Writers' Roundup: Cheating in Porn

We can probably all agree that infidelity is bad, right? Our latest VOD exclusive, Everyone Cheats, got the HotMovies staff talking about the very controversial and polarizing topic of infidelity: why people do it, if it can be forgiven, and—of course—whether or not everyone really does cheat. However, since we’re in the business of slinging porn first and foremost, we’re not going to wax too poetic about the topic. Instead, we decided to explore our feelings about infidelity by choosing a movie from the site that best sums up our feelings about cheating, for better or worse. Check out our staff writers’ responses below!

Stoney Rubble: Unfolding

Unfolding from Adam & Eve

Here are my thoughts on infidelity: as long as you communicate with your spouse, it’s all A-okay. In fact, the more the merrier! There is no TRULY faithful marriage, with God dipping his fingers into everything. Every time a married woman and man have sex, God inserts himself into the mix. So, why stop just at God and your spouse? Mary, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, as long as your spouse knows what you’re up to, the more the merrier. Since it’s more the merrier the film Unfolding from Adam & Eve and director Kay Brandt is what I would watch with my spouse (as if) to convey my feelings on infidelity. Read our review of Unfolding here!

Jeffton Banks: Deja Vu

Deja Vu from Missa X

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse by trotting this one out, but the movie I picked to represent cheating is Deja Vu from Missa X. Things are not always so tidy and black and white as “right” and “wrong.” Sometimes things happen because they were supposed to have happened. In this riff on the immortal Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, the ethereal beauty Ivy Wolfe wakes up to relive the same day over and over again in an effort to seduce her now-married and religious ex, played by Chad White. Read the scenario whichever way you want (it could be considered hell to re-engage with your greatest regret in life)… but I choose that Ivy’s pairing with Chad was fated, and it wasn’t until she had broken through that she was allowed to continue on with her life. Sharp writing, convincing acting, and spirited performances make this an all-time movie… but what all that doesn’t tell you is that cheating is often a nuanced and fraught endeavor that leaves everyone involved feeling at least a little bit despicable.

Scarlet M. Divine: Sex For Rent 2

Sex For Rent 2 from Spizoo

Most people cheat because they’re unhappy, but sometimes they cheat out of necessity. That rent bill comes due every month, and when you can’t pay with cash, you better be prepared to pay with ass! That’s just what Alex Jett did in Spizoo’s Sex For Rent 2. Jett plays a down-on-his-luck DJ who comes up short on cash and finds himself face-to-face with his angry landlady, Texas Patti. Now, I love a young chick sucking dick to pay the rent as much as the next perv, but it’s also super sexy to watch a horny MILF take advantage of a young stud in his time of need! When confronted with the prospect of not getting rent money from Jett, Patti is pissed! She mocks Jett for being a failed DJ and gives him six hours to come up with the money… but she quickly reconsiders and changes tactics, seducing the young man instead. She asks if he’s willing to do anything to keep his room, and he readily agrees. Oh man, you HAVE to see his face when she takes off her dress! Patti might be taking advantage, but Jett looks like a kid in a candy store! Patti shows him how a real woman sucks dick, and Jett gets the fuck of his life, leaving a hot load in Patti’s pussy. He may not have deposited cash in her hand, but she accepted the creampie as equal payment! Now if this were my man, and he had to fuck to keep a roof over our head, I might not be that mad. Of course, I might not be mad at all if he included me next time!

Authentic Lesbian: Black Babysitters 5

Black Babysitters 5 from Diabolic

Cheating and lying and manipulating is wrong and bad… in real life. Luckily, this is porn, and in porn, fantasy rules all (think about all that interracial porn you like and why…). What better fantasy is there than the young, insatiable babysitter? You think about banging them when you’re young, you dream about another shot when you beat your wife home and relieve the sitter of her duties, and you pray for just a glance upskirt when you get old. Face it: babysitters are tempting! That’s why I’m going with Diabolic‘s Black Babysitters 5. Rob Piper finds himself in a complicated situation many of us can relate to. His wife is leaving him and last minute he needs a babysitter. I’m with you fellas, he can’t be cheating, she’s leaving him! But we all know that’s bullshit. If his wife finds out he banged Halle Hayes in the house they built together, near the rooms where their kids sleep, and on the sheets she was planning to pack up and take to her new crib, she will flip all the way the fuck out and the next few months of his life will be shittier than even he could have imagined. But that’s never stopped a hard dick or horny lesbo before, so here’s to hoping she doesn’t find out!

Bridget: Revenge of the Housewives

Revenge of the Housewives from Severe Sex

Some might call this revolutionary, but I believe cheating is bad (outside of nonmonogamous relationships where these things are discussed and agreed upon prior). However, it’s still an inevitable fact of life in a world where many people only look out for themselves. When infidelity occurs, there’s really three parties involved: the cheater in the relationship, the person cheated on in the relationship, and the “homewrecking” outsider who stuck their nose, and some other things, where they don’t belong. When you’ve discovered you’ve been cheated on, you can and should blame your partner first, but does justice befall the third party too? Severe Sex‘s Revenge of the Housewives seems to think so, and in this case, I do too!

Dee Severe and Aiden Starr have had enough of their homewrecking slut neighbor Holly Heart, and plan to enact a revenge most appropriate for her lack of self control: a deliciously wicked domination session that’ll teach her to stop fucking their husbands for money. Holly is usually unscrupulous in who she’ll fuck for a buck, but today Aiden and Dee are going to make her pay. After innocently sitting Holly down and inquiring about her dating habits, the fearsome duo reveal that they know she’s really the town whore. They pull her skirt and panties down and lay her prostrate for a severe humiliation and spanking, with Aiden mercilessly roasting her. “Only little girls and whores wear coral,” she admonishes Holly. After a ruthless paddling, it’s clear that Holly’s days of whoring around her neighborhood have been sufficiently beaten out of her. Humiliation is a powerful tool. That’s one way to make sure your husband stops cheating… I guess?

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