Studio Profile: Girls Out West

In a sea of content providers, Girls Out West stands as one of the most unique and special. Starting in 2004, Girls Out West joined HotMovies in July of 2020. Girls Out West is fiercely dedicated to providing a female voice in erotica—being woman-owned and woman-shot for the entirety of its existence.

Allegra from Girls Out West

The studio is based in Melbourne, Australia. They cast from all over Australia and feature women of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Girls Out West seeks to, in the words of their website’s modeling page, “look beyond the surface aesthetic appeal of commercial beauty.” In practice, this has resulted in beautiful women whose looks do not typically appear in pornography gracing their videos. With their ethos and location, Girls Out West is a hotbed for alt-porn hipsters, hirsute hippie types, the chubby and voluptuous, and other natural-looking women.

Isha and Rhea from Girls Out West

Girls Out West is “…committed to illustrating the beauty, creativity, and liberation of women’s sexual identities that we feel is often disregarded in the adult erotica landscape.” As such, the films always begin with a sensual or fun little premise with a little bit of exposition before launching into the sex. The intimacy is real and unscripted, and the performers engage in varying degrees. Many of the GOW titles feature rimming and anal play—illustrating the many dimensions of erotica made by women. It is not the by-the-numbers, vaseline-lensed content aimed at women in the past.

Billie and Hazel from Girls Out West

So if you’re in the mood for something ‘west’ of your typical porno, check out the amazing (and often 4K) amateur visions of Girls Out West.

Willow from Girls Out West

You can see all of Girls Out West‘s HotMovies offerings now!

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