The Top 10 India Summer Scenes According to Captain Jack

India Summer has been in the industry for 15 years and has almost 1,500 scenes to choose from, so when I was asked to find her ten best scenes, I had to take a couple of deep breaths before I jumped into this daunting task. That’s a lot of content to sort through! I am a long-time fan of this gorgeous woman and she looks great whether she has dark hair or blonde hair. She is also fantastic if she does girl/girl or boy/girl. With lesbian sex, India takes her time and is very sensual in satisfying her partner. When she is working with a dick, India has a unique cocksucking style that I can only describe as her gargling with a penis. She is just so damn sexy!

Mom Drips 2 from MYLF

India has an exclusive HotMovies release this month, Mom Drips 2 from MYLF, so it’s time to celebrate the Goddess that the world knows as India Summer! She has so many scenes to choose from it’s going to be enjoyable going over them, but painful to narrow it down to just ten! India has a healthy sexual appetite, and—thankfully for us—she has shared it with the world! I’ve met India a couple of times and she is just as pleasant and pleasing to the eyes as she is on film! She has been nominated for AVN MILF Performer of the Year 11 times and has taken home the trophy three times! Let’s get to it!

India Summer

10. Panty Pops from Kevin Moore

Panty Pops from Kevin Moore

India is checking herself in a mirror in a black bra and panties. The front is silvery and India strokes Kevin’s rod. She tries on a couple of different pairs of panties, including pink and blue, and plays with him. She slurps all over his dick with purple panties wrapped around his dick. She strokes him off over a pair of light blue lingerie. This is a good warm-up to see the playful India and seeing her in different outfits!

9. Brett Rossi Loves Womxn from Filly Films

Brett Rossi Loves Womxn from Filly Films

India starts flirting with her boyfriend’s daughter. Brett Rossi’s wearing a white tank top and shorts, and India runs her hands over her legs and arms. They start kissing and do a very sexy tongue dance. She pulls up Brett’s shirt then sticks her hand down her shorts. India sucks on Brett’s perfect tits and then they move to a bed. This seduction is sexy and slow and both girls do a great job! They get naked and India goes down on her. India even takes off her shoes and rubs her feet all over Brett’s body, including her cooch. India sits on her face and then gets at Brett from behind. Brett buries her face in India’s pussy then they rub one out next to each other. Once you get past the “stepmom” part of the scene, just enjoy passionate sex between two hot women!

8. Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 4 from Sweetheart Video

Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 4 from Sweetheart Video

Casey Calvert looks outstanding in a tied-off blue top and white pants. She compliments India on her work and the girls start kissing. India eats out Casey in a piledriver position and she drives Casey wild with her prowess. Casey then worships India’s body and munches on her box. She hums a little so the vibrations get her off! The girls know how to treat another woman and they are determined to get each other off multiple times… just a great lesson in lesbian sex!

7. Moms In Control 11 from Brazzers

Moms In Control 11 from Brazzers

India is leaving the house for a bit and gives her stepdaughter, Kimberly Moss, and her boyfriend, Jessy Jones, some ground rules before she leaves! It goes in one ear and out the other as the two young’uns start getting intimate as soon as the door closes behind her! Kimberly gives him head and then they move the show up to her mom’s bed. That’s when India catches them! She tells Kimberly she needs to suck the cock right and joins in. Jessy take turns fucking the two beauties until he unloads on their faces. The girls then cum kiss and India really takes care of her stepdaughter!

6. Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger 26 from Girlfriends Films

Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger 26 from Girlfriends Films

India comes over to Georgia Jones‘ house because she was supposed to have sex with India in order to get her to cancel her eviction notice. Georgia is left to clean up her mother’s messes and takes India up to her bedroom. Georgia has a short black dress on and India caresses her legs. Georgia is clearly nervous but India doesn’t care. They kiss and have a very hot makeout session. India worships Georgia’s young body and eats her out. India sits on her face and grinds against her tongue. This is a very sexy scene between two all-time great lesbian performers! All the sensual touching and licking and biting… just beautiful!

5. A Mother’s Choice from Pure Taboo

A Mother's Choice from Pure Taboo

India is freshly married and she and her daughter, Whitney Wright, are finally on Easy Street! But India is carrying a secret with her and doesn’t want it to get out. Her new creepy stepson knows what she’s trying to hide… that India is a high-priced escort! India begs him to keep it quiet and offers up her daughter as incentive. Robby Echo agrees to go for it. India buys Whitney a sexy new dress and breaks the news to her! Whitney appears in front of Robby naked and begins to suck his cock. India is about to leave when Whitney orders her to stay so she can see what she has wrought. Whitney deep-throats him then tells India to join in since they’re both whores. Both girls gag on him and Robby takes turns banging them. Whitney keeps up the dirty talk and she has great interplay with India. Robby nuts all over their faces, and Whitney leaves and says she never wants to see either one of them again!

4. Mom’s Breast Advice from Girlsway

Mom's Breast Advice from Girlsway

India oftentimes plays a stepmom and this title is no exception. Her stepdaughter, Scarlett Sage, is sad because her tits aren’t as big as the girls in the ads. India tries to cheer her up and shows off her chest and says she is just fine with them. The girls have similar tits and Scarlett admits to her that she’s interested in a girl at school, but she’s never been with a girl before. India gives her some motherly advice and starts kissing her. She worships Scarlett’s body and buries her face between her legs. After she gets Scarlett to cum, it’s time for the stepdaughter to put her lessons to use. She goes crazy on her pussy and India is a great teacher! There is some face-riding and ass-eating in this scene, and Scarlett even rides India’s nipples to get herself off. This one had great chemistry and these two lesbian superstars rocked this scene!

3. Cougars, Kittens & Cock 3 from Jules Jordan Video

Cougars Kittens & Cock 3 from Jules Jordan Video

This is a good threeway with Adriana Chechik and Erik Everhard. Adriana is in a tiny bikini exercising out by the pool and Erik starts jerking off to her. India sees him and immediately gets wet. She grabs his cock and stuffs him into her mouth. Adriana sees it and India pulls her into the oral antics. The girls corncob his shaft and then the real fun begins! India gets the best of both worlds in this scene and the three legendary performers have a great time! The girls do anal and Erik really pounds them! A great visual is when Erik is in the middle and the girls stroke him off with their butts! Erik unloads on their faces and the girls cum kiss. Matching up India, Adriana, and Erik was an inspired casting choice by director Chris Streams!

2. After The Eulogy from AllHerLuv

After The Eulogy from AllHerLuv

India’s husband dies unexpectedly, and, after the funeral, his estranged daughter Zoe Bloom returns home. She was kicked out a couple years prior for being bad, spending money, out carousing, etc. She has learned her lesson, or so she says, and moves back in with India. After a couple of weeks, she resorts back to the same behavior and India is at her wit’s end! She even calls her a lesbian who should have never married her dad! AllHerLuv is known for their intense stories, and this falls in line. The girls talk it out and Zoe admits that she called her a lesbian because she overheard an argument where her dad was mad about India kissing a coworker. Zoe kisses her stepmom and India is taken aback. Zoe tells her it’s alright and she wants her to kiss her back. The kissing turns passionate and Zoe worships her body. She goes down on her and really services India nicely. She sucks on her clit and looks up at her. India licks down her body and finds herself between her daughter’s legs. India eats out Zoe then rides her face. They have a passionate makeout session, then Zoe comes full circle when India calls her a “good girl.” That was a very hot lesbian scene made even hotter by the character development and the storyline.

1. LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the MILFs 2 from LeWood BMC

LeWood Gangbang: Battle of the MILFs 2 from LeWood BMC

India looks great in her business-professional garb at the beginning of this scene. She’s wearing a red top, black skirt, and dark fishnets. She starts stripping and shows off her exquisite body! She gets to have five men to herself today, and it’s mostly A-list talent: Ramon Nomar, Mark Wood, Jon Jon, Tommy Pistol, and T. Stone. She starts slowly by servicing Ramon and then T. Stone, then the pace really picks up. She is the center of a blowbang and handles the five studs with skill. The boys take turns banging her, and she eventually gives up the booty. She is then DP’d by the studs. She gets cum-coated with five loads just blasted onto her face! She lets the jizz cascade downward until it drips off her chin!

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