The Indie Spotlight: Sinn Sage Studios

What must you have in XXX to truly become iconic, legendary, and remembered forever? Is it all about your beauty or your physical “assets” that separate you from other performers? If it is, the owner of our featured studio this time around has nothing to worry about, as her derrière I am sure has an insurance policy all its own; it is that legendary. Or is what makes a porn star iconic the fact that they touch upon multiple genres, trying to reach and please every paying porn fan? Sinn Sage is all of these things, but what makes her one of the true icons of the modern porn world is that she knows who she is, and she has spent nearly twenty years looking to make adult entertainment that she loves and feels passionate about, allowing her to simply be Sinn.

Sinn Sage Studios

What is it that makes Sinn Sage Studios, which is a part of the TROUBLE Films family, so worthy of the HotMovies spotlight? Well XXX fans, if you have never seen Sinn in action (and I doubt there are many who have not), Sinn Sage is known as being the best girl/girl performer with a strap-on, and her two AVN awards prove it. Winning these rarest of awards (in 2013 and again in 2015) is something that fits this self-proclaimed “queer” performer like a strap-on dildo. She is a beautiful, sexy woman who will tell you in a heartbeat just how much more she is in-tune with her masculine side, something that I think is a lot more common in our world than most of us would think or admit. Sinn Sage is one of evolutionary minds who began making films a few years ago that catered to that side of herself. Then, she began a studio that made films that were geared more towards a female’s taste and perspective. To me, being a man who has always been more in-tune with his feminine side, I see a film studio that is making XXX that everyone can enjoy. It is that style of deep, passionate sex with toys, multiple body shapes, and colors that speaks to a more universal message about sex and sexuality. It sends a message that we are all the same and that our curiosity about the things that turn us on may be more common than we know. I sat down with Mrs. Sage and asked her how all of this came to be with Sinn Sage Studios.

“I guess you could say that I began my studio out of necessity to a certain extent. This was a few years back at a time when the Pornhub thing was beginning and I had been in the industry for a few years. This all really began to affect my bookings and the fact I was thirty did not help things either. I could no longer play the ‘college’ girl, and I was not quite at MILF status yet either. It has been said by many people, that is just a fucked up time to be a performer in the industry when you are at that age and place in your career. As the phone calls for work started to come in less and less, I was having a little crisis of self. I went to massage therapy school because I wanted to have a skill that was unrelated to the porn industry. At that same time, I decided that I should get myself a little camera, which led to getting an editing program so that I could start learning how to edit—all so that I could make my own stuff. This was at a time when I began to have people message me about custom videos. We are talking around 2012-2013 maybe. That is how the journey started.”

“My husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, I began to teach him how to shoot me with the camera and that naturally progressed to things growing and building higher. The more orders for customs that came in, the more I was able to upgrade my equipment: better lights, better cameras, better sound. Then, my partner Drake took what I taught him to the next level. He is now my full-on editor of everything we do. It was from there that we reached a point where it felt like I wanted to make full movies, films that I wanted to see and that I wanted to represent my inclusiveness, queerness, and all that other stuff. So I had just asked Courtney Trouble, ‘Hey, maybe you can give me some pointers, or tips on starting my own production company.’ She then told me, ‘How about you just come and be a part of TROUBLE Films and we will distribute the productions that you make?’ I was so excited to hear that from her and it was an easy choice, a no-brainer to say yes to her offer. We basically just started out by her taking my scenes that I already shot and she began compiling them into little anthologies, and that is what Strap-On Sinners was and how it came to be.”

Sinn Sage & Cadence Lux in Strap On Sinners
Sinn Sage & Cadence Lux in Strap On Sinners

Since then, the team of Courtney Trouble and Sinn Sage have gone on to produce some of the most intimate porn productions that have ever been created, and we are talking true independent cinema. That is after all how this industry was created, with the dreams of independent filmmakers who wanted to make money but also had something a little deeper in mind. The productions this one-of-a-kind star has created are the type of sexual encounters you just do not see anywhere. Her Going Deeper series, which is now coming upon its third chapter, began with Lily LeBeau, and what made this film something that stands out is that we saw who these porn stars really are. Sinn Sage allowed her fans to get to know the true person who is having sex in front of the camera and the joy that both ladies take in what they do, as well as each other. I think no true girl/girl fan can go without having these films as part of their porn collection and that is due to what type of seduction and romance we see before one stitch of clothing hits the floor. I had to ask the “greatest kisser” in the business what these films really are to her and if they truly were as deep as fans believe them to be with each star?

“Well, with the first Going Deeper film, Lily LaBeau and I have worked together many times pretty much since she got into the business. Well, the story of how we met is actually in the movie. So, she and her friend Proxy Paige were at an AVN convention, signing for a certain company, and they both came running up to me—these two young, fucking sexy, adorable blondies who were just over-the-moon to meet me. It was very exciting for me. These girls knew who I was, and they were specifically singling me out. It was just fucking great! Shortly after that we got booked together for I believe it was, and it was just fantastic. That led to us both shooting together again this time for Sweetheart Video, and that was a more free-for-all. The director told us to just do what we wanted to do. It was just so intimate, beautiful, and passionate. I could just see this ‘realness’ inside her and between the two of us. It was a true connection and it has been like that ever since, every time we see each other. On every occasion that we work together, it is something that is powerful—so much so that people watching can feel that connection between us!”

“I got the idea for Going Deeper while my husband and I were traveling on the road. We were up in Washington where she was at the time and I just had it in me to reach out to her and say, ‘Hey, let’s get together and shoot something.’ I did not know exactly what yet. She said yes, and we got ourselves a great location on the water to film and I said, ‘Why don’t we make this an interview, something that has more reality to it?’ We decided to talk about how we met and why we have this kind of connection. That is how it came to be. I try to cultivate a level of intimacy with every scene that I do. I feel obviously that there is going to be an extra bit of chemistry and connection when two people who have worked together several times as well as spent a lot of time around one another by basically developing a friendship and for me, that is what the Going Deeper series is. It highlights the people that I have an extra relationship with. It is about people that I have spent actual time with to develop an actual affection for, which is something that goes beyond being paid to do a scene together.”

“So that was what had already happened with Lily for sure. Then, when it comes to Cherie, we hadn’t worked together that much, but then I started to get a lot of custom video requests to work with her. We ended up going over to where she lived and working with her quite a bit. We got to know her more and more, we worked with her more and more. It was then that I said to myself, ‘This is a person that I really like being around, that I really enjoy having sex with. I think she feels the same way, so let’s do it, let’s make a chapter of Going Deeper with Cherie DeVille.’ We were so lucky to have this happen because she is a Hall-of-Famer through and through. She is a blessing to this industry. The mark that she has left it is just profound. She is one of the best people I have ever known.”

Going Deeper Volume One: Lily LaBeau

Now that is truly “going deeper!” If I were to say what could wrap up this article in the most profound way possible, it is that what Sinn Sage creates is something that brings out both the masculine and the feminine passions within every human being who watches. Sexuality is at the forefront of the porn industry, and I think that is forgotten many times when we speak about what is good and great about adult entertainment. This is a place where people can meet to safely enjoy the parts about them that maybe society fears, or at a minimum is cowardice to admit connects us all in ways that are the deepest human interaction of them all. We all have that X and Y chromosome within us, and I think that is what makes the intimate, deep, passionate sex displayed within Sinn Sage’s films so groundbreaking and revolutionary. This is an era where we are getting to see what XXX is really capable of, and it is people like Sinn Sage who are giving those without a voice a chance to speak up and tell the world what they love about their sexuality. I think Sinn closes it out best:

“Well, these films, they are basically me being me. That is me being my authentic self. The feedback that I get back is a majority from women, and I think that you are right. There is definitely this thing inside me when I am with a woman especially, where it is a combination of masculine and feminine, because that is how my desire for women is expressed, which is a way where I like to take the lead and give pleasure. To be honest, receiving pleasure is almost challenging when I am with a woman. I just want to give! That is the analysis that makes the most sense to me. I do identify slightly genderfluid but I tend to dress a bit more ‘femme,’ but definitely both sides exist within me and probably within a lot of people. A lot of people are always trying to discover, what is their purpose in life? I had been taking part in a yoga gong ceremony a while back and that is where someone walks around, and he has a hand-gong and as you meditate, the sound vibrations really take your brain someplace else. During this meditation, I was having these visions of faces coming at me, and they just hit me like a slap upside the face and words just came to me, which were, ‘Your purpose is to inspire, that is why you are here.’ So anytime that I hear people that I have inspired them to be more authentic to themselves or be more open, sexual, or honest with who they are, whatever that case may be it provides me with the ultimate sense of joy because that is my purpose being fulfilled.”

Sinn Sage & Rizzo Ford in Strap On Sinners
Sinn Sage, Rizzo Ford and Mizz Amanda Marie in Strap On Sinners

There is so much on the horizon with this independent film studio and why I implore you to check this website out has to do with learning about something you did not know, even if that is discovering who these porn stars really are. To switch sides to a more sexual direction, I had to give the spotlight to Sinn Sage Studios because this is a company that showcases true sexual encounters. Yes, there is so much that is girl/girl, queer, but there is so much more. Sinn and Drake create the type of encounters and fantasies that I think made us all curious about porn in the first place. This is a company that lets passion become its guide and has a potential that I think defines what independent cinema is in the adult film world. I asked Sinn to tell us about the future because the present is looking pretty damn good for Sinn Sage Studios.

“So, coming up within this next year will be a sequel to Strap-On Sinners. It is going to be an anal edition. I will be once again strapping it on and putting it inside some butts. I also have a trans-lesbian film coming soon because that is a big part of my queerness that I love, because I love women of all designs. Everything is due out in the next year and each one is simply me.”

Sinn Sage for Twistys

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