Unsung Niches: 10 Sexy Choker Necklace Scenes

That’s right, Jeffton Banks here and trying out a new series (again). What is an unsung niche, you ask? Well… I’m of the mind that everyone has things that they’re into… multiple things. Some might even be hard to put into words, even inside your own head. I’m not talking about a fetish where it’s absolutely do-or-die for whether you get off or not. I’m talking about things that really get your motor running if they’re present in sex, another person, or in a porn. The things that can take a terrible porn scene and elevate it to watchable just because it contains that thing. The things that can turn a good porn scene into one you can’t wait to buy, straight up. The things that when you see a performer with them or doing them they become an instant Spank Bank Hall-of-Famer.

So I don’t think I’m a weird guy. Okay, maybe I’m weird… but I’m not that weird. So I am going to say that because I have tons of things it is pretty safe to assume that most other people do, too. Most of our things get covered by advanced porn search categories, tags, studios that specialize in that thing, or just knowing the right keywords to put into a search bar. Hell, the HotMovies advanced clip search contains around a whopping 700 attributes at the time of writing this article to combine and narrow down in order to find just the right scene. They range from bubble gum to vampire characters, from scenes taking place in Chicago to scenes taking place on stairs, and from someone cumming on a leg to someone crying. And do you know what? Even with all those check boxes, it still doesn’t cover a ton of my things. And I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t cover all of yours.

I’m not talking about extreme stuff here (even though that might be your bag). I’m talking about things that very well could be attributes or even whole categories if the Big Porn braintrust had enough data that people were really into it. Do you get a rise from a woman looking at you with her eyes squinted? Do you really love seeing a babe wearing a white tank top? How about a shirt with no bra? Someone that rolls their eyes when they cum? These are examples of what I would consider an “Unsung Niche.” And I think there’s no better way to illustrate the sentiment than a series exploring some things that ole Jeffton is into that there are currently no attributes or categories for.

We are starting with choker necklaces. Jeffton started noticing girls and hair ‘down there’ right around the clock ticking from the 1980s to the 90s. Watching MTV as kids tended to do back then, there just felt like a non-stop parade of hot and unattainable women to lil Jeffton on there: playing instruments (which is hot), having a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude (which is hot), with lots of eyeliner (which is hot and might make an Unsung Niche article), a babydoll dress (which is hot and another article) with combat boots (which is hot and another article), and they would top it off with a choker. That’s the best explanation I can come up with for why that’s one of my things. But it could have been a porn I saw back in the day that made an impression,or a celebrity crush wearing one, or an IRL (that’s “in real life”) crush, or maybe it’s because it is supposed to remind people of something the way red lipstick is theorized to remind people of swollen labia. Who knows? The point is, I have it. It doesn’t matter what the material is, or how big it is, or whether there’s a charm on it, or even who it’s on. If a woman is wearing a choker, it’s an instant 20 brownie points on Jeffton’s “How Hot Is She?” mental scorecard.

And I think that I’m not the only one that likes them. In fact, none other than Lisey Sweet told me there are several directors who have a thing for them after I joked to her that half of my list was going to be Lisey scenes (since she wears them in a bunch of movies). Before you ask, yes, there is a subreddit for naked women in chokers (and there are 134 thousand members in the community). I’m not going to go down 90s/early 2000s territory in my list of Best Choker scenes. Non-HD scenes featuring long-retired performers isn’t for everyone. So I’m including ten of my favorite recent girls wearing chokers in porn scenes to hopefully give you all an understanding of something I think would make for a great attribute. I’ve also started a playlist (which you can access below) that I’ll be dropping many more choker scenes into. And if one of your favorites isn’t on that playlist, be sure to put it in the comments! Last note: I like collars, too, but they’re not the same thing, so be sure to come correct in your comments.

10. My Girl With Other Guys from New Sensations

Clip 2: Alex Coal and James Deen

Alex Coal and James Deen in My Girl With Other Guys from New Sensations

New Sensations is a quality studio that does a great job of casting its women. In one of their best hotwife outings, director Paul Woodcrest had the vision to put Alex Coal (for my money one of the best performers in decades) in a stylish and seductive choker. In this captivating clip with vet James Deen, she convulses in orgasm, her eyes rolling in the back of her head from sheer delight. I’m pretty sure I did the same.

9. My First Interracial 11 from Blacked.com

Clip 3: Haley Reed and Flash Brown

Haley Reed and Flash Brown in My First Interracial 11 from Blacked

Is it weird to say that someone was born to wear a choker? Maybe? Well, if anyone could be said to be born to wear a choker, it’d be Haley Reed. Her long and slender neck practically screams for such a nuanced little accessory. While her scenes on HotMovies are shockingly short on chokers, she is wearing one in this absolutely phenomenal scene with Flash Brown. There’s a cute little set-up to this where Haley flirts with roomer Flash in front of her boyfriend. The moment her dweeby dude is detained, she pounces on some prick. Seeing her handle that meat is a treat—for us and for her. Don’t believe me? Just check out all that cream all over Flash’s donger. There’s a nice little bit of cuckolding at the end of the clip just to put it over the top.

8. Families Tied – New Boyfriend Roped Into Anal Games With Mommy’s Bad Girl from Kink.com

Clip 1: Helena Locke, Kacie Castle, and Rob Piper

Kacie Castle and Rob Piper in Families Tied - New Boyfriend Roped Into Anal Games Mommy's Bad Girl from Kink.com

It’s well-documented that I’m not typically a traditional kink kind of guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some spice once in a while—especially when that spice comes from Kacie Castle and Helena Locke. Jesus Christ, those women are attractive. The video is a two-scene masterpiece, and I chose the first clip because it’s a little bit more vanilla (Clip 2 features Kacie getting clothespinned all up and down), and because Helena catches stepdaughter Kacie and Rob getting it on from outside the house… and hikes up her pencil skirt to masturbate to it. The voyeur woman masturbating to sex and the masturbating without removing clothes are two other things that really poke some fantastic buttons in ole Jeffton’s lizard brain. This is terrific domination with amazing performers who are into each other, and is just the right amount of wrong for me.

7. Bratty Teens Like It Rough 2 from Burning Angel Entertainment

Clip 3: Kendra Spade and Ramon Nomar

Kendra Spade and Ramon Nomar in Bratty Teens Like It Rough 2 from Burning Angel Entertainment

Speaking of domination… this scene doesn’t lack that. An only-recently-in-the-industry Kendra Spade (this is a 2018 title) is shown in a bratty goth teen get-up: pigtails, a little short skirt, stockings (with seam), heels, black lipstick, heavy eye makeup, and (of course) a choker. It’s almost like director Joanna Angel made this scene specifically for me. Kendra begins the scene by licking and slurping and drooling all over a giant lollipop… and just those couple minutes would be enough for me to finish. She teases by bending over and flashing her butt in her short skirt, then sits down, knees up, and shows off her adorable furry pussy. Then she lifts up her top and has fantastic tits with great tan lines. And guess what? The scene just keeps getting better.

6. Mommy’s Daughter 3 from GirlGirl.com

Clip 4: Cherie DeVille, Jessie Saint, and Natalia Queen

Cherie DeVille, Jessie Saint, and Natalia Queen in Mommy's Daughter 3 from GirlGirl.com

This scene was actually the one that got me to begin thinking about writing this article, honestly. It’s the best scene from the best series from one of the best all-girl studios. For those of you into a little bit of taboo mixed in with their ingenues, it does not get better than this scene. Jessie Saint is an absolute stunner; and her rainbow choker and pigtails and hoop-y heart earrings send her to a completely different stratosphere of nubile sexiness. I can’t think of a gee-golly-gosh scene that’s better acted, and that goes for all three wonderful women.

5. Lost Love from Wicked Pictures

Clip 5: Kira Noir and Brad Armstrong

Kira Noir and Brad Armstrong in Lost Love from Wicked Pictures

Lost Love is a really good, modern classic from Wicked—but it’s not until an emotional and grieving Brad Armstrong gets together with the heavenly Kira Noir in a little bathroom that it truly becomes transcendent. Kira appears to be one of the exclusive club of performers that genuinely seems to like wearing a choker; it is one of the million and one reasons why I adore her. Because I might as well go for broke talking about sexy sartorial choices in an article about choker necklaces, I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up a moment of appreciation for Kira’s dress in this clip. It’s simple and white and looks like a stretchy cotton… and is totally reminiscent of wearing an oversized tank top undershirt. Wearing that under her jean jacket and finishing off the ensemble with Doc Martens (yes, the boots that warrant another article)? Chef’s kiss! It’s like she stepped out of my alterna-grunge 90s dreams and into my heart.

4. My First Interracial 11 from Blacked.com

Clip 1: Evelyn Claire and Jason Brown

Evelyn Claire and Jason Brown in My First Interracial 11 from Blacked.com

What’s this? A second scene from the same movie in a best of list? It may seem like sacrilege… but the truth is this movie is really just that good. This is the scene in which I discovered Evelyn Claire and devoted a little part of my soul to her forevermore. As with the Haley Reed clip I touched on earlier, there is a cheating element to this one, but it’s more abstract (you don’t see the boyfriend). Evelyn rocks these pretty white thigh-highs with a whisper-thin black choker that has a demure little sequined heart in the middle, and she looks so good that really it just doesn’t even seem fair. Jason Brown is an ideal scene partner for her, and the two just have straight-up rock-and-roll sex. No, I don’t know what rock-and-roll sex means… but the sex is so good it just made that term spontaneously come up on my computer screen.

3. Hookup Hotshot – Sex Dollz from Bryan Gozzling

Clip 1: Naomi Swann and Bryan Gozzling

Naomi Swann in Hookup Hotshots - Sex Dollz from Bryan Gozzling

I am not much one for the super-messy, rough kind of sex in my porn—but there is something about Bryan Gozzling’s schtick that really works. Perhaps one of the things that sells his stuff in my mind, apart from his pretty good collection of metal t-shirts, is our obvious shared love of chokers and collars. Of course, neckwear is only part of the Hookup Hotshot experience, as the women are dressed up to look like dayglo candy raver Bratz dolls that are getting through college by stripping. Not really my thing, but no judgment here.

The Naomi Swann scene (I have gone on record as being very, very fond of Naomi) is one of my favorite HH clips I’ve seen. Gozzling seems extra tender with Naomi even though the sexing is pretty extreme… and it’s a really interesting dichotomy to watch play out. Also, Bryan gets his fingers way up in there with Naomi and turns her into his own personal water fountain. The squirting beauty does an otherworldly job of keeping up with her Daddy for the duration. Wow.

2. Cream Pies 2 from Smash Pictures

Clip 1: Lisey Sweet and Isiah Maxwell

Lisey Sweet and Isiah Maxwell in Cream Pies 2 from Smash Pictures

On top of being a genuinely warm and sweet human being (don’t take my word for it, watch/read her interview she did with me), Lisey is sexy beyond belief (and wearing a cool, red choker with heart), and is a positively gangbusters performer. Paired with the equally magnificent Isiah Maxwell (who is also a complete sweetheart), this scene started out too good to fail. What’s better than two genuinely good folks that are genuinely good-looking and genuinely good performers in a creampie scene with each other? Well, this scene is somehow better than all that. The mysterious alchemy of gestalt works its magic in this skin flick as the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Also, creampies are great.

1. First Anal Vol. 3 from Tushy.com

Clip 2: Kristen Scott and Jean Val Jean

Kristen Scott in First Anal 3 from Tushy.com

Like Blacked, Tushy is a part of the Vixen-verse. So for those of you keeping score at home, it seems pretty apparent that Vixen is a choker-positive company. It actually made picking my scenes for this article hard since so many good choker scenes come from one of their studios. When I was doing my initial research for this piece, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the female performers I could remember wearing chokers. Since we don’t have an attribute for it, and because I didn’t have the foresight until this article to make use of our wonderful playlist maker, I had to do it from memory. The first name to pop into my head was Kristen Scott. She’s one of my favorites (for good reason), but I just had this wonderful mental image of her with very short hair and a choker. I didn’t find a scene that matched that mental image, but I did find this awesome scene that was one of my first times really noticing Kristen as something special. Really, the word special might be underselling her, but all you have to do is watch her dalliance with Jean Val Jean to understand what I mean about her. She looks so good in a choker that I just had to use her (in a different choker but from the same photo shoot) for the thumbnail to this piece.

Watch these and many other women wearing choker scenes in the Unsung Niches: Chokers Playlist

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