The New Au-Pair: A HotMovies Review

Silence is golden, and has never been so sexy or elegant. The New Au-Pair from Marc Dorcel is an exclusive on HotMovies! Starring Clea Gaultier, Romy Indy, Anya Krey, Penelope Cross, Nick Ross, Ricky Rascal, and Tommy Cabrio, Director Alis Locanta uses the performers’ eyes to carry us from each filthy sex scene to the next. Let’s take a closer look at a young woman’s sexual awakening at the gropey hands of her married employers in The New Au-Pair.


Scene One – Clea Gaultier, Anya Krey, & Romy Indy with Ricky Rascal & Nick Ross

We open silently on Romy Indy showering and getting dressed. She’s responding to a job ad, and this gorgeous young woman is really excited… we’re not sure why at first. The New Au-Pair uses a haunting score and silent film techniques as we follow Romy Indy being welcomed into Clea Gaultier’s home. Romy has beautiful and expressive eyes, and Clea’s regal sexuality and presence command attention. Romy Indy is immediately welcomed into the home of Clea and Nick Ross.

Swingers The New Au Pair

Romy pokes around in the darkness of the opulent mansion of her new employers. She spies on Clea and Nick sharing some cocktails with Anya Krey and Ricky Rascal. Romy’s eyes light up as she discovers her new employers are horny swingers. Clea and Anya touch lips, arousing Romy, compelling her to pinch her nipples. Anya and Clea get on their knees to service the men. Their cocks are huge, but Anya and Clea effortlessly accommodate the men in their mouths. The women lose control of their gag reflex, and the cocktail dresses and lingerie are slipped off as Anya rides Clea’s husband on the loveseat. Clea is sitting on the other couch, her leg raised high as she takes Nick’s prick. Romy can’t believe how intimately acquainted these two couples are, but she doesn’t look away. Clea and Anya cum nearly in unison. Anya gets on her knees to take Clea’s husband’s cock up her ass, before Nick rips off his condom after fucking Clea. He strokes, blowing a load all over Anya’s tongue. Romy seems to have an orgasm from the shadows, but after Anya and Clea are both covered in cum, our lovely au-pair slips into the darkness.

Clea Gaultier The New Au Pair

Scene Two – Clea Gaultier & Romy Indy

After their rendezvous the night before, Clea and her husband are up to no good. They were well-aware that they had an audience, so they provide Romy with her own audience. The next morning, Clea struts around in an open robe and sees her husband Nick off for work, while Romy is in her room masturbating. The blossoming waif can’t keep her fingers off herself since she discovered how open her new mistress and her husband are with their friends. After Romy is finished with pleasuring herself, Clea stalks her and corners her in the white light of her modern kitchen…

Romy Indy Clea Gaultier

Clea hops up on the kitchen table and puts on a quick show for her au-pair. Clea spreads her slender legs and rubs her pussy through her white panties while Romy watches in shock that bleeds out into awe. Clea is ready to use some cruelty as foreplay, so she pulls out her phone and shows a video to. a stunned Romy, schooling in the ways of sexual blackmail. Romy is owned, so Clea takes her to the bathroom to have her filthy way with this blossoming nymph. Clea kisses her au-pair, and pulls out her tits, snaking her hand between Romy’s legs to rub her vulva. Clea can feel her charge getting wet, so she goes in for the kill. After some panty worship, Romy’s labia slips out and finds a home on Clea’s tongue. Clea mouths Romy’s pussy and isn’t long before Romy cums on her tongue. Clea pulls out her own tits for her au pair to suck on before lifting her long leg to give Romy easy access to feast on those pink lips, while her panty fabric clings on her pulsing asshole. Clea’s a hungry housewife, and eagerly lets Romy eat her out and worship her perfect ass. Before we pull out, Clea finds a toy to pleasure Romy with, before Romy gets her mouth on Clea’s wet pussy one more time to give Clea trembling, full-body orgasm.

Romy Indy The New Au Pair

Scene Three – Clea Gaultier & Romy Indy with Nick Ross

Nick is arriving home from work later that day, and just in time; Clea is helping her sexual protege into some of her own lingerie. Clea places a blindfold around Romy’s eyes. The two women crawl into Clea’s marital bed and wait patiently for her husband Nick to arrive…

Clea Gaultier Nick Ross

Nick is delighted when he catches his wife in his bed with the blindfolded au pair. Nick guides his finger into Romy’s mouth, to whet her appetite and gag reflex. Nick pulls out Romy’s tits while Clea gropes around the young woman’s fresh body. Nick slides some fingers between Romy’s legs before getting his thick prick lodged deep in her throat. Clea looks incredibly proud of her husband’s member. She gets on her knees to help her au pair pleasure his cock with their mouths. Romy leans back and opens her legs while Clea hovers over her, watching her husband slip on a condom before slipping his prick into Romy. Clea reveals she is hiding a butt plug deep between her ass cheeks: Chekhov’s butt plug. Romy gets Clea’s pussy lips pressed against her face while Nick plugs her and pumps away. Clea pulls out a chin dildo, which she straps on while Nick pulls out to make room for Clea to peg that pussy. Clea gets on top of her husband to ride his cock, before he peels his prick out of his wife to stroke and release a huge load of semen all over Clea and Romy’s open mouths.

Clea Gaultier Nick Ross Romy Indy

Scene Four – Penelope Cross & Tommy Cabrio

The gorgeous Penelope Cross is also on the staff at Clea’s household, and she’s been envying Clea’s new au pair from afar. Penelope is in her prime sexually, just like her boss, and we watch her invite and seduce a stranger into her house while Clea and Ricky Rascal have sneaked off to get into trouble…

Penelope Cross Ricky Rascal

Penelope pushes Ricky to the bed and climbs on top of him to grind her hips against his growing bulge. Penelope is a wonderful tease. She releases Ricky’s large, uncut cock from his zipper and swallows it to the best of her ability. Sucking a cock is still new to Penelope. She gags on it, smearing her makeup, but hardening her resolve to fit that whole prick down her throat. Ricky laughs and guides her into a sixty-nine, so he get his tongue on her clit. Ricky reaches for a condom and pulls it down his shaft so Penelope can get it deep inside her while she grinds her hips against his. Penelope gets on her side so she can massage her swollen clit while Ricky penetrates her. His face says that that pussy is… tight. Penelope rolls on her belly to stroke Ricky’s massive cock on her waiting tongue. Penelope milks out his cum and swallows his entire load.

Penelope Cross The New Au Pair

Scene Five – Nick Ross with Penelope Cross & Romy Indy

Clea is gleefully looking at sex pics on her phone. Seems like she’s been secretly filming her household staff’s sexual exploits for some time now. Meanwhile, her husband has gotten both Penelope Cross and Romy Indy into their bedroom.

The New Au Pair Threesome

Romy isn’t that timid girl we met in the first scene. She quickly pushes Penelope’s face onto the cock of Clea’s husband. As Penelope fights her gag reflex, Romy’s hands roam around Penelope’s body, groping and squeezing every curve. Nick reaches over to play with Penelope’s stiff nipples. The nipple play brings a red-hue to Penelope’s face, her body getting dangerously close to an orgasm already. Romy and Penelope share Nick’s cock in their mouths before Penelope gets to sit down on Nick and get fucked like a filthy cowgirl. Romy massages her clit while she watches. Penelope’s fingers soon squirm their way deep into Romy’s vagina. Romy licks those fingers and then gets her own turn to ride on Nick’s meat. Romy suddenly cums while she is pounded. Nick pulls off his condom, and saves his load for Penelope’s mouth. Romy Indy is no longer needed in this household, and we see happy Nick and Clea lead their new au pair out in the sunlight to say goodbye, while Penelope looks on….

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