Eye For An Eye: A HotMovies Review

Let me get on record and just say that I love the mini-feature format of the Pure Taboo movies. It gives you just enough setup and plot to get invested, but isn’t a huge undertaking. It’s the perfect length to get into the headspace of the story and then unzip. Each movie contains two stories; if you’re not a fan of the first, it is easy enough to move onto another situation with the click of a button.

Eye for an Eye from Pure Taboo

Our latest exclusive from the super-popular studio, Eye For An Eye continues in the fine tradition of fairly fucked-up stories punctuated by hot sex that makes you feel a little wrong. But really, what wank session isn’t made a little better by some post-nut clarity where you find yourself a little ashamed of what you were watching?

Clip 1: Kristen Scott and Nathan Bronson

Kristen Scott and Vanna Bardot in Eye For An Eye from Pure Taboo

Kristen Scott is undoubtedly on a Hall-Of-Fame trajectory at this point. Four years into her performing career, she’s cemented herself as one of the handful of performers that could conceivably contend as the greatest actor in the history of the industry. I’ve gone into detail about her acting performances in the past, and she does not disappoint once again in this movie. The scene starts with Kristen talking to her school chum (played by Vanna Bardot in a non-sex role), when it comes out that her BFF accidentally let slip that Kristen slept with a school nerd and pariah, known as Freckles. Kristen’s performance here is priceless. You can read every emotion as she cruelly works out her revenge in her head as Vanna gets picked up by her dad; every scowl and every pursing of the lips serves a purpose. It is almost impossible not to picture Kristen as one of the “Mean Girls” when she was back in school.

Kristen Scott and Nathan Bronson in Eye For An Eye from Pure Taboo

Kristen gets back at Vanna by coming onto her boyfriend, played admirably by Nathan Bronson. The couple has been saving themselves for marriage, but Vanna confided in Kristen that Nathan had the gall to ask for a blowjob (which in Vanna’s mind might as well be sex). When Nathan puts off Kristen’s advances, Kristen calls out to him and strips down completely and pulls one of those, “Are you sure you want me to go?” moments. It is a trope, sure, but it is an effective one. And, Jesus, how freaking effective would it be if it were Kristen Scott pulling it on you?

Kristen Scott and Nathan Bronson in Eye For An Eye from Pure Taboo

Like any other human being on the planet, Bronson’s character cannot turn her away, and the festivities begin with a nice-and-wet, deep-throat blowjob. She gags and drips spit all over the place, and the pleasure sweeping across Bronson’s face just oozes off the screen. She then asks for him to do her the favor of eating her out, and the trap is in full effect… there is no coming back from this. Kristen eases back into a chair and lifts her legs up and out. Her legs cannot stop shaking from excitement and pleasure and it is a sight to behold. Kristen then brings Nathan over to the couch to fuck—and he is relentless. They pound against one another at a feverish pace that clearly depicts two people who are just completely in lust with each other. There is an urgency to everything that really comes through, and the two eventually need a break… but even the break is nasty. They sixty-nine and at one point Kristen is just groaning in ecstasy with a long and thick rope of drool hanging down. And it is that moment that perfectly encapsulates the sex: between two A-level stars that clearly vibe with each other, the sex somehow manages to be equal parts wet and sloppy and perfectly manicured. When Nathan busts on Kristen’s tummy, she takes the opportunity to snap a photo of the aftermath and text it to dear old Vanna. Vanna calls, and Kristen hands the phone over to Nathan. Ruthless.

Clip 2: Ember Snow and Johnny Goodluck

Ember Snow and Johnny Goodluck in Eye For An Eye from Pure Taboo

The B-Side mini-feature of our exclusive left me feeling so much more wrong than the main attraction. A good portion of this has to do with Johnny Goodluck’s ability to portray an infinitely sleazy and opportunistic predator of a human being. That is not an easy thing to pull off, and so I just wanted to tip my hat to that. Equally impressive on the flipside is Ember Snow’s portrayal of a young woman completely beside herself with grief over her seemingly ended relationship. Johnny walks in on a sobbing Ember, who explains that his brother had been paying attention to too many scantily clad women on Instagram, and, when confronted about it, told her that he needed some space. Johnny doesn’t miss a second and tells her that he knows what a dog his brother is and that ‘some space’ at their age (he makes sure to very creepily inquire about her age before launching into his routine) means it’s over and that he’s probably already out and about fucking all those Insta models. He continues by telling her that the only thing that will make her feel better is to have a revenge fuck—all the while peppering in compliments about how pretty she is and engaging in more and more contact.

Ember Snow and Johnny Goodluck in Eye For An Eye from Pure Taboo

Ember seems unsure but gives in. She is quickly enthralled by the tryst thanks to Johnny’s talented tongue, saying she’s never had someone go down on her for so long. Later while the two screw, he forces her to say again and again that she’s forgotten all about her boyfriend, and that her ex is nothing compared to Johnny. Obviously there is some sort of pathos being played out and it only adds to the uneasiness of this sex. Ember is gorgeous and she is a delight to behold, and it makes all the squirminess worthwhile. The scene also features something I enjoy quite a bit… her boyfriend calls her while she’s in the middle of sex with Johnny. The whole concept of someone trying to have sex and hide it while they’re on the phone is both entertaining and sexy. This Pure Taboo take on the cliche is definitely both.

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