10 New Starlets to Fall in Love With in 2021

It is a new year with new talent to fall in love with. Thanks to an ever-growing industry, we are already oceans wide and miles deep in it. Even as the door kept revolving for all the new talent to come in 2019, it didn’t stop in 2020, and now here we are in 2021 celebrating more than a few waves that were sent out into the new sea. There is a flurry of film to watch that captured these freshly lit sparks entering the biz. Hopefully, this blog will guide anyone that is looking for new careers to fall in love with. This is for ardent porn-watchers. It is the perfect time of the year to do this type of piece and these shining new stars emit a glow worthy of support from new fans alike.

1. Avery Cristy

Avery Cristy

Noted Releases: Anal Beauty Vol. 14 & Blacked RAW V29

Avery started carving her porn path in 2019, and that adds double the staying power if you count it in COVID years. She has a healthy portion of her catalog vibing with the Vixen Media group. This is dating a lot of her work during the year 2020, showing a fresh start with these fine brands.

This is even more of a reason to fall for Avery Cristy’s career, she is showing herself to be a trooper. In addition to the potential, she already has an impressive catalog of content solidifying promise. We’re already getting new stuff from her in 2021 to fall in love with like her newly released Blacked.com scene with Sly Diggler. The scandalous setup for that scene has her kicking out a cheating boyfriend, played by Scotty P. Once he’s collected his belongings off the front lawn, the ultimate punishment of a vengeful ex-girlfriend occurs. Scotty’s character sees this firsthand as a streaming sex session over the phone is broadcast by Avery. It becomes the viewer’s treat as the film is for all to see. If you want more of her Blacked stuff, she has a scene in Blacked Raw V29 with Pressure that deserves a visit.

Avery Cristy in Blacked RAW V29

2. Leda Lotharia

Leda Lotharia

Noted Release: Anal Schoolgirls

Leda Lotharia is a performing artist that released an incredible debut that just hooked me in as a fan. Her first scene at Perv City struck me as a great representation of a shining new performer kicking the doors down. It is also an anal scene that I fell in love with at first sight. The creamy butt cut landed on the Anal Schoolgirls comp and to me carried the entire movie as a selling point. It is one of the best anal creampies you can see from a company that rightfully and regularly hires John Strong to do these cream fillings.

Leda Lotharia in Anal Schoolgirls

3. Val Steele

Val Steele

Noted Release: Swallowed 41

You might as well call her “Valiant Steel” because her work in the industry so far represents a saber standing rigidly tall against anything in its path. And if you’re a fan of Val Steele’s work, you can relate to this rigidity in some way. This dazzling new tart not only warrants the attention she gets as a nu-porn princess, but gracefully reciprocates it back to the true supporters of this gleaming blade of a starlet. Her uniqueness is a part of this marvelous makeup of an alt-look brought to life from a hentai-fueled wet dream.

She is teamed up with Lily Bell for a mouth-slobbering scene in the appropriate arena of Swallowed.com’s 41st compiling. The blowjob-centric site unleashes these large collections of oral porn that are all about the gallons of spit being ejected from fucked faces. Val is perfect for the venue and lends her talents as a great team-up tart with Lily Bell, showing a good attitude about starring in stellar smut.

Val Steele & Lily Bell in Swallowed 41

4. Mona Azar

Mona Azar

Noted Release: Hot As Fuck 2

This performer is a Persian babe that is making more than a few ripples in the porn pond. With two jubilant joints for the Jules Jordan brand already released for our viewing pleasure, Mona Azar is a stacked beauty that is appropriately adorned in fishnets for both scenes she did with the Jules Jordan Video, including the one we have here in Hot As Fuck 2. Manuel Ferrara’s seasoned sword finds its way into the hands of Mona for beautiful wranglings of hot sex. She shot a scene with Jules himself in another update on his site, furthering the appetite for this amazing beauty to build a catalog. I think we all want to see more of Mona and I can confidently say it will probably happen sooner than later.

Mona Azar in Hot As Fuck 2

5. Lily Glee

Lily Glee

Noted Releases: Anal Cuties 12, Anally Corrupted 3 & My First Gang Bang 7

The first moment of Glee for me was with her booty-bangin’ Hard X debut. She is with Mick Blue for that solid butt-pumper of a porno. Mason’s magnificent lens captured Lily Glee’s exuberance so perfectly, and since then everything I’ve ever seen her touch turns to anal gold. This also happened for Anally Corrupted 3, where she has reunited with Mick again for more memorable butt sex, this time with BAM Visions. The Texas tart is tearing through the industry with not just anal scenes, but gangbangs as well! You’ll see her in Third Degree’s My First Gang Bang 7, where she takes on four established studs in front of a veteran director. This scene is perfect for two reasons: you get to know Lily a little bit more as Mike Quasar—the director—interviews her before the start of the show, and when the gangbang kicks off you get to see another side of Lily—her getting double-penetrated!

Lily Glee in Anal Cuties 12

6. Dixie Lynn

Dixie Lynn

Noted Release: All Anal Affairs 2

Dixie Lynn is all about doing it! She’s a performer that seems like she has been in the industry longer than she actually has just by how she carries herself. Her content crushes all expectations and helps with this notion that this isn’t her first rodeo, she is freshly new through-and-through with this confident demeanor. Dixie is a fresh new face that started in the industry at the age of eighteen years old. While she handles herself like a pro, you shouldn’t get caught up in the stereotypical “girl-next-door” trope. That goes right out the window. She is more like an inferno that can barely be contained by any cliché really. The best phrase that captures her essence would be “born for porn!” Her first time on set was no sweat and a really fun day for her, she claimed during a radio interview (Inside the Industry with James Bartholet). A seed was planted to what is now a career path that is blooming on all of our screens.

Check out is Dixie’s role in All Anal Affairs 2, where you get to witness Dixie Lynn have a lot of fun with Mike Adriano and friends. She’s playing an oral co-pilot steering the scene with sloppy blowjobs, accompanying Arietta Adams for the forty-minute long anal scene. The chapter is a heatwave-inducing pairing flying the high skies of sodomy. This is proper gooning material here. Arietta’s anal is unmatched, and she has Dixie Lynn as an oral facilitator of that scorching proof.

Dixie Lynn & Arietta Adams in All Anal Affairs 2

7. Natalie Knight

Natalie Knight

Noted Releases: Teen Creampies 2 & Living Vicariously

Deservedly snagging a box cover already in her primed career, Natalie Knight graces Hard X’s Teen Creampies 2 in more ways than one. Besides being the cover girl, her scene with Mick Blue absolutely lives up to the title of the film. He leaves oozing globs of cum to seep out of her pussy after thoroughly pumping newbie Natalie for the 30-minute vignette. Mason’s controlled camera is right there to capture one of the most explosive vaginal creampies I’ve seen recently. Again, she earns the box shot in more ways than for that special release.

A display of her acting ability is already on the table at one of Pure Taboo’s intense episodes called Living Vicariously. In it, Jane Wilde amazingly plays the role of a manipulative stalker that forces Natalie Knight to fuck her friend (played by Nate Bronson) in a twisted plot. The camerawork and usual presentation of Pure Taboo’s quality is thankfully bolstering new talents like Natalie with a platform to act. The sex never takes a backseat, as all three of them display their porno-athletics while in character for this darker-toned tryst.

Natalie Knight in Living Vicariously

8. Winter Jade

Winter Jade

Noted Releases: Ripe 10 & Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 59

Winter came for Jules Jordan in an appearance for one of the best series out there if you’re scoping new faces: Manuel Ferrara’s Ripe. Look her up in the 10th entry for an ensemble of energetic sex as she melds with the lauded male talent in a sizzler of a sex scene. Her hair palette changes like a seasonal coat it seems, as she is a beautiful brunette for her Girlfriends Films outing. With Winter Jade’s natural look, she is embraced by Kit Mercer’s motherly guidance for the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 59 scene setup. As Kit’s daughter, she is swapped with Serena Avery, playing the daughter of Dee Williams. This leads to masterful MILF Dee toying with fresh-faced Winter in a slow-burning lesbian affair.

Winter Jade in Ripe 10

9. Alexis Tae

Alexis Tae

Noted Releases: Baddies Volume 2 & Anal Pornstar Pickups

Alexis Tae is a dream of a performer that has delighted the industry since 2019. You can see this fantasy unfold in Anal Pornstar Pickups as the scene starts off with a day at the beach. This day at the beach is serenaded by that classic Darkko beat thumping through Alexis Tae’s tease intro as she slips off a skimpy bikini, as a sun cooks the scenery of her dancing in the sand. Then it slams into some awesome anal with Alexis and Jason Moody, the perfect pitch for any new fans out there just peeking into this raging new talent’s career. If you aren’t already on board, get ready for some really good butt stuff, because that is where this starlet will take you. Just look at the amazing anal in doggy as it gives way to some eye-opening gaping, all thanks to Jonni Darkko recording these two anal athletes opening up for the camera. Definitely pick up some minutes to watch this supremely scorching scene.

Recently crowned Female Performer of the Year—Emily Willis—just shared a stage with this shining new talent. The Baddies Volume 2 collection brings the meeting of these porn minds as Emily and Alexis take on Rob Piper with popsicles in hand for a melting Blacked scene. The porn force doesn’t stop there, as Kayden Kross is the directorial visionary behind the fiery featurette themed around a peach.

Alexis Tae & Emily Willis in Baddies 2

10. Blake Blossom

Blake Blossom

Noted Releases: Big Naturals & Slut Inspection

Speaking with colleagues and fans alike, I kept seeing Blake Blossom’s name come up in our discussions about new talent blossoming in the industry. It was only natural she go on this list. She was rightfully recommended, causing me to dive into a hot slab of new content straight from the Hard X kitchen of tasty porno. It is a new big-booby movie called Big Naturals with Michael Stefano as her co-star, backed with a busty cast that calls on collectors that happen to be boob-a-holics (it is likely the first entry of a booby series to be).

Blake brings those natural knockers to Suzanne Ferrari to inspect as well. During her inspection, she pledges to “fuck her husband,” she brazenly admits this to a camera held by Suzanne, the wife—Slut Inspection’s mission captured in one literal statement straight from Blake’s mouth. And it comes to fruition when Dan Ferrari steps in to lay his pipe into Blake Blossom for some organic gonzo filmed by a caring wife. Home-cooked porno!

Blake Blossom in Big Naturals

A bright future for new faces means more love to go around. With more fans picking up new favorites, it will hopefully cause more new girls to barge through the door.

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