The Best Of December 2020 on HotMovies

As we say “fuck you” and “adios” to 2020, our Monthly Finds column is undergoing a re-branding. New year, fresh positivity, and now a title that matches. Jeffton loves his porn, and he works hard for his readers (no pun intended). And so when I pull out all the stops for clips and stars and studios for the month, it really is some of the absolute best that the month had to offer on the site. Granted, there are other amazing scenes and men, women and enbies that I couldn’t get to in the column… but you can be sure that if it’s in my column it is good. So, that said, our “Monthly Finds” will now be called “The Best Of.” Simple, no?

December was an interesting month… both in the world and on the site. There was some really great stuff put up on here. And there were a lot of scenes and studios that I had to pass up making mention of here. But rest assured I’ll find a way to get them the attention they deserve later on in a top list or some other kind of article. Until then, here is all the ammo you need to keep sane indoors. Enjoy!


Vibes 2

Vibes 2 from

Vixen reaffirms their status as one of the premier names in steamy couples-friendly entertainment with this title about feeling the moment. Gorgeous people shot in grand locations in 4K!

Don’t Be Mad, Mommy

Don't Be Mad, Mommy from Girlsway

An all-star trio of directors bring us three tales of the special bond between stepmothers and their little girls. The second clip stands out for its wild foursome with two mother-daughter pairs!


Wanted from Erika Lust Films

A tale of family, crime, and passion explodes onto the screen and into your pants from Erika Lust Films and Nica Noelle. Starring Vera King as a mom with some very hard decisions to make.

Anal Creampies 6

Perv City's Anal Creampies 6 from Perv City

Maestro Claudio proves again that he is one of the most deliciously twisted minds in gonzo. Four scenes of out-and-out anal mayhem featuring some of the hottest names in adult from the great folks at Perv City

I Caught My Wife Fucking The Help! 5

I Caught My Wife Fucking The Help! 5 from Devil's Film

Horny housewives know that the working class can bring it! Four scenes of fine women from Devil’s Film doling out what we’d call the greatest employment benefits.

Invading Uranus

Invading Uranus from Evil Angel Films

In a stark and unique vision, anal queen Adira Allure debuts as a director. She can’t help but join in the space-tastic anal fracas. This kind of action definitely comes from another planet!

Mom Drips 2

Mom Drips 2 from MYLF

MYLF brings us a handful of mature women old enough to know better… and better still, old enough to dare anyways. Seasoned sexiness at its finest.

Watching My Wife

Watching My Wife from Manipulative Media

A brand new line from Manipulative Media kicks off with a banging look at how fun sharing your woman can be. Wives want different dicks and their dudes are down!


Cecilia Lion

Cecilia Lion in Bad Lesbian 10 from Girlfriends Films

It doesn’t matter how many movies Ms. Lion has in a given month on HotMovies, it is not enough. Cecilia is sexuality incarnate. Her petite, taut body contrasts mesmerizingly with her unique mane of hair (that moves in the most entertaining ways while she’s fucking). If you don’t know her already, you have robbed yourself of so much fantasy fodder it’s just not fair. Cecilia can be seen in two movies from December… but if you have to choose just one, go for My Black Hotwife 2 where a ready and raring-to-go Cecilia has a greenlight to get down with Isiah Maxwell. The action starts in the shower, and you’re gonna need one when you’re done watching it.

Luna Silver

Luna Silver in Secret Sex Society 2 from JoyBear Pictures

She is new. She is fresh. She is beautiful. Luna, of Pakistani descent, has spellbinding thick brows and a top shelf rack. In December we got our first two videos with her in it, and her newness shows at times. But I have faith that she’ll get there as a performer. Her two-scene performance in Secret Sex Society 2 made it really, really hard to pick the scene I did from it (see below). I can’t wait to see more of Luna. And I bet after you see her in action, you won’t be able to either.

Adira Allure

Adira Allure in Invading Uranus from Evil Angel Films

If a porn star could be said to have ‘won’ HotMovies in December, it would have to be Adira Allure. Not only one of the standout stars of two of our exclusives for the month, but one of those marked her directorial debut (Evil Angel’s Invading Uranus). And if that weren’t enough? Adira also starred in a whopping five other titles added to the site in December. That’s a hell of a month for the dirty-talking, hard sex-having, deviant diva!

XXX Clips

Impatiently Horny from Girlsway (Clip 3 starring Mackenzie Moss, Shyla Jennings, and Whitney Wright)

Mackenzie Moss, Shyla Jennings, and Whitney Wright in Impatiently Horny from Girlsway

Mackenzie and Whitney are a couple out for a walk when Whitney suggests they get it on out in the open. Mackenzie is shocked at Whitney’s boldness… but let’s her know that “The Pony is always game for a ride.” The two of them work around their sundresses for some fun out in the park– and that would be enough for me to love this scene (sundresses are so cute, and so are they). And then Mackenzie squirts and it’s like, “Holy Shit!” And now it’s a really good scene. And then Shyla Jennings jogs by and sees the two young women going to town and stops behind a tree for a better peek. Immediately turned on by it, Shyla (who is in Jeffton’s Porn Hall Of Fame) sticks her hand down her jogging shorts to rub one out. The whole masturbating-while-spying-or-listening-in voyeurism is my kryptonite. So the trio could have just played patty cake the rest of the scene and I’d have been set… but instead they go on to lick and suck and moan on each other… and boy do I really, really, really like this scene.

Secret Sex Society 2: The Game from JoyBear Pictures (Clip 3 starring Nina Sever and Romeo)

Nina Sever and Romeo in Secret Sex Society 2 from JoyBear Pictures

Before I start, has anyone else noticed that the performers who identify as non-binary are just straight-up ridiculous hot? Obviously being hot isn’t a requirement for gender identity… but it’s definitely par for the course on our site.

So anyways, this very romantic, very good couples-friendly movie from the incredible JoyBear focuses on the participants of some secret sex game/group thing that’s got, like, Michael Douglas/David Fincher levels of skullduggery… but is way more titillating to watch. The whole movie is good and sexy… but the standout scene is between non-binary beauty Nina Sever and their man Romeo. Nina leaves a series of hints about where they’re waiting for Romeo to find… and he finds them in a kitchen. Naked. With a can of whipped cream. What follows is legitimate chemistry caught on camera. The couple bang it out like cats in heat all over the old English manor style kitchen. Nina’s got a foxy furry bush (but not wooly) and some pit hair (if you’re into that kind of thing like me). And Romeo’s got quite a tool. The two finish off their session with Nina getting off on their knees while Romeo strokes it out on a chair to cover Nina’s fine body in spunk. Heaven.

RK At Home from Reality Kings (Clip 3 starring Valentina Jewels and Johnny The Kid)

Valentina Jewels and Johnny The Kid in RK At Home from Reality Kings

People are constantly talking about their 2020 bingo cards. Luckily, some of the things that weren’t on ours are actually good things. Take for instance this scene (well really, this whole movie, that made it just after my article on the best quarantine scenes). Valentina Jewels and presumed in-house performing partner Johnny The Kid brought some Miami flavor indoors and produced a sexy/silly little clip for us. In pigtails and a bikini, an oiled-up Valentina teases us from inside a kiddie pool filled with some ballpit balls. She sucks off her dude, teases him with the idea of using floaties, and then uses her mammoth donk to grease up Johnny’s cock with girl goo. This is a surefire way to get rid of your COVID blues.

Perversions Et Soumissions from Le Coq Enchante (Clip 2 starring Kesha Ortega, Mina Kali, and Rick Angel)

Kesha Ortega, Mina Kali, and Rick Angel in Perversions Et Soumissions from Le Coq Enchante

I got a little kinky with this one. But sometimes you need some edge to your scene. Kesha is a stacked goddess from Venezuela and Mina is a gothy, alt French dream come true. The two are decked out in leather harnesses and collars as Kesha paddles and flogs Mina’s ass (while she’s blindfolded and buttplugged). The two of them tease the camera and Rick Angel before he steps in to join the festivities. Now I’m actually a little squinked out by the use of the word “bitch” in a derogatory way… but it’s obviously consensual and doesn’t stop the ladies from loving getting plowed. Both women know how to “make love” to the camera, and that gives this rough little ditty a pro shine despite being all kinds of pro-am feeling.

The Seductive Art Of Massage from Sweetheart Video (Clip 4 starring Aidra Fox and Naomi Swann)

Aidra Fox and Naomi Swann in The Seductive Art Of Massage from Sweetheart Video

This is an absolute gem of a movie from Jacky St. James. And the brightest sparkle in that gem belongs to the final scene, between the amazing Aidra Fox and Naomi Swann (who I’d commit murder for). Naomi is talked into going to Talon House, a massage parlor that essentially operates as a highly sensual and therapeutic lesbian brothel, by her friend Kylie Rocket. Naomi hasn’t had sex in a long time, and is super self-conscious about it. And the kicker is that when Naomi now thinks about sex, she thinks about it being with a woman. She cannot handle the pressure now that her masseuse is there and is a total vixen. So Aidra very sweetly promises to follow her lead and offers a massage with no expectations of anything else.

Of course it wouldn’t be much of an adult movie if it was just a lovely massage and polite small talk that followed. Naomi convincingly warms up under Aidra’s soft touch. You see the fire begin to grow until it becomes unbearable and the two kiss. What transpires is a sexy and passionate scene where I have a hard time believing the two actresses didn’t actually fall in love with each other a little bit during. Watch it, but be prepared to have some really messy sheets after.


Vlaanderens Vuilste Films

The Sky Is The Limit from Vlaanderens Vuilste Films

I might not know how to pronounce their name, but I sure do enjoy watching them! Vlaanderens Vuilste hails from Flanders (that’s the Dutch-speaking Northern portion of Belgium, FYI… and yes, I had to look it up to find out for sure what it was). They release a heady mix of features and gonzo, and they were on my mind mostly because they dropped a metric ton of the super solid gonzo pupu platter series (each title brings you something different), Don John. The studio features some women you’re not liable to see anywhere else (though there are some shared performers with their neighboring French producers and fellow Belgian studio Mariska X. Give a gander to the folks from Flanders!


Under The Bride's Gown from HPG

This studio is a bit easier to pronounce. HPG comes from France, and is named after the shooter and main stud of the studio himself. We started adding HPG in December and I instantly took notice of it and the content they’re giving us. There are “premises” for the videos much in the same way there are “flavors” of M&Ms in each bag. Now maybe there’s a bit more plot and involvement if you are fluent in French, but Ole Jeffton only knows a few bits and bobs in the language of love. Don’t let the language barrier deter you, there are some sexy fucking women in these movies… and HPG knows exactly what we want to see. I really dug the Elisa Storm scene in Forever Young (which features mature women dressed up as schoolgirls). And I am a big sucker for Ludivine Summers who, as of this writing, stars in more than half of the HPG titles.

Jules Jordan Video – Manuel Ferrara

Sex Machines 2 from Jules Jordan Video and Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara is without a doubt on the male performer Mount Rushmore. But I feel sometimes that it gets lost in the shuffle of his sexual prowess that he is a really compelling and accomplished gonzo director. That’s why it’s a joyous occasion for one Jeffton Sinclaire Banks when the man gifts us another one of his flicks. His latest, Sex Machines 2 is a hardon factory from the first scene with the absolutely delectable Indica Flower all the way through to the raging finale with a woman dear to my libido, Khloe Kapri.


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