5 Surreal Smut Offerings

Porn is a trip! In some cases, it can be compared to a traveling circus relating to the direct definition of what bizarre can be: “very strange or unusual, especially so as to cause interest or amusement.” The purpose of porn is to entertain with this wonderfully weird medium that can double as an odd art form. Already nestled in the underground itself, adult film flourishes among the freaks.

You’ve heard of freaky sex, but what about an actual “freak show” of porn? Well, if you’re interested step right up; I have some scenes and movies to show you in a sideshow of smutty psychedelics! It seems porno gets more hardcore by the minute, baking in the oven of the bizarre—a rising recipe for the surreal to meet the sex! Sal Genoa called his vision of the freakishly hardcore, Artcore, and I wrote about it and what it influenced a few years back in a previous blog here at HotMovies.

Sal Genoa's Artcore

These particular selections from our varied archive let you reach into raunchiness to indulge, while adhering to anything that could seem a bit out of the norm. The odder, the more welcoming it can be to a variety of inquiring tastes brave enough to step through these doors. If you are bored with the same-old-same-old, there is a boundless alternative. Let’s step into this sexual sideshow where the more bizarre, the better.

The Princess Has Come of Age

The Princess Has Come of Age

Animated CGI Porn, who would have thought it existed? CGI porn does exist, and it starts with a unique film called The Princess Has Come of Age. Porn doesn’t necessarily have a Pixar equivalent in the industry, but thankfully this title looks like it wanted to start something of that nature. It was produced in Italy and is exclusively available to stream in our archives.

We go on a journey with the princess as she beams into view like a videogame character you’ve just selected. The animation right off the bat has flying spaceships that are very reminiscent of a videogame’s opening CG sequence, but this is a porno made for adults through and through. The graphics date back to 2005, while still holding up to this day.

The princess is to teleport through five different chambers in her odd journey of being an intergalactic courtesan. In each one, the princess has unique creatures from different worlds appearing before her during the galactic conjugal visits. The first one is a goblin prince that has a few tricks up his sleeve with the next being a bit more mechanic. A robot gets to ream the princess on her journey as it holds her up to lick her pussy while penetrating her with a robotic-dildo attached to it. By the third chapter of the film, the princess is already fucking a giant plant creature. The decent graphics show this green sex scene with a fornicating flower the best way the animation could possibly show. It isn’t exactly a hot girl/girl scene with Poison Ivy from Batman, but it was still kind of hot—a pretty sexy scene with a giant flower creature with boobs hanging as it double penetrates the princess with its tentacles. It’s very reminiscent of hentai, which we’ll get to later…

The Princess Has Come of Age cartoon porn movie

The next segment is purely psychedelic, because where the princess goes next is a mind-bending realm of surreal sex. After stepping through the love-gate, she is faced with an oddity that resembles her shapely form. It is like a glowing sex clone that she gladly fucks in this floating realm of lust. The final beast is the freakiest of the bunch and fits the theme of the perfectly bizarre. Let’s just say it involves mini-dragon things with penises as heads. It really is something you should see for yourself, and can only right here on HotMovies!

Hentai Sex School

Hentai Sex School

Adult Time took a stab at their own version of hentai with some of the most recognized names in pornography as voices. The outcome is more bizarrely animated CGI characters being brought to life by performers you’ve seen more than a few times in live-action porno. The first three episodes are featured in this collection available in our archives as the first volume. But if you watch it at Adult Time HQ, you get Hentai Sex School in six separate episodes.

“Orientation Day” was the first title and had the likes of April O’Neil, Whitney Wright, and Wolf Hudson voicing some characters for the opening sequence. At the start, you’ll see the character, Nathan Basic, on a helicopter ride—not to Jurassic Park, but to the famed Hentai Sex School for hornier learning. He enrolled to prove himself to fellow cartoon characters that he was what it takes to be the ultimate animated sex star. The upbeat voiceover by Jake Adams fits that stereotypical cheesy anime vocal style. The voice of an anxious new student that runs into Penny Lustmore another first-year student at this high-level hentai school. They arrive late to Principal Coldsnatch’s (voiced by Dee Williams) orientation on the first day which is never a good impression. The principal coerces the new entrants to prove themselves in front of the entire school due to their tardiness.

Hentai Sex School from Adult Time
Hentai Sex School from Adult Time

By the time the second episode called “Homeroom” started, I was really enjoying myself recognizing some of the performer’s voices. This is especially when I heard The Cinn Twins as Whitney Wright’s unmistakable voice. I picked it off before the credits rolled for the episode revealing the director, performer, and now-voice actress for these wild green-haired characters. It is truly anime-inspired when you see a splash of character introductions crediting the familiar voices with flashy colors.

Chanel Preston as Ms. Nasty starts in as their homeroom teacher challenging Nathan Basic in these trials of animated sex training. The cartoon characters get their cocks jacked by their teacher in this literal pop quiz—both Nathan and Blitz Hardrocket being milked for semen by the teacher in front of the whole class! You can only guess what happens next as Ms. Nasty offers another standardized test, to fuck Nathan herself!

Other episodes will have “giantess” gym coaches teaching sex drills and handing out detention. And once detention starts, these zany students are having full-on character-driven discussions as they are tied up to fucking machines penetrating them. In pure freakish fashion, this unique experiment lives up to the bizarre. It is a journey that needs to be taken into a world of adult animated avatars.

Time Master: Revenge of the Sex Witches

Rocco's Time Master: Sex Witches

Mainstream porn can easily be divided into two types: gonzo porn with no real plot involved, or “story porn” which are actual feature films but upgraded with the required hardcore sex. The surreal sister of these styles of adult films rarely gets any attention and fits perfectly into a mystical mold. Visually surreal pornographic films do indeed exist. It is peppered with the usual formulas but augmented by freakish visuals and otherworldly setups. These sexual art pieces move in motion to the tune of their own drum giving very little in explanation to the viewer, yet these types of sleaze are very filling to the viscera of the curious.

In Time Master: Revenge of the Sex Witches, the Timekeeper lusts for control of the witches as he holds a cheaply painted Barbie doll in pure B-movie fashion. The prop represents a sort of voodoo doll-like medium that attempts to control Anna de Ville’s convincingly acted character. The Timekeeper is cloaked in occult robes conducting a seance that has Anna in the throes of a time-bending spell. This nefarious being is obviously played by a disguised Rocco Siffredi. The only way to fight this demonically voiced villain is to rub her own pussy in a sort of weaponized masturbation session. After this bout of an intense solo segment with Anna, the specter sends two human dicks to challenge the witch he wishes to enslave with dark magic. Anna de Ville accepts the challenge as a defiant sorceress while also taking a dominant role in the sex scene. She wrangles Kristof Cale and Lutro‘s cocks for some double-anal fillings of her powerful holes. The outlandish premise and plot take a back seat to a true DP scene that steps into play.

After that scene with Anna, we’re brought to the dark chambers of the Timekeeper as he searches for the “Black Angel.” He holds a black rose as he darts about maniacally in search of the lost Black Angel. Angel Emily is the appropriated angel that finally comes to fruition as she starts to fuck her real-life partner Mike Angelo. The brief intro leads to a solid blowjob with this European power couple.

Time Master: Revenge of the Sex Witches
Time Master: Revenge of the Sex Witches

A flashback right out of Game of Thrones suddenly arises. It shows some sort of past visions of the Timekeeper from another realm. But we go back to Angel and Michael as she slowly starts the ethereal sex scene standing over her partner ready to get wild. We’re lucky the Timekeeper found this Black Angel, because as viewers we’re rewarded with a fiery anal scene adding to the raunchy repertoire of this fantasy film.

The story has the Timekeeper continually on the hunt for witches across different worlds. Leading to the third part where a male performer by the name of Mr. Big Fat Dick plays one of the Timekeeper’s henchmen armed with a spear. Veronica Clark is the imprisoned witch facing the spear-wielding male talent after she is beamed into what looks like our modern reality. The scene soon starts with the hilariously named stud delivering some more solid anal for this Evil Angel film.

The journey continues with those past visions of a forgotten realm as Erik Everhard leads his imprisoned witch as a crowned king. The Timekeeper approves of Erik getting to have his way with a witch slave played by Mia Linz. Expect another good anal escapade as the two are teleported to a white couch where the realness of the reaming takes place.

The chapter finale happens with Kaisa Nord and Rocco in a full-fledged 45-minute scene that has the Timekeeper having his way with a dancer from another realm. From the medieval world to a red-colored sex couch in modern times, keeping true to the itinerary this is an odd journey with Time Master: Revenge of the Sex Witches!

Silvia Loves Jenna

You get more than a few slices of that surreal vibe here in Silvia Loves Jenna back from the Club Jenna days. This is a personal favorite among my collection of DVDs and found here on the archives for you to explore. The freakiest chapter I’d have to say is the one with XXX vets Adriana Sage, Taylor St. Claire, and Bobby Vitale. Silvia Loves Jenna seems like a performer showcase upfront but it is really unique journey into visually abstract scenes. This six-minute chapter with the veteran trio condenses all the maneuvers of a typical gonzo scene into a blend of arousing imagery. The entire film doesn’t have a real plot besides separate dreamlike themes for each chapter. The idea is an adult film enhanced with out-of-the-norm takes on visualizations thanks to director and performer Justin Sterling directing.

Snort That Cum

Snort That Cum Volume 10

Did you have snorting cum in the cards when it came to the positively bizarre? It is a style of Cum-Fu that is proudly advertised in these halls of the porno bizarre. This funny and filthy act isn’t that new in porn (I’ve recently seen it in some Legal Porno updates). It is indeed a very hardcore maneuver to pull off which is done by some of the most daring performers. Satiating the freak fans that eat this stuff up, you can color me guilty of that. It is a pleasure to have that bar pushed by these valued vixens that want to go the extra mile for paying fans. They’ll go where others won’t for the greater good of being a freak for the freaks.

Porno Dan thankfully has brought this absurd arena for the sleazy stunt with a series blatantly titled Snort That Cum series. This version from 2013 has the adorable Jennifer White teamed up with fellow tarts Alexis Monroe and Rikki Six.

It starts with an oddly spoken man introducing in the scene as he is some sort of commentator going off the rails before any cum gets on the rails. The scene proceeds with Porno Dan humping both Jennifer and Alexis before he ejaculates into a red cup that Rikki is holding. He offers up his seed to be snorted by any takers but they all seem trepidatious at first. Alexis Monroe agrees to snort a line of testicle snot off of Rikki’s tit. Jennifer White will sip the cum through the straw as she doesn’t agree to snort it. While Rikki Six tops herself off by snorting the rest of it off her own booby. A triumphant hollering from Porno Dan as he wishes himself a Happy Birthday to close out this zany chapter.

There is porno that is made for freaks by freaks and this show of scenes is just a taste of that. Behold a bevy of options you have as viewers when you step right in. HotMovies collects stuff like this so you can feel at home here in this traveling freak show of porns. Whether animated or performed by actual performers the surreal stage is set for horny creatures, cum-snorting starlets, and Time Masters. It is a funhouse that is just a click away!

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