The Intern – A Summer Of Lust: A HotMovies Review

Our latest exclusive from progressive porn powerhouse Erika Lust Films is called The Intern – A Summer Of Lust. It manages to somehow combine a feature-length advertisement for ELF itself, the progressive European way of life, and a thriller into a compelling and very arousing erotic film. The film opens with a collage and a video-diary entry made by Maddie (played perfectly by the tall drink of water Lena Anderson) aboard a plane as she moves to Spain for work without knowing anyone there.

After the video call and the opening credits, we see Casey Calvert coming up some stairs with her luggage in tow. She is greeted at the door by Michael Vegas, who instantly identifies her as Maddie’s sister, Paisley, and lets her in. We find out from this brief interaction and the following bit of exposition that Maddie has gone missing, that nobody but Paisley seems concerned about the disappearance, and that Paisley is sort of answering to her boyfriend back home. Looking through Maddie’s room, Paisley sees the artifacts of a young woman who she barely recognizes—photographs of people she doesn’t know, a topless photo of her sister, and (tellingly) a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland.

Clip 1 featuring Kali Sudhra and Bishop Black

Kali Sudhra and Bishop in The Intern - A Summer Of Lust from Erika Lust Films

When Paisley visits the office to find out what she can, we find out that Maddie’s job is interning at Lust Films. She is greeted by a gregarious Kali Sudhra, who plays the head of casting and talent at the studio. We learn that maybe Maddie’s personal life was a little more intricate than her stuffy sister suspected (though having a job at an adult studio might be a good tipoff that that person isn’t exactly conservative).

In an extended flashback, we see Maddie’s first interaction with Kali and the rest of her colleagues. Out for a night at a bar, Lena overdoes it and starts having visions of her repressed lust… in the form of Kali (in her roller-derby gear) making it with the super studly bartender (played by Bishop). It’s a short sex scene, but it is ridiculously hot. There are far too few women of South Asian/Indian descent in mainstream adult, and Kali’s bubbly personality, curvy all-natural body, and great-looking tits all make a strong argument for more inclusion. I can still see Kali’s breasts when I close my eyes, so it’s only fitting that the pasties she’s wearing (that don’t hide her pierced nipple, by the way) are stars.

Clip 2 featuring Lena Anderson and Michael Vegas

Lena Anderson and Michael Vegas in The Intern - A Summer Of Lust from Erika Lust Films

Michael Vegas plays Maddie’s roommate—a chef and a laid-back dude. One night after a drunken Maddie loses her key and he chastises her for her immature behavior, he makes her a bowl of pasta. The late-night meal turns into a sexual encounter when Maddie reveals that she’s moved away from her conservative family to pursue filmmaking and a life akin to famed erotica writer Anaïs Nin. Maddie also reveals her general inexperience in the bedroom (she’d only been with one guy a handful of times before, and he never even went down on her). Michael is all too happy to show her the ropes after obtaining her sober consent (which, as the movie shows, can be done in a sexy way).

One of the great things about Lust is that they insist on a more organic sex scene in their movies. Instead of focusing on the camera angles and hitting all the positions, they focus on the performers enjoying and exploring their unique chemistry together (while still attempting to maintain character). It was wonderful to watch Lena experiencing all of Michael’s techniques with his fingers and tongue, and what stands out from this bedroom jaunt is a sideways 69 that shows off all of Lena’s long, doe-like elegance. Michael is a playful person in general, and his levity transports his scene to a place where sex is fun and a great way of connecting, even if you’re not looking to be romantically involved.

Clip 3 featuring Lena Anderson and Paulita Pappel

Lena Anderson and Paulita Pappel in The Intern - A Summer Of Lust from Erika Lust Films

Paulita Pappel plays the Spanish-language tutor brought in by Lust Films to teach the local tongue to all the company’s employees. A private session at the office between Paulita and Lena turns sexual when Paulita begins to teach her some Spanish pick-up lines. Paulita looks and acts the part of what I think of when I think of modern, progressive, intellectual Europe—with her interesting punk-influenced haircut, smart fashion, and self-assured attitude.

Their sex—Maddie’s first experience with a woman—is a game of call and response. Paulita takes the lead and Maddie learns what to do in kind. It is romantic in all the right ways, and felt like a really genuine connection between the performers. After their sex, we see how close a bond the two women developed—gallivanting around Barcelona and snapping pictures of themselves while eating ice cream and cuddling and looking like a genuinely happy couple.

Clip 4 featuring Casey Calvert and Michael Vegas

Casey Calvert and Michael Vegas in The Intern - A Summer Of Lust from Erika Lust Films

As the film works towards wrapping up its narrative, we find out what exactly happened to Maddie (I’m not about to spoil the surprise). We also see the inevitable romantic pairing of pent-up Paisley and Michael Vegas. I don’t claim to have any insider knowledge about these performers’ personal lives, but based on the highly erotic and fun nature of their sex, I would imagine the two of them are close friends off-screen that truly enjoy one another and each others’ bodies. After stripping down, Michael has her bend over on the bed to show off her ass. He remarks that she has a gorgeous butthole (she does), and when she says nobody’s ever told her that before, he smoothly proclaims that all her body parts deserve compliments. He asks for permission to rim her, which Paisley has never experienced before, and it near about caused me to faint (I’d probably also just faint if I met Casey Calvert in person).

Casey experiences orgasm after orgasm at Michael’s hand (and tongue and cock), and Casey’s Paisley cannot believe his talents. Michael says during their playful banter with one another that it’s her body doing all the guiding. When Michael finally ejaculates, it looks like a tremendous and joyous release. He jokes about drowning her as we get to bask in a small bit of their afterglow. As with the rest of the movie, it is a complete pleasure to watch.

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