges posing as escorts, but the most memorable scene is when Cara and Champagne throw a blanket down on the side of a dirt road to devour each other’s hairy muffs in the desert heat!

No. 10: Anal NubilesLina Luxa & Ricky Mancini, Scene 1


Some engine problems lead to the lovely Lina Luxa getting reamed in the grass by Ricky Mancini. Lina uses her day old underwear to entice the willing stranger to lend a helping hand. Lina is a frail little thing, and watching her climb out of her car and onto Ricky’s huge cock is impressive. Lina uses her tight ass to take Ricky for a ride, and yes, she does eventually get to her final destination. A great outdoor anal scene that will have you asking the petite little Lina, how did she do that?

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