Scream Queens: Porn Doubles For The Women Of Horror

So here on HotMovies, we have this nifty little gadget called the Facial Recognition Search. I’m a lover of horror films and the Halloween season, and to get in the mood I put down my pumpkin spice latte and put out my fall leaf candle and started trying to figure out what porn stars looked like the best women in horror. In all fairness, I totally lifted the idea off my wonderful colleague Stoney Rubble and his own facial recognition piece for our sister site (or brother, really), GayHotMovies: “The Leading Men of Horror”. Not perfect matches always… but some of the finds were so uncanny I just had to find my scream queens.

If you don’t know horror but you do like titties, you may be wondering what a scream queen is. Well, the answer is pretty simple… they are female actors who are closely associated with horror movies. It doesn’t just mean the young woman screaming her head off after she dodges a killer’s swing of a machete, or after cowering in a corner hiding from zombies. Some of horror’s most iconic women have themselves been the monsters.

Porn and horror have some pretty close ties, so this isn’t just some sort of Halloween time stretch (not completely, anyway). Apart from both coming with the big boxes from the video store era, tons of good horror movies rely heavily on sex and nudity to please their audience. In fact, several porn stars have themselves appeared in horror movies (of varying quality). You can see Bree Olson in The Human Centipede 3, Gianna Michaels (and others) in Piranha 3D, Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers, and Marilyn Chambers in David Cronenberg’s classic, Rabid. The list goes on and on.

So who does your favorite horror babe look like?

Elvira and Annette Haven

Elvira and Annette Haven

So this might be the only instance in which the scream queen is more famous for her tits than her porn double! Elvira (the immortally lovely Cassandra Peterson) gained fame in the 1980s initially as a horror host of late-night scareshows in Los Angeles. But apart from her two, giant, peach-colored, globe-shaped obvious reasons for her popularity… Elvira won legions of fans over with her embodiment of how the spooky and macabre should be handled– with a huge amount of camp and self-awareness and humor. It’s only fitting, then, that the Mistress of the Dark should be paired up by our facial recognition tool with one of the iconic queens of adult cinema in Annette Haven. Annette, despite being far less endowed than Elvira, was a universally beloved siren of the screen. She starred in several genre films, including Sex World, Jungle Blue, and Dracula Sucks… all of which can be watched in astonishing clarity in our new Remastered in HD Classics section!

Sheri Moon Zombie and Penny Pax

Sheri Moon Zombie and Penny Pax

Sheri Moon Zombie, wife to horror-rocker-turned-horror-maven Rob Zombie, honestly hasn’t appeared in many movies. But considering she is the muse/cast regular for Rob Zombie’s impressive list of horror flicks (including The Devil’s Rejects and Lords Of Salem), that is enough to warrant her on this list of the iconic women of the genre. She also appeared in Tobe Hooper’s remake of Toolbox Murders. Never in a million years would I have come up with this connection on my own for matching the beautiful Mrs. Zombie (who looks incredible at 50, I might add)… but the indomitable Penny Pax is in many ways a dead (porn) ringer for Sheri! I see it most when they smile. The resemblance is undeniable. If you’d love to see the stacked Ms. Pax get her spook on, check out the first two installments of the Lesbian Ghost Stories series. Or if you’d just like to see Penny dress up like it’s Halloween, she has a number of costumed films, including several superhero flix from Axel Braun. She also does a ton of roleplay for her hubby’s Alex Legend studio.

Vera Farmiga and Julie Simone

Vera Farmiga and Julie Simone

Vera Farmiga is both an unlikely scream queen and an unlikely sex symbol… but here she is as both. As a talented actor and beautiful woman, she has an army of adoring fans. And as of early 2021, has a really impressive horror resume between her turn in the unsettling Orphan, her role in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, her iconic role as Mrs. Bates in the psycho-sexual thriller series Bates Motel (which ran a whopping 50 episodes), and her portrayal of famed paranormal researcher/ghost hunter Elaine Warren in what’s been dubbed the “Wan-verse” (most notably in the Conjuring series). In fact, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is slated for a June 2021 release. Plugging Vera into the facial recognition tool brought up Mistress Julie Simone and , I swear, they really could be sisters. While the legendary domme doesn’t have any horror movies, per se, on HotMovies… the latex and rubber costumes and masks that can be found in her own Julie Simone Productions can be really creepy. And I would say Julie is especially pretty, scary, and pretty scary in her Femdom Fatale series.

Elsa Lanchester and Dolly Leigh

Elsa Lanchester in The Bride Of Frankenstein and Dolly Leigh

I couldn’t not start with the Godmother of all Scream Queens: Elsa Lanchester. Really, as far as horror goes, she’s really mostly known for just The Bride of Frankenstein… but that’s one hell of a one-movie resume! Her porn double came up as the amazingly gorgeous Dolly Leigh. If you don’t know Dolly’s work, you should get onboard now! She has been one of my favorites for years. So obviously their hair isn’t a perfect match… but you can see the resemblance of the two women in their beautiful and expressive doe eyes. I honestly thought that Joanna Angel made a great Bride in Fuckenstein, but it is impossible to ignore how much more similar Dolly looks to Elsa. And while Dolly hasn’t acted in a horror feature, she does dress up like Ash from Pokemon in How To Train Your Pokeho.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Jessie Andrews

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Witch and Jessie Andrews

One of the newest and most exciting women in horror is Anya Taylor-Joy. She played the lead in the remarkable The Witch (seriously, see it if you haven’t) and is a pioneer in the realm of superhero horror in The New Mutants and Split. Anya is button cute and so it is no surprise our facial recognition tool picked up on that and found the equally kawaii Jessie Andrews. Jessie, one of the porn stars who kinda sorta crossed over into mainstream culture by being an American Apparel model (alongside Charlotte Stokely), has a great library of work now that she’s no longer filming, including some horror porn in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer parody and the American Werewolf In London parody.

Jamie Lee Curtis and India Summer

Jamie Lee Curtis and India Summer

We couldn’t forget Jamie Lee on this list. On the strength of the Halloween series, John Carpenter’s The Fog, Prom Night, and a couple others, Jamie Lee Curtis is considered by many to be the ‘First Lady’ of horror—and the ultimate “Final Girl” (the lone survivor of a horror flick). Despite her character of Laurie Strode being very buttoned-down and wholesome, it was impossible to ignore how attractive she was. As the years have gone on, she has developed into something of a MILF icon—a signifier in pop culture that older women can still be hot. So it is very fitting that JLC’s porn match is quite possibly the quintessential porn MILF: India Summer. Don’t let her typically brunette hair throw you off the scent; there are absolute similarities here.

India, too, is no stranger to horror. Check her out in Blood Lake, The Oracle, and Grindhouse XXX. And if you’re looking for some Michael Myers-ish action in your porn (minus India, unfortunately), be sure to check out the dueling parodies from Smash Pictures and Zero Tolerance.

Linnea Quigley and Mindi Mink

Linnea Quigley in Return of the Living Dead and Mindi Mink

Yes. You read that right; Linnea Quigley has a bit of a porn past. Apart from a few bondage titles, she is in the movie Curse Of The Lesbian Love Goddess. Quigley is the number-one horror sweetheart for many scary movie fans precisely because she was never shy of showing off her rocking body (her image above is from Return of the Living Dead, where she does a strip dance in a cemetery, and stays topless for the rest of the movie). She has fully embraced, and been fully embraced, by the horror world. She is in over 100 (!!!) horror movies, including the aforementioned Return, Night Of The Demons, Nightmare On Elm Street 4, Silent Night Deadly Night, and Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout. And as for why Linnea didn’t match with Linnea… at the time of writing this we only had one (sorta janky) image of Linnea on our website. Gotta feed the machine to get the results!

It is very appropriate that Linnea’s porn doppelganger is known for her lesbian work, since Linnea’s porn forays have been of the Sapphic variety. Mindi Mink in her major studio work has been exclusively a girl-girl performer. In fact, she was a contract performer with Girlfriends Films for a time. She’s since gone on to do B/G work as a clip artist, but since that’s not here on the site it doesn’t count (but please hit us up to get your clips on the site, Mindi!).

Neve Campbell and Syren De Mer

Neve Campbell in Scream and Syren De Mer

Neve Campbell (who ole Jeffton always had a thing for) really hasn’t done a ton of horror, but her central role in Wes Craven’s Scream series as Sidney Prescott has made her an inclusion on every horror actress list until the end of time. She also played a teen witch in cult classic The Craft. She also starred (though not nude) in the movie that single-handedly ushered a generation into puberty (and forever loving lesbian scenes) in Wild Things. And that’s not horror; it just warrants mentioning.

So when we think of Neve as a horror icon, we think of young Neve. And when we think of her porn double, the equally stunning Syren De Mer we see her as one of the ultimate MILFs in porn history. But really, the two of them are only four years apart in age (Neve herself is a super-hot MILF now). So just think of Syren as Neve’s hot, slightly older sister. And while Syren doesn’t have any horror porn in her repertoire, she is in a couple Christmas Kink titles… and we all know Halloween marks the day we start seeing stores starting to sell Christmas decorations.

Adrienne Barbeau and Lynn LeMay

Adrienne Barbeau and Lynn LeMay

Is this just a match made in horror/porn heaven or what?! Adrienne Barbeau, one of the sultriest sirens of the Golden Age of Horror (in the late 70s/80s), gets matched up with another total bombshell from the same era. Chances are if you grew up at the height of either of their careers, you were a fan of both. Did you ever make the connection with their looks? I’d say the similarities are pretty glaring. Barbeau is best known in horror for The Fog and the George Romero and Stephen King classic Creepshow. But if you weren’t aware, you get to see her topless in Wes Craven’s 1982 adaptation of classic DC Comics character Swamp Thing.

Lynn LeMay is a Hall of Fame porn star who had a resurgence later in her career as a MILF for Girlfriends FIlms, and thanks to her own studio, LeMayzing. During her time shooting, LeMay was no stranger to the supernatural side of porn features… starring in titles like Mummy Dearest, Ejacula, Voodoo Lust – The Possession, and Dreams In The Forbidden Zone.

Heather Langenkamp and Kenna James

Heather Langenkamp in Nightmare On Elm Street and Kenna James

Heather Langenkamp doesn’t have an especially extensive filmography considering how long she has been an actor… but she does have an extremely devoted following. Best remembered as Nancy from the Nightmare On Elm Street series (and as herself in the remarkable post-modern horror film Wes Craven’s New Nightmare), Langenkamp is often discussed as being among the best Final Girls in history by the horror community. She’s also a hauntingly beautiful woman.

Just as beautiful—and just as capable of invading your dreams—is Kenna James. In the few years she’s been on camera, she’s probably amassed herself just as devoted a following. Our Nancy has dipped into horror with the epic The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde and gone grindhouse with Ricky Greenwood’s Reform School Girls 4. And if you want some Freddy Krueger(-ish) in your porno, there are tons of options, including: Spoof Porn 5, A Wet Dream On Elm Street, Nightmare On Porn Street, Nightmare On Lesbian Street (wtf?), and the seriously poorly titled Nightmare On Dyke Street.

Oh, and if you want to see a naked Heather Langenkamp? The famous Mr. Skin points to 1985’s Nickel Mountain where, as they so eloquently put it, “Heather’s impressive love-mallets flop into view as she enjoys some steamy sexuality.”

Barbara Steele and Misty Regan

Barbara Steele and Misty Regan

Here’s a pairing for the real heads out there. Barbara Steele, for some, is beauty in horror personified. Best remembered for her turn in Mario Bava’s Black Sunday, Steele’s horror resume extends far beyond that. From a role in the underrated Roger Corman/Vincent Price piece The Pit And The Pendulum, to parts in Shivers, Piranha, Margheriti’s The Long Hair Of Death, and The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock, the wide-eyed British belle is as regal as horror royalty gets.

Steele was paired up by our big, bad facial recognition brain with another woefully underappreciated classic, Misty Regan. The redhead has a stare that penetrates the soul just as deeply as Steele’s. In addition to performing in the previously mentioned Nightmare On Lesbian Street, she was also featured in classics like Three Ripening Cherries and Nothing To Hide. And in terms of Misty getting her spook on, she stars in Night Of The Head Hunter and plays the soul-stealing Satania in the movie Inflamed.

Toni Collette and Holly Halston

Toni Collette and Holly Halston

She was the mom in The Sixth Sense. She was excellent in Krampus (a super-fun movie that will inevitably be considered a classic for ages to come). She was in the Fright Night reboot. But Toni Collette is on the Mount Rushmore of horror movies for just one role: her terrifyingly melancholy and troubling artist Annie Graham in the horror masterpiece Hereditary (she was absolutely robbed of an Oscar because the Academy pretends that horror doesn’t exist). And while she may not be what most people think of instantly when they think the word “babe,” she is a total babe. And as you can see from Mr. Skin, there is a trail of tail in Toni’s filmography.

Now I can think of two big differences between Toni Collette and Holly Halston. However… there’s something about the face of the two foxy women that rings very familial. Holly, the artificially enhanced blonde bombshell, hasn’t really done plot-based features. And while she hasn’t done anything scary, as this movie she stars in suggests, she does have Monster Tits. She also is featured in a great compilation whose title is a play on a Stephen King story in Mommy Knockers.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jodi West

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jodi West

She’s been in the Scooby Doo movies. She had parts in Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer, and she starred in the American remake of The Grudge. But really, Sarah Michelle Gellar appears on all horror lists for her titular role (not tit-ular, unfortunately) in the cult-hit series Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Now apart from a nip slip in IKWYDLS and some simulated masturbation paired with a body double’s breasts in a movie called Veronika Decides To Die (not horror) she doesn’t give fanboys and fangirls skin to put in the spank bank. So what are you supposed to do if you want to boff Buffy?

Enter Jodi West, SMG’s super MILF porn doppelganger. Yes, Jodi is a fair bit older than Sarah, but they do look pretty similar. In fact, it gets my pervert fan fiction going in my head about some sort of stepmom situation. I’ll write it if someone wants. And Jodi hasn’t done any horror porn… but her portfolio of movies is more mother-centric than Norman Bates. And she was in the super-scary situation of getting her hand stuck in a garbage disposal in _Mother-Son Secrets #9 from her taboo-licious studio Forbidden Fruits Films.

Barbara Crampton and Juli Ashton

Barbara Crampton in From Beyond and Juli Ashton

One of them has big, gorgeous tits and was in a movie where she got eaten out by a disembodied head… and the other one is a porn star. Barbara Crampton’s picture is next to the definition of “Scream Queen” in the dictionary. With roles in Re-Animator (where she gets the severed-head muff dive), From Beyond (where this image of her in leather fetish lingerie is from), Puppet Master, Chopping Mall, You’re Next, and Castle Freak, she has cemented herself as one of the all-time divas of the bloody screen. She has fully embraced the scene, too, and continues to act in horror as a more mature (but still gorgeous) woman… like in We Are Still Here, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, and Beyond The Gates.

Also a blonde with jaw-dropping bright eyes, porn legend Juli Ashton is eerily similar to Barbara. The stunning Ashton is an AVN Hall of Famer who also hosted the enormously entertaining and influential Playboy Channel talk show Night Calls for ten years. She also went post-apocalyptic in Queen Of Smut (fun fact: director Fred J. Lincoln was in Wes Craven’s horror classic The Last House On The Left) and appeared in Devil In Ms. Jones 6.

Bonus: Barbara Crampton and Chloe

So here’s the thing about our facial recognition search: it’s not perfect. It’s limited by the images we have in our database, but it’s also limited by the image you upload into the tool. Lighting, camera angle, pose, clarity… it all plays a factor. Are you unhappy with the closeness of the match you made? Try another image of the subject you’re trying to find a porn double for. Sometimes you might be shocked at the results. Case and point is Barbara Crampton. I had fed a couple images in of her and was really impressed by the Julie Ashton match. But just because I’m OCD about things, I kept trying other images to see if there was an even more accurate match… and then I hit on a batch of Barbara that came up Chloe.

I think both, in their own ways, are incredible matches for Barbara Crampton. And I love Chloe… so I just had to illustrate how different pics lead to different results sometimes. Chloe, if you’re unfamiliar, is an ideal porn star to watch during the Halloween season. Each time she cums it looks like she’s possessed by a demon. Her beautiful eyes roll in the back of her head and she seems to have left her body in the process. Scope Chloe act (and direct) in a movie about a cursed mask in Cursed. See Chloe in a movie about gaining supernatural powers in Unreal. And watch Chloe in the witchy Enchanted.

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