Take My Breath Away: A HotMovies Review

Sometimes I absolutely marvel at a studio like Pure Taboo existing. Where over the last 20+ years it’s felt like the majority of ‘darker’ porn taste, in terms of scenarios and plot, were done for shock value alone (outside of fetish porn), Pure Taboo seems to understand that the human id and libido has some real shadowy corners. Not only are those corners worth exploring, but it can be a great sexual catharsis to see those repressed thoughts and feelings acted out on camera for us. P.T. allows us to delve into plots and ideas that we might not even feel right about roleplaying with another person—let alone actually acting upon. There is value in that—but what’s more, the content is visually arresting, well-directed, well-edited, and well-acted. Genuine consideration has gone into these pictures, and that is why Pure Taboo stands among an elite cadre of adult film producers at the vanguard of what the medium can truly deliver to us.

Here’s the TL:DR version of that: Pure Taboo makes good, ooky porn that ole Jeffton likes. So with that in mind, allow me to review our latest VOD Exclusive from them, Take My Breath Away.

Clip 1 featuring Gracie May Green and Jake Adams

Gracie May Green and Jake Adams in Take My Breath Away from Pure Taboo

The A-Side of the video is just the right kind of thing that I like to see from Pure Taboo. We start with the lovely Gracie May Green in a bathtub rubbing one out before submerging herself. Unable to focus in the next scene, she takes to a website for breath-play enthusiasts to respond to a message from a dude. The bookish-looking Green meekly enters the house of an equally timorous Jake Adams. The chit chat is painful to watch as both play their mousy parts well. They both explain how they were first drawn to choking in sex, and then Gracie initiates.

Gracie May Green and Jake Adams in Take My Breath Away from Pure Taboo

Both of them ramp up in terms of excitement, and Gracie really begins to let loose. It’s apparent that Gracie really is into choking instead of just playing a character that gets off on it. When Jake wraps his hands around her throat, she goads him, “I can still breathe,” as she smiles devilishly. The sex is on the harder side, but isn’t bombastic. It strikes a good balance that isn’t quite deviant but stays far away from vanilla. Gracie is pinned to a couch with her leg gymnastically pulled back past her head when Jake starts really pounding into her while pressing on her windpipe. She begins to queef and giggles, “See what you did to me?” The two of them consent to Gracie getting slapped in the face during the sex and it appears to do wonders to the enthusiasm of the pair. She asks him, “Aren’t I better than one of your dolls?” and it’s a great callback to Jake’s origin story of getting turned on choking his firefighter dad’s first-aid dummies. The scene finishes with the trademark Pure Taboo twist. I would definitely put this as one of the better segments I’ve seen from Pure Taboo all around—from story, to acting, to chemistry, to performance. If you’re into light breath-play or are curious how it might work for your porn diet, I suggest you seek this scene out.

Clip 2 featuring River Fox, Sarah Vandella & Tommy Gunn

River Fox and Sarah Vandella in Take My Breath Away from Pure Taboo

So even in the world of twisted Pure Taboo plots, I’ll admit this one still kinda puzzled me. Maybe it’s that not enough time was spent setting it up and so I just didn’t understand it. I think the idea is Sarah and Tommy (an ex-felon) wanted to adopt so they could eventually get in on some family fantasy stuff once said adoptee turned of age. Except that because of financial constraint and criminal records, they instead stole from the maternity ward. And in order to facilitate naughty time, they sprang the truth of their relationship to one another on River’s 18th birthday. Yeah… I know. While it might not be my bag, I might have understood the general ballpark that this scene was coming from had there been more exposition.

River Fox in Take My Breath Away from Pure Taboo

But there’s a hidden magic inside of porn: even if you don’t jibe with a porn’s plot, you can still get down with the movie if the sex is hot: and it is hot. The blonde bombshells play off one another amazingly, with all their back and forth “Mommy” and “Daddy” talk. While River is great, and Tommy is his usual splendid self, there’s an energy behind Sarah Vandella that really sells the scene and brings it to another level. If you’ve ever questioned Sarah’s “it factor” that has caused her to be a porno superstar for over a decade, look no further than this scene. River wants her ‘Daddy’ to cum inside of her… right before she goes to the cops with news of her adopted parents’ hospital heist. Yikes!

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