Don't Be Mad, Mommy: A HotMovies Review

Mad moms eat mad pussy; don’t forget it! Don’t Be Mad, Mommy from Girlsway is an exclusive on HotMovies! Starring Luna Lain, Lauren Phillips, India Summer, Dee Williams, Gia Derza, Serene Siren, and Lily Larimar. Don’t Be Mad, Mommy features three vignettes of MILFS and stepdaughters navigating the generational divide and the patriarchy by indulging in some healthy conflict resolution: impromptu sex!


Scene 1 – Luna Lain & Lauren Phillips

“Oh My God, did I just have sex with my stepdaughter?” – Lauren Phillips

Luna Lain and her pigtails are about to take the car and run off to meet a boy, but not so fast. Lauren Phillips dangles the car keys from her hand. Curfew. How tall is Lauren Phillips, you ask? Let’s just say that Luna isn’t going anywhere. Luna is a twenty-three year old woman having a curfew thrust upon her by a wicked stepmother. Prince Charming will not be showing up for Luna tonight, wink-wink. Lauren Phillips is the perfect maternal foil and madonna/whore dichotomy. Buzz-killing, but boner-inducing! Lauren goes off to sleep for the night, the car keys still in hand. Luna sneaks into the bedroom later that night and of course she drops the keys, waking up her stepmother. Lauren is still under the spell of the sandman, so she mistakenly thinks that Luna is her wife, as she climbs into her stepmother’s bed.


Lauren blindly gropes Luna’s luscious little thighs in the dark. Luna moves up on the bed, keeping her face in the shadows, but unlike Lauren, we can see everything. Lauren peels off her stepdaughter’s tight jorts and starts eating that pussy. Luna squirms, trying to keep quiet and contain that orgasm so close to rocking Luna’s body with each smack of Lauren’s lips. The girls get into a 69 position and Lauren pushes her juicy ass into Luna’s face. Surely, you’re thinking this awkward situation will derail their relationship, but no. Lauren finally realizes she has not been grinding with her wife, but her stepdaughter. The real issue for Luna is, Lauren eats pussy good. Too good. Luna is A-okay with this. Luna tongues her stepmommy’s nipples and is unable to keep her hands off that precious Lauren Phillips’ ass. Lauren orders her stepdaughter to mouth her clit before Luna climbs on top to trib her stepmother. Both girls squeal as they buck and their swollen clits head butt until Luna and Lauren explode into orgasm. But the brat is still grounded…

Scene 2 – India Summer, Scarlett Sage, Dee Williams & Gia Derza

“I’ve seen flowers before!” – India Summer

Dee Williams and India Summer are having some champagne to celebrate “Stepmother’s Day.” They’re waiting for their stepdaughters to come home so they can meet the husbands for brunch. Dee and India are both glowing and looking sexy as hell. It’s Mother’s Day, and of course these two women have been forgotten by their much younger, college co-ed stepdaughters… Dee and India just wine mom it up, until Scarlett Sage and Gia Derza return from the mall with a surprise. They have bought themselves some sexy lingerie, and both girls decide to strip down and model it for their under-appreciated stepmoms…


Scarlett and Gia haven’t forgotten Mother’s Day. The lingerie is for India and Dee. Surprise! Dee and India are delighted while they strip down. Dee’s beautiful big tits bounce like sunshine as she strips, and India has golden thighs that must melt like butter in the mouth. Once the clothes come off and the girls give their moms a special kiss, it gets inappropriate real fast. Thank God! Scarlett hops on Dee’s lap, and Gia jumps into her mommy India’s arms on the couch. Dee slips her tits out of the lingerie so her stepdaughter can suck on them, while Gia sucks on India’s breasts. Moms and daughters run a pussy train right there on the couch, as Scarlett slides underneath India’s thighs, and Gia dives into Dee’s slick pussy. Dee trembles and cums right there on Gia’s mouth. When Dee Williams has an orgasm, you fucking feel it, right Gia? India and Dee soon get their fingers deep in their daughters’ pussies! Dee tribs with her daughter Scarlett, while India smashes lips with sweet little Gia. The women finish in one wet, long kiss. The husbands are waiting and now everyone is late for brunch. Dee Williams proudly proclaims, “But we already ate!” You sure did, Dee. Goddamn.

Scene 3 – Serene Siren & Lily Larimar

“It’s perfectly natural to want to explore my body.” – Serene Siren

Serene Siren has a gorgeous-but-ungrateful stepdaughter in Lily Larimar. This girl doesn’t clean her room. Doesn’t eat her vegetables and doesn’t show mommy respect. Serene needs to train Lily to understand responsibility, discipline, and so forth. Thankfully there’s an app for that! Serene warns her daughter about her behavioral issues, and sends her said app that includes meditations for sleep. In no time, Lily is cleaning her room, eating broccoli (gross!), and offering to help at every turn. This fucking app really works! A little too well…


Lily hops into her Serene’s bed during the night to caress her mommy’s body. Serene wakes up and is impressed with what a good girl Lily is. Lily is so demure, sexy, and deferential to her more-experienced authority figure. Serene can’t believe what she sees. Lily slips a cool hand between Serene’s thighs. Serene believes what she feels. Lily looks so good in that cute tank top, so Serene needs to squeeze her stepdaughter’s breasts, wanting to free them. She pulls up Lily’s tight thong underwear, giving her a pussy wedgie, showing off Lily’s lips dying to burst free from the thong. Serene’s tits slip out as she massages Lily’s pussy.

“Our toenails match!” Serene glows. Those pussies match too. Serene gets Lily’s pussy on her mouth. Lily is smooth, shaved, and Serene loves how it feels all over her face. Now Serene is ready. Lily eats her stepmother out slowly, as Serene demands that her good girl stretch that pussy open. “You’re going to be the best pussy licker in the neighborhood if you listen to mommy!” Serene beams.

Lily’s mouth throws her stepmother’s body into orgasm. She can’t believe Lily’s still fucking going! Serene grabs Lily and gets her mouth deep in her ass, while Lily rubs her clit. The girls end in a tight trib, with the mommy on top. Mommy is always on top. Stepmommy finds Lily’s swollen clit and she fucking loves it. Serene orders Lily to grind into her fingers. She wants to make Lily’s pussy cum. She fingers and caresses, and Lily orgasms on her stepmother’s fingers. Now mommy will never wash that hand again!

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