Pornbusters: Can Food Affect the Taste of Your Semen?

Pornbusters Thanksgiving edition is here, and many of us won’t be celebrating in the ways we’re accustomed to, so how about a little food-related levity with your adult entertainment? Pornbusters is back to answer the question that every foodie and sex fiend has on their mind: can the food you eat change the taste of your semen?


So, can we really get our sperm to taste like crackerjacks? Sperm has its own special taste, but usually varies in “flavor” from person to person. It’s generally warm and salty with a slightly chlorine-like smell. Yes, your sperm can have that oh-so-fresh public swimming pool aroma. The food you eat can affect the smell of your sweat, spit, and other irresistible bodily fluids like breast milk. So many of us have heard from the grapevine and assume that men really are what they eat, and that your chow can also alter the taste of your man juice.

Let’s take a look at some of the typical culinary culprits that have been rumored over the years to spice your splooge like the many colors of Kool-Aid. Garlic, cabbage, onions, and asparagus have been said to give your cum a more musky and bitter taste (and smell). So, if you’re a healthy dude doing everything right by eating healthy foods, are you doomed to end up with musky cum that will send your partners running to the toilet to crudely spit out your precious little ball babies in an act of violence against your sexual ego? Well, we’re here to say, keep eating those gross veggies guys, because that’s not the whole story. There’s really not enough research out there to prove that cabbage will turn your baby batter into an unpalatable noxious concoction. Right now, there isn’t a lot of research showing a strong link between diet and semen flavor. But not so fast…

There are foods out there that are believed to cut down on your semen’s alkalinity levels, and that can change your taste. Foods such as celery, cinnamon, wheatgrass, oranges, and pineapple are believed to lower alkalinity levels in sperm. The pH range of semen is 7.2 to 8.2, meaning these foods may contribute less bitterness to the taste. Chomping down on some delicious pineapple won’t give your semen that magic cherry flavor, but it can make the taste less bitter.

There’s some growing anecdotal evidence that alcohol can affect the taste of your cum, but it depends what kind of boozehound you are. The hard stuff has been found to have more of an impact than beer and wine, leaving your cum with a sour flavor. Doctors do advise that heavy alcohol consumption can have a terribly negative affect on your sperm’s mobility. So everything in moderation, especially if you’t don’t want to peel your partner’s tongue with the taste of that sour cock. And you know what health professionals say can affect the taste of your semen most of all? Hygiene. So if you want a clean taste, keep it clean in your crotch!


The verdict? Pornbusters says: APPROVED! Why YES, you can alter the taste of your semen by adding more acidic foods like oranges and pineapples that can make the taste of your cum less bitter. And there’s growing evidence that hard liquor can affect the taste of sperm as well. Just keep in mind as you’re scoffing down your Thanksgiving meal this holiday season that there isn’t any type of diet that can drastically alter the flavor of your cum, like the next fleeting Mountain Dew flavor that will eventually go flat while stored in a bomb bunker in Iowa.

Thanksgiving is going to be a little different for many of us this year. No matter where you are, please be as safe and as responsible as you can be, and add some pineapple to your turkey to give your semen that piquant punch that will have your significant other begging to bottle your splooge for mass consumption.

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