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He might just be the nicest guy in porn! Alongside his partner, Dee Severe, Jimmy Broadway has helmed Severe Sex (formerly Severe Society) for 16 years, introducing the world to a new flavor of authentic fetish content. Jimmy sat down with us to discuss his puppies, cuckoldry, and what fans should know about fetish porn.

Jimmy Broadway @FetishDirector on Twitter

JH: What have you and Dee been doing to stay sane during the past year?

JB: Well, mostly taking care of the dogs.

Tell me about your dogs.

Well, our younger one, Teddy, passed away back in December.

Oh no, I’m so sorry.

Yeah, he had liver cancer, it was diagnosed right at the beginning of the pandemic. And we had a very large tumor removed. And then six months later, the tumors were back, so it was time. But starting with the new year, we have a new puppy, Fiona, who is a three-year-old low-rider pitbull, rescued from a puppy mill, and she’s been with us about three weeks now. And she’s settling in, learning how to be a dog, not having to live in a cage anymore and having a big sister, Bella, who’s our Chow mix, who’s 13. So they’re learning to socialize and getting along great.

Jimmy Broadway with pitbull

We’ve just been working with her and then just trying to keep production going as best we can. We just found out yesterday that we won’t be releasing any physical DVDS for at least two months because the company that makes the actual blank DVDs was hit hard by COVID and shut down. So our replicator has told us they can’t get blank stock for at least two months, so they’re searching China and Europe and other countries trying to find blank DVD stock. So we’re going all-digital for awhile, which we did early in the pandemic, just because everybody in LA had shut down, so nobody was making anything. Nobody was selling anything.

What did you miss most about all the conventions this year?

Seeing people. Normally, we would meet with Mike Gleason from AEBN, you guys, the guys who do our website, and then you’d bump into other people and find out about new platforms and new companies. I used to love walking through the novelty and product section of AVN, and just looking at what new toys are out there, who’s got different lubes, who wants to do product placement videos. And last year we came out of there with five brand-new Bad Dragon dildos to use in movies and a new type of chastity device that nobody else is shooting. And all that was gone this year.

What’s your favorite type of scene to perform in and why?

That’s tough because I don’t really have a favorite. A lot of it depends on your mood. It’s like today, I’m really looking forward to just doing sensory deprivation and just completely zoning out and blocking out the whole world. I love doing the cuckold things just because of the acting element of them, same with the step-daughter or roleplay, just because you get a chance to be somebody you’re not and act differently.

You’re very good at groveling. [chuckles]

I guess that’s a skill.

No, it is, you’re the best.

It’s like an adult version of playing dress up. It’s like when you were little kids and “Let’s play Cowboys and Indians, let’s play Cops and Robbers.” You don’t get to do that as an adult most of the time, that when you’re an adult performer, you do. It’s like in real life, we don’t have any kids, so getting to be a dad is fun ’cause you don’t have to change diapers, you can just be a dad for a couple of hours and then not be a dad anymore. The cuckolding stuff is fun because the situations are just so bizarre and ridiculous most of the time, but it’s fun to just go out there and play for an afternoon.

And you generally perform in scenes as a sub, but then in Mindfucked: A Cult Classic, you take on a more dominant role with Alison Rey and Kiki D’Aire. Why don’t we see you switch it up more often?

Because that’s not really me. The dominant role, in that one it was more acting as an authority figure. So basically, I didn’t have to come up with being dominant on my own because the character was written for me. But if I have to be a Dom in a scene, that’s not me naturally. So I struggle to come up with the dominant side of me, and I’ve done a little of it. Again, mostly in our Stepdad Gets Fucked series where in half the movie, I am the dominant one until the power switch, when the stepdaughter takes over, and the real me comes out. So a lot of it is just making up lines and play-acting, but if I had to sustain that through an entire scene to its conclusion, it would be a struggle.

Alison Rey, Kiki D'aire & Jimmy Broadway in Mindfucked: A Cult Classic from Severe Sex
Alison Rey, Kiki D'aire & Jimmy Broadway in Mindfucked: A Cult Classic from Severe Sex

What do you think is the biggest misconception about submissive men?

That they’re weak—and granted, there are some submissives out there that just have no control over their lives. But for the majority of submissive men, it’s an aspect of your existence; it’s not your entire existence. If you talk to any of the experienced high-end pro Dommes, a lot of their clients are executives, professional athletes, people who are in power-positions in their day-to-day lives who seek submission as a balance or a release. They don’t wanna be in control 24/7. They want a certain part of their life where they can just let go and submit.

What would you like to see represented more in BDSM porn?

I guess the big thing is authenticity. I came up through live events and associations with pro Dommes, and they used to call it a “hooker with a whip,” where just because you put a latex outfit on someone and stick a whip in their hand does not make them a dominatrix. I would like to see the portrayals on video involve people who legitimately are into this, that aren’t just there for the paycheck, that aren’t faking it. Some of them don’t even know how to fake it, so they’re presenting practices that are extremely dangerous if done in real life, but there are enough people out there that do this off-camera, that enjoy it, that know it, that you can cast in movies and have the performances be authentic and portray everything in a safe manner.

Do you think the BDSM scene is generally more progressive than mainstream porn, or vice versa?

Progressive in what way?

I was thinking more open-minded. I know that mainstream porn, for example, has issues with crossover performers, and then, of course, with performers of color as well.

To be honest, I see just as much racism and transphobia and homophobia in the BDSM side of it as I do in the mainstream side of it. It’s just because there is less BDSM content out there and it’s not as widely viewed, it seems like less of a thing, but I’ve run into some incredibly racist people in 35 years in the BDSM community: some horribly homophobic, horribly transphobic people. And sadly, I think that those people exist in all aspects of life. The one area where I see the BDSM community is more progressive is just being more open-minded about trying things and experimenting and accepting who you really are. In terms of some of the more prevalent societal issues, I don’t think it’s any more or less than any other part of the adult industry.

Cuckold remains some of the more popular fetish search terms on porn sites year after year. What do you think is so appealing about cuckold fantasies for viewers?

I think it’s different depending on the person. A lot of fetishes, some people get into it for… Some people see themselves as the bull, some people see themselves as the cuckold, some people see themselves as the wife. Some like to see the bull dominate the cuckold. Some like to see the cuckold make his wife happy. And I think there are a lot of different ways you can approach the fetish, whereas with whipping, you either wanna be the whipper or the person getting whipped, but within cuckolding, there are so many different ways to approach it, so that different people like different things about the same thing.

Eva Long, Dirk Huge & Jimmy Broadway in Cuck Em All 3

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve stayed in chastity?

A couple of hours. Off-camera, it’s really not a big thing for me. So mostly, it’s just something I do on-camera because it’s a good visual.

I used to work at a sex toy store and my favorite thing to explain to vanilla people was the chastity cages. They were always pretty blown away by that. What’s your sex toy of choice?

I like playing with electrical toys.

Do you have any electrical toys to recommend to the HotMovies audience?

Before I recommend anything, I would recommend going out and connecting with an experienced professional, either at a store, or through a pro Dominatrix, or at a social event (when we can have in-person social events again), and educate yourself on the safe way to do electrical play. Done properly, it is extremely safe. Done improperly, it can cause death. There are some fetishes where you screw it up, you might get a bruise, you might be sore for a couple of days. This can actually kill you if you don’t do it right. So please go out there and learn from someone who actually knows what they’re doing. A, it’ll make a lot more fun to play, but B, you’ll be able to do it safely. That said, my favorite ones are the e-stim products, because you’re basically introducing involuntary muscle movement, which can be a lot of fun, and the Violet Wand series of toys, with that static electricity zapping. I’m not real big on the heavy zap of cattle prods and stun guns and stuff. Some people are, nothing wrong with that, just not my thing. But for me, if I’m doing electrical play, it’s either gonna be e-stim or Neon Wand.

What’s your favorite aspect of owning and operating your own studio?

Well, when we actually had the studio, ’cause we had a place in LA for seven years, I got to enjoy a lot of building and creating sets and props and things, which I love to do. My parents’ hobby growing up was restoring old houses back East, so I know how to do framing carpentry, finish carpentry, some basic electrical, not as big on painting and plastering, but I know how to do it.

So I got to go and build stuff, but in terms of owning a production company studio, it’s being able to do what you want, being able to present fetishes the way you like to play them, being able to work with the people that you like to work with. When you’re shooting for other companies, it’s up to the director or the production manager to say, “Okay, today you’re working with this person.” And while you can have a no-list and sometimes the director will ask you, “Is there anybody you care to work with?” most of the time, you just get a call sheet and it says, “Okay, on Tuesday, you’re working with this person.” And especially with one of the companies I used to work for producing a lot of cuckold content, they really like the young new girls. And in most cases, it wasn’t a lot of fun because in order to do cuckolding properly, you need to have life experience. You need to have been in relationships, you need to understand a couple dynamic. And when you’re 19 years old, it’s really hard to understand why a marriage would want something fresh or why a wife wants to experiment, just because they’ve never done that.

So what do you have and Dee have coming up for 2021?

That’s a good question, because the answer I would have given you two weeks ago is probably gonna be different than this answer. We are hoping to expand a lot of our existing series. Stepdad Gets Fucked 3 is our next release. From the DVD standpoint, Fetish Star Showcase will be after that featuring Kiki D’Aire. Of course, both those DVDs are on hold, so it’ll probably just be scenes for now. More than anything, we wanna get back to normal. If we ended 2021 where we were when we started 2020, then we will feel that it’s been a good year, ’cause we’ve all gone down into the valley. Now, it’s time to climb back up to the plain, and then we’ll worry about attacking the mountain.

Jimmy Broadway & Sarah Blake in Stepdad Gets Fucked 3
Jimmy Broadway & Sarah Blake in Stepdad Gets Fucked 3

Who do you think are some of the best Dominatrixes working in porn right now?

Not gonna touch that one because I’ll forget somebody and then it’ll me get in a whole lot of trouble.

Okay, no problem. [laughs]

Part of the problem with the whole thing is so many of them are friends as well. The fetish BSDM side of porn, it’s a little more communal than the mainstream side. Obviously, Dee and I have been working together since the very beginning of this, but one of the first people we ever shot was Maya Sinstress, who is a very good friend of ours. We’ve known her for 15 years. The career longevity in the fetish side tends to go a lot longer. It’s like anything, you’ve got the in-for-six-months-and-done group, but the veterans in the fetish side are true veterans. They have careers between ten and 20 years, because in most cases, they don’t have to deal with aging out of the teen market and not being a MILF yet, and what do you do for those in-between years. When you’re portraying a Dominatrix or when you are a Dominatrix, you just keep growing; it’s just one steadily evolving career.

Yeah. It seems like their fans are much more devoted to them that way.

It’s insane, some of the stories I’ve heard from some of my friends about stuff their fans have done.

Can you share some of these stories?

The one I can share is Madeline Marlowe, when she was working at Kink.com, set a record for the most expensive custom video ever commissioned: a video that has never been made.

Why not?

The guy who ordered it has never actually followed through on getting it made. So he paid her this insane amount of money just to pay her.

Do you know how much it was?

I do not. But it was enough to cover a large bed in large bills and roll around with, which she and Lorelei Lee did for a giant photo that was hanging in her studio for a long time.

That’s awesome, good for her!

Just the financial support, and the emotional support is really something in the fetish side. And the dark side of it is that if you even appear to be crossing any of them online, you can just find yourself bombarded with just abusive Twitter comments, and they can be very protective, almost to the point of being dangerous, to someone who they feel has slighted their Domme.

What makes you feel sexy?

I guess being comfortable. If I’m in a situation where I feel completely comfortable, then I feel sexy. If I’m in a situation that makes me apprehensive, then I don’t.

Jimmy Broadway & Kay Carter in Stepdad Gets Fucked 3

That’s a good answer.

Yeah. If you’re working with someone who… and it’s not to say that the apprehension as part of the scene isn’t there, but if you go in and you completely trust the skillset and that this person has your best interest in mind and is going to ultimately protect you and not harm you in a way that you don’t wanna be hurt, then you can feel sexy.

Alright. And any final words for fans at HotMovies?

Stay safe. Wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, isolate as best you can. We’re almost through this mess, and we’re too close to the end to not get through it. So hang in there a little bit longer, and hopefully by the end of this year, we’ll be on our way back to normal. Then pay for your porn, but I think most people that are reading your blog are paying customers.

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