Editor's Picks: October 26th, 2020

Scarlet M. Divine: Exclusive Angel: Daisy Taylor

You guys, I am obsessed with Daisy Taylor! OBSESSED! One look at that gorgeous face and it’s easy to see why. She’s absolutely stunning! So as soon as I saw TransAngels new title strut across my desk, I knew it would be my pick for the week. (And #1 in the spank bank!) Exclusive Angel: Daisy Taylor has four scenes, each as enticing as the last, featuring mouth-watering, lady boner approved, Daisy Taylor. I really can’t say enough about this girl! From her knockout face to her beautiful breasts, she’s perfection. And don’t get me started on that beautiful cock! I would sell my first born for a ride on that joystick!

Daisy Taylor and Ricky Larkin

The movie begins with a birthday surprise for Daisy; she gets caught masturbating by her love interest, Pierce Paris, and he gifts her his hard dick. Next, she “accidentally” spills wine on Ricky Larkin‘s shirt so she can be punished; a few slaps on that delicious ass and it’s on to butt plug heaven! Wolf Hudson gets his turn with Daisy next, the two having a poolside romp that leaves everyone wet! And finally, Daisy is the unwilling participant in a holiday hookup! Hunky Dante Colle is being served up at Thanksgiving as potential husband material. Seems only natural that Daisy should sample the goods. A quick handjob, asshole exploring, and a blowjob later, and they’re still at the dinner table with family! But when granny needs help in the other room, Daisy and Dante are left alone to finish what they started, and for that, I’m giving thanks! So let’s all just take a moment to thank the gods of porn for the delectable, delicious Daisy and her Thanksgiving day hookup with Dante! This holiday feast will leave you hungry for stuffing (wink wink)!

Daisy Taylor and Dante Colle

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Jeffton Banks: Flat & Fucked #5

Do you know the difference between our New Release section and our Recently Added section? The New Release bar is a highly curated section showing off new titles that feature newly filmed scenes. Recently Added is the Wild, Wild West! It shows everything we’re adding from every studio. Every day were putting up new titles with content that’s new to us… even if it was filmed a couple years ago (or sometimes even longer). And just because something is a bit older or has girls that aren’t working anymore, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great thing to watch with your minutes. In the spirit of that, I’m choosing Flat & Fucked #5. This video is full of really hot scenes with young women slight of frame and small of chest. There is anal, there is a creampie, and there are girls with braces. And even though the scenes are a bit older (but new to us), they’re still in HD. Check it out!

Josie Deville in Flat And Fucked 5 from SCORE

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