The Best of February 2021 On HotMovies

We’re already into the 3rd month of the year! It’s starting to go by fast. Now that the awards have come and gone, we’re getting our hands on some of the premiere titles that had been held back briefly. But, really, we got way more than that this past month. Love was in the air in February, and not just because of Valentine’s Day (though that helped). New studios, absolute bangers, and drop-dead stunners gave us a hell of a month. Here is a handy dandy guide to some of the cream of the crop!


A Hotwife Blindfolded 5

A Hotwife Blindfolded 5 from New Sensations cover

Women submit to unseen lovers chosen by their husbands in this sensual and slightly kinky erotic collection from Eddie Powell and New Sensations. Nothing says “naughty night of romance” quite like throwing this badboy on.

Girl Friday

Girl Friday from Erika Lust

Lena Anderson stars in this feature from Nica Noelle about a young woman who develops an obsession with her boss, played by Mona Wales. It is romantic, suspenseful, and steamy!

Written In The Stars

Written In The Stars from AllHerLuv

Jezebel (played by Scarlit Scandal) comes between Veronica, a writer (Kenna James), and her wife (Scarlett Sage). After all the passion and intrigue, whose love is still standing?

Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle from AllHerLuv

Kylie (Whitney Wright) loves Stephanie (Sarah Vandella). Kylie is Julia’s (Jade Baker) best friend. Stephanie is Julia’s step-mom. Jealousy, love, and expectations take center stage in this triangle.

Shot Her 1st Volume 6

Shot Her 1st 6 from TrueX

A fascinating look at young women the moment they decide for start shooting porn. A couple of these teens can only be found in these scenes, and will never do mainstream porn again. And while the girls are as fresh as can be, make sure you sit and watch the funny interviews before the sex begins.

The Next DIRTY Debutante – Sofie Reyez

The Next DIRTY Debutante - Sofie Reyez from Ed Powers Productions

Grandpa Ed is back again! And this time he is rolling in the hay with the cute and petite Sofie Reyez. If you like cheesy dad jokes and gorgeous girls getting off, then this is not one to miss! It is astonishing how different this is from the Briella Amor edition. Stay tuned after the cumshot to see some hilarious outtakes when a wild alarm goes off in their hotel room!

Dirty Blind Dates

Dirty Blind Dates from Wolf Wagner

Do dating the German way with Wolf Wagner! These blind dates can’t keep it in their pants and have some hanky-panky in public– before taking it behind behind closed doors for hardcore XXX action! Who knew blind dates could be so fun?!


Kenna James

Kenna James in Vibes 2 from Vixen

Kenna James is already an A-List adult star with really impressive longevity (she’s been working since 2015). Her inclusion in a video or being put on a cover absolutely changes the trajectory of that movie’s sales. But for some reason I am fully convinced there are levels still yet for her to climb that she will attain. I am so happy with her output– scene to scene, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better performer. But I am absolutely ecstatic for the possibilities yet out there for her in the adult world. Kenna is featured in seven movies released in February– including co-starring in the exclusive, Written In The Stars, and a scene I’m featuring later from Bellesa Films. And if that weren’t enough of a gift for us… she also gives us a taste of what her clip artist content is like in a red-hot scene from Model Time 6.

Demi Sutra

Demi Sutra in She Likes It White from Elegant Angel

Appearing in a whopping 6 February releases, it is clear that the industry loves Demi as much as I do. She is gorgeous and has a sort of ineffable warmth that radiates from her in her scenes that I find myself wanting to come back to again and again. I adore her so much, in fact, that I chose her to lead off my Porn Star Zodiac article from what feels like a lifetime ago. Demi is featured in a trio of Digital Playground we put up this past month, and you can’t go wrong with any of those. But make sure that you check out the (and I don’t say this lightly) excellent Lust Cinema title we had as an exclusive, Girl Friday where she is a booty call that Lena Anderson uses to try and forget her crush… because Demi is likely to make you forget about anything else you once thought was important!

Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert from Erika Lust Films

I feel like I talk an awful lot about my personal porn star Hall Of Fame. It might seem like a pretty easy shrine to be voted into; but I assure you it is an elite and exclusive group. Ole Jeffton watches dozens of hours of porn a week… and has done so for going on a decade now professionally. In my pyramid-shaped Hall (thanks, Bill Simmons), Casey sits in one of the top levels.

So February turned out to be something of a holiday month for me. I got two Casey videos this past month: a tasty threeway Avi Love in Mature Anal 2, and a fascinating/terrifying feature film from called Derelict (co-starring fellow Hall enshrinee Charlotte Sartre). What’s more, we finally landed her highly lauded film Primary (which racked up 12 AVN & 10 XBIZ nominations, including Casey for directing and writing, and for best feature). And in celebration of carrying Primary, our contributor Don Juan DeMarko sat down for a long and intriguing interview with Casey herself (technically landed on HM in early March but whatever) that covers everything from her degree in film to her fetish background. I hope you enjoyed your Casey Month as much as I did!

XXX Clips

My Religious Daughter from She Seduced Me (Clip 1 starring Nickey Huntsman and Syren De Mer)

Nickey Huntsman and Syren De Mer in My Religious Daughter from She Seduced Me

I almost put Nickey as a featured star this month even though she’s in just this one title from February. But I like her so much and she is so underappreciated. She’ll be featured at some point when she has more to promote. But this little number from She Seduced Me is awesome. Syren De Mer, one of the consummate MILFs of the industry plays new step-mom to a religious family. When she brings Nickey some food, Nickey asks Syren to pray with her. Nickey then asks for some advice in getting a girl she has a crush on (gasp!) to notice her. Nickey quickly begins to make moves on mom… and there’s something just so appealing about seeing a Plain Jane, pent-up version of Nickey unleashed. Nickey’s got some of the best big tits in adult and she unleashes them from a conservative white dress while undoing her stepmother’s clothes. It’s a phenomenal scene, and I am just a sucker for the whole religious person sinning motif in porn.

Crush 2 from Bellesa Films (Clip 2 starring Kenna James and Nathan Bronson)

Kenna James and Nathan Bronson in Crush 2 from Bellesa Films

Kenna, in her pre-scene interview with director Jacky St. James, is giggling like she’s in junior high talking about her crush on Nathan Bronson. The two, up to that point, had been in a group sex scene together, but hadn’t yet actually just had a basic scene with one another. Nathan, too, expresses how into her he is. And then they allow Nathan into the room where Kenna is, and Nathan tackles her with a hug that is intimate and playful and excited. Kenna jokes around when she’s told she smells nice by saying, “I took my weekly shower for you.” And the two proceed to have wild and passionate sex. It’s the kind of sex that looks like the physical act of commiting to a relationship with one another. It is adorable and it is hot and good lord up above do I want to see them in another scene together soon.

Pure And Natural from Spizoo (Clip 3 starring Aiden Ashley and Jake Adams)

Aiden Ashley and Jake Adams in Pure And Natural from Spizoo

Do you want to see some “Holy shit! I’m having the best sex of my life!” revelation type sex on camera? Watch this scene. The chemistry in this scene is absolutely off the charts. Aiden’s pussy keeps pushing Jake’s cock out of her, her orgasms are so strong. By the end they are drenched in sweat and, if I were the owner of that couch, I’d give it a Viking funeral– that couch will never see greater glory than it just did.

My Wife’s Daughter Is An Exhibitionist from Devil’s Film (Clip 1 starring Katie Kush, Jay Crew, and Ricky Spanish)

Katie Kush, Ricky Spanish, and Jay Crew in My Wifes Daughter Is An Exhibitionist from Devils Film.jpg

Katie gets off on making her stepdad uncomfortable. She parades in front of him naked and it gets him all flustered. This isn’t the kind of stepfather stuff where she seduces him or he makes a move on her; this stepfather is a good (if not meek and spineless) guy. Hell, what would any decent-hearted stepfather do in a situation like this? But Katie goes back to her room to play around with and talk to her boyfriend. And she lets on that she’d love to see Jay’s reaction to the couple fooling around in front of him. Her boyfriend, Ricky, follows her lead and the two party down in front of daddy dearest. It’s a really interesting new take on taboo content that factors in something similar to, but not quite, a cuckold theme. Of the scenes in the movie (which are all solid) this one stands out because of three really great performances. It makes me very curious to see if this sub-niche begins to take off!

Polyamory 5 from Erotica X (Clip 1 starring Olive Glass and Seth Gamble)

Olive Glass and Seth Gamble in Polyamory 5 from Erotica X

Olive wakes up in the arms of Donnie Rock. She picks up her camera to shoot some candids of her sleeping beau. When he’s had enough the artsy pixie saunters down the hall to an adjoining bedroom and jumps onto the bed of the snoozing Jessie Saint and Seth Gamble. Olive is too extra for Jessie so early in the morning, and Jessie leaves. Olive takes it as an opportunity to get more snaps of Seth… and ride him in a hard and passionate way. It’s a hell of an opening salvo for a movie that is romantic in a very progressive 21st century way– showing the little quibbles and quirks of an idyllic functioning polycule full of adorable and eminently fuckable young folk. I am an Olive Glass supporter for life, and here she is showing off a role that she inhabits to a T.


Southern Sins

Beauty By Nature from Southern Sins

It probably escaped your notice. It went live on the 28th. It didn’t go through new releases (it’s not a new movie). We only have one title. I don’t know if we’ll ever have more. But I would hate it if you ignored this. Southern Sins is a mystery. Their content shows up on the web as Light Southern; a boutique studio that has garnered intensely favorable reviews from critics. And the movie we have live, Beauty By Nature was also renamed (from Momentum).

What is not a mystery is how good this stuff is! It’s shot by Michelle Flynn, who is firmly embedded in the amazing woman-led porn movement in Australia. And it is erotic story-driven features starring the beautiful women who you’d otherwise only be likely to find in videos from Girls Out West, Abby Winters, and ATK— including one of my favorite naked Ozzies, Laney Day. Do not sleep on this!

Manipulative Media

My Hot Horny Step Aunt 2 from Manipulative Media

Do you like little taboo vignettes? Well, the stats don’t lie… so you probably do (don’t worry, I do too). Without maybe knowing the name Manipulative Media, you’ve probably touched your little buddy to several of their scenes. And why not?! It’s great stuff! But the real interesting development here is they’re starting to branch out from the family tree (branch, tree… get it?) and try their deft hands at hotwifing videos with the Touching My Wife series. We added two in February to go with the exclusive we ran of theirs in January. I have to say, so far I am very impressed with it. Though, of course, I’m still going to be hoping for more step-sister creampies because my fantasies are monstrous.

Zero Tolerance

Oiled Up Natural Tits 3 from Zero Tolerance

How about this oldie-but-goodie?! Zero Tolerance has been a tentpole porn studio for years now; really positioning themselves about a decade and a half ago. They’re probably among the first 5 studio names that come to mind when I think of who crafted the template for porn in the early part of the 21st Century (doesn’t that sound historical as all get-out?). Some of their classic series include Fishnets (where the DVDs would come wrapped in actual fishnet fabric), Kittens & Cougars (which is still going on sporadically), and Internal Cumbustion Cream Pies.

So here’s the thing… they are still pumping out really solid, no-frills fuckery. Even during the pandemic shutdown they were still sending us boatloads of new content (probably a mixture of super-safe shoots during quarantine and smartly banked content). Now, as then, they are buoyed by stalwart veteran director (and amusing Twitter follow), Mike Quasar. The women are hot, the action is good, the cinematography is ace, and they release everything in 4K. Gotta love it!


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