Writers' Roundup: Our 'Perverted Pleasures'

When we received our latest VOD exclusive, Perverted Pleasures V2 from Karups, the HotMovies staff began discussing what perversions the movie might highlight, and whether they’d measure up to our definition of “perverted.” Having worked in porn for years, sometimes it takes a lot for something to really register with us in that way. Acknowledging this, we decided to do a Writers’ Roundup to reminsce on movies we’ve seen that tickled our “perverted pleasures” fancy. Check out our responses below!

Perverted Pleasures V2 from Karups

Stoney Rubble: Perverted Stories #35

Perverted Stories #35 from JM Productions

Clip One: Taylor Lynn

Watching Taylor Lynn get plowed by a hairy creature is one of the truly perverse highlights on HotMovies. My kink is: Paleolithic history and rubber suits. Please don’t tell my family or my boss. Cave sluts are IN (or should be). The first clip featured in Perverted Stories Number 35 from JM Productions isn’t quite the apex of my perverted fantasies of Neanderthals fucking horny women as pterodactyls fly high in the sky (and yes dinosaurs and cavemen did coexist. I watched a movie that explicitly said so.), but it’s close enough. On top of that, I’m cryptorchid cryptozoologist at heart, so watching this bonkers scene featuring Taylor as a beautiful camper seduced by a hairy, ape-like man really tickles my perverted soul. Also into horny women getting fucked by men in rubber suits featuring a zipper bigger than the actor’s dick. Back in the day, it was the Power Rangers that introduced me to the pleasures of my own body, after all.

Judy Hologram: Fetish Dreamland

Fetish Dreamland from Severe Sex

Clip One: Vanessa Vega & Jay West

Stoney Rubble is right: dinosaurs and cave (wo)men DID coexist, and they were HORNYYYY. Literally! Severe Sex‘s Fetish Dreamland opens with Jay West jerking off to porn before dozing off, wherin he’s plunged in to surreal perverted fantasies. In his dreams, Jay gets to experience being dominated and pegged by slim tattooed goddess Vanessa Vega in schoolgirl and nurse-roleplay scenarios. After dream-Jay is completely spent by the near-endless fucking, his dream falls apart like a bad trip, and we’re briefly treated to the riotous image of Ms. Vanessa riding a saddled Tricerotops, cackling and threateningly waving dildos around. I only wish that the dino featured more heavily in this perverted fantasy!

Bridget: Sex Games

Sex Games from Marc Dorcel

Clip Five: Hennessy, Izabella, Lucy Heart, Melody Clark, Josh Jo, Ricky Mancini & Rico Simmons

On the topic of “perverted pleasures,” my mind begins to race thinking of all the delicious scenarios I’ve witnessed in porn over the years. There’s so many fantasies and power-dynamic arrangements to choose from: step-relatives, bosses, doctors, etc. But I think now more than ever, the idea of a world in which we can fuck each other freely, openly, and without having to worry about a goddamn pandemic is my go-to perversion right now. That’s why the sex club scene from Sex Games comes immediately to mind. This scene takes place in a pre-COVID world where the only barrier needed between you and your anonymous sex partner is a lacy face mask (proper orgy attire, if you ask me). After being cooped up at home for a year, desperate for social interaction… yeah, I’m yearning for a little guilt-free exhibitionism a bit. Sue me!

Jeffton Banks: Horny Hairy Girls 58

Horny Hairy Girls 50 from Rodnievision

Clip Two: Juliette March & Rodney Moore

Okay, granted this one is a little absurd… but I just love the idea of going about my business and catching glimpse of a woman’s pussy. I also love the idea of not being able to help myself if presented with something like that—and the idea of it, in turn, causing the woman to not be able to help herself—strictly a porn plot, right? That doesn’t mean a man can’t fantasize. In Horny Hairy Girls 58 from Rodnievision, the man himself perfectly captures the sort of hapless dolt energy needed to pull off a premise like this without coming off like a predator. And the ridiculously hot Juliette March perfectly plays a woman fed up with the dolt, but that slowly comes around to just being too aroused and too amused not to let things happen. And the hair situation? Don’t get me started! This is nothing short of a perfect scene for one of my most perverted fantasies.

Scarlet M. Divine: Bambi’s Little Cuck

Bambi's Little Cuck from Girl Bullies

Clip One: Penny Barber, Bambi Belle & Sam Solo

Every woman fantasizes about dominating a little bitch boy, right? Don’t bother trying to deny it, ladies! It’s all in good fun, and he’ll end up having fun, too! If you haven’t been paying attention to the Weekly Editor’s Picks (tsk tsk!), then you missed it when I chose a film from Girl Bullies and gave a glowing review of Bambi’s Little Cuck. I seriously cannot say enough about how much I adore Penny Barber! She has the sweetest voice when she’s mocking and humiliating a man! Since Girl Bullies is relatively new to us, we currently only have four titles from them, all of which I’ve watched more than once. Oh how I wish I could tease and humiliate side-by-side with Penny in Humiliating Femdom Handjobs. I’d pay money to get one good yank on Sam Solo’s shorts in Wedgie Humiliation Saga. And Ella Nova pairs up with Penny in Ella Nova’s Ass Slave to make Sam sniff and rim their assholes while they giggle in devilish delight. I just want to hang out with Penny, become best friends, and then spend our lives making movies where we dominate, humiliate, and toy with one simpering bitch after another. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

Authentic Lesbian: My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 50

My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 50 from Nikky Thorne Productions

Clip One: Nikky Thorne

We’ve all got a little pervert in us—that’s why we’re here—and nobody pushes a good perverted fantasy better than Nikky Thorne Productions. Their My Perverted Fantasy series takes things to a new level with each flick, and with over 30 movies from that series alone you can imagine just how perverted things get. If you’re into Femdom and humiliation, you’re in for a special treat, and I’m going to point you to their latest My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 50 to get started. Nikky completely uses her slave and he loves every second of it, begging for a pegging like his life depends on it!

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