Meet Zaawaadi: Exclusive HotMovies Interview

In Swahili, Zaawaadi means “present,” as in a gift, and what a gift we have as the Kenyan porn star was gracious enough to answer some of our questions to help promote her signature showcase, My Name is Zaawaadi. She introduced herself to the adult industry at the 2019 Venus Berlin show. Since then, she has made a name for herself as one of the few porn performers to come out of the conservative country of Kenya, and because of her desire to share her sexuality with such confidence and ferocity. That confidence comes shining through in crystal-clear focus when she is on camera. She is a star in the making, and we are excited to offer one of her first interviews.

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HM: You met Tiffany Tatum at Venus Berlin and then booked your first shoot in Hungary. What was your first impression after your first shoot was finished?

Z: Yes, I met Tiffany in Berlin 2019 together with other girls. It was amazing and I felt motivated to make porn. After awhile, I traveled to Budapest where I did my first shooting with Pierre Woodman. This was a very positive experience for me and he taught me a lot.

At that point, you were 30 years old and working as a nurse. Even now, you continue to have a successful career as a nurse. So, what is drawing you to the adult industry?

Nurse and porn are really two different things. Nursing is my profession where I work to help others, and porn is my sexy life. Here I can run free with my sexual fantasies and express my passion to other people.

Has your medical knowledge informed your sexuality in any way?

Yes, of course! It helps a lot. I know well how to use special toys for better fun, and I like pee on me…

Were you a fan of any adult performers before you began your career? If so, which ones influenced you the most?

I watched several porn movies on DVD. I love Luna Corazon, Riley Nixon, the old Gina Wild, Natalie Mars, and directors like Pierre Woodman, and of course, Rocco Siffredi.

Your rise to stardom in the adult industry was a quick one, but you’ve already got so many fans! How does all of this sudden recognition and attention feel?

Wow this is very touching me. It’s getting faster and serious here!

What are the differences between African and European attitudes towards sex?

Every person is different, and so are Africans different from Europeans. Of course, people don´t talk so much and free about sex in Africa like here in Europe. The situation is changing very slowly that people are able to accept sex as a normal thing in Africa.

Were you bisexual before you began performing in porn? Can you describe your first sexual experience with a girl?

Yes, I was bi before starting porn. I like girls since I was in high school, but never had real sex with a woman until I met my best friend in Germany. We got so close that we regular had sex together, or together with others.

You are pretty kinky. How did you discover this side of yourself?

During my first kinky photo shooting, I felt in love with this kind of games. This makes me so wet and horny that I need to do this regular. And I love this kind of art, and through kink you can give endless stories.

At the end of Scene Two in My Name is Zaawaadi, you enter the scene with a shaved head. Whose idea was it to shave your head? Was that your first time shaving your head?

I started shaving my head in 2018. My husband showed me old movies with Grace Jones; she was so powerful. I feel like someone new without hair: more power, more self-confidence. I receive a lot of positive feedback from various people… and much more sperm on my head. Since Rocco had seen me before without hair, he likes me that way, so I suggested him we can shave my head during the showcase.

What fantasies of yours are you still excited to live out onscreen?

I really love being dominated, but being submissive to a woman is really something special, although I love to be a switcher and learn how to be Femdom too. Big fan of kinky, fetish, and soft BDSM…. so send me your claim form!

Do you have any specific goals for your work in the industry?

Yes, I have a dream, to become a porn star and to provide more content for Africa, especially in my home country, Kenya—helping to fight for anti-rape causes. It’s better to watch porn than to rape; maybe my work helps a little.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

I hope the difficult situation with COVID-19 will get better. It is not possible today to make concrete plans for productions and travels in the upcoming months. When there is no production I am booked for, I produce my own content for ManyVids, OnlyFans, MyDirtyHobby, and I make custom content for fans, of course.

We really look forward to seeing more of you in the upcoming year. Thank you for your time and good luck with all your new ventures.

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