Editor's Picks: October 19th, 2020

Jeffton Banks: Hot Spanish Teens

Jesus, do they just make them all super cute in Spain? My pick for the week is the IFG college cutie amateur extravaganza Hot Spanish Teens. The studio has been plugging away with real Spanish amateurs for awhile now, and I’ve found nearly every single one of them super cute (most of them seem pretty nerdy too, which is a big plus in my book). In this installment, the girl that really grabbed my attention is Izzy (from the last scene). She is cute, has great natural tits, and has that slightly chubby natural body that you just don’t see in professional porn. She’s a demon in the sack and likes it a little rough—pulling on her nipples with all her strength as she’s getting plowed. Mix it up in your porno routine and check out these Hot Spanish Teens.

Izzy in Hot Spanish Teens from IFG

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Scarlet M. Divine: Busty Tattooed Beauty Brooke Lyn POV Sex

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Brooke Lyn Rose gives a blowjob

Hey guys, Brooke Lyn Rose just made me wish I had a dick. I think that warrants making Busty Tattooed Beauty Brooke Lyn POV Sex my pick for the week. This quickie scene with busty Brooke is part of the POV Masters series from Hot Hot Films, the place to go for all your POV needs, but I digress. Brooke made me wish I had a dick, and that’s no small feat. I’m getting a lady chubby just thinking about those blue eyes of hers staring up into mine while she wraps her lips around my newly appointed member. Or maybe getting down on some titty fucking action with her incredibly well-done breasts. This sexy Florida girl has only been in the biz for about a year and she’s loving every inch… I mean, minute of it! So take a couple minutes and check her out, give her some love, and pretend it’s your dick she’s enjoying every inch of.

Brooke Lyn Rose masturbates

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