The Best Of March 2021 on HotMovies

Is there such a thing as a porn hipster? Like you’re into performers and movies and studios and niches before they were cool and then you can brag about them? If not, then there should be. I’d like to think that Ole Jeffton’s monthly finds can point you in that direction. Sure, I write about big-name stuff, too… but it’s not like Pitchfork is afraid to back establishment if it’s good. And that’s where I’m at. I don’t want to steer you wrong. There’s a lot of big-brand stuff out there that just doesn’t do a whole lot, but there’s also a reason performers and studios blow up. Likewise, just because there isn’t a big budget or track record behind something doesn’t mean it’s not something special.

What I’m trying to say is set yourself a Google alert for my work. Allow me to help point you in the right direction. Every month there is incredible stuff that lands on our site. And while I can’t get to it all (even if I do watch almost all of it), I can give you the best of the best. So I’m dedicating this month to making porn hipsters a thing. Tweet it loud and tweet it proud that you follow one Jeffton Sinclaire Banks because he’s a taste-maker in adult and because you’re hip enough to recognize it! #PornHipster FTW!


Cuck Wives Creampied

Cuck Wives Creampied from Manipulative Media

The next in the Touching My Wife series features hotwives getting the dick they want… and it’s not from their husbands!

Pure And Natural

Pure And Natural from Spizoo

Veteran director Alan X brings his signature sexiness to Spizoo with four scenes of sexy sirens setting your screen on fire! As I said in a tweet, the Aiden Ashley scene will make you fall in love with her if you weren’t already. And the other scenes are smoking, too!

Two TGirls Volume 11

Two TGirls Volume 11 from Two TGirls

The latest entry from Two TGirls puts gorgeous trans women together in classic porn scenarios: step-sisters, nosy neighbors, housewives, gardeners, and a landlord with a delinquent tenant. The sex is hot, and the girls are hotter!

Forbidden Encounters 2

Forbidden Encounters 2 from Holly Randall Productions

Gorgeous Euro couples engage in intimate acts of carnal affection in this release from Holly Randall Productions. Leave it to the master of erotic film to bring out the best in the continental superstars!

The New Au-Pair

The New Au-Pair from Marc Dorcel

Enchanting Romy Indy finds a job with fringe benefits in this French feature. More than just an au-pair, Romy’s discovered a whole new swinging lifestyle with her sexy employers!

The Polygamist

The Polygamist from Life Selector

In this POV jaunt from Life Selector, you step inside the shoes of a jet-setting lothario with wives in every airport-hub city. See what it’s like when several beautiful women think they’re your one and only.

Perverted Pleasures 2

Perverted Pleasures 2 from Karups

The darker side of our libidos is explored in this fantastic foursome of scenarios. Cuckolding, domination, and subservience all have their time in the sun in this sensual selection of scenes from Karups.

The Next DIRTY Debutante: Isabel Moon

The Next DIRTY Debutante - Isabel Moon from Ed Powers Productions

Grandpa Ed is back in action with the down-and-dirty Isabel Moon—looking great in glasses and thigh-high socks. And if that weren’t enough, we get a treat of bonus content featuring Ed’s secret weapon, Vanessa Vyne.


Spitfire from Command Cinema

An absolute gem by legendary director Cecil Howard from 1984, Spitfire headlines our new Classics Remastered in HD category. The movie starring Rikki Harte is a farcical take on politics and what happens when the cameras are turned off.

P.O. Box

PO Box from Tinto Brass and Erotica Movie Channel

HotMovies proudly carries its first movie directed by acclaimed erotica director, Tinto Brass (best known for Caligula, Cheeky, and All Ladies Do It). P.O. Box explores a series of pieces of fan mail received by none other than the maestro himself. See what kinds of naughty shenanigans make it to Tinto’s P.O. Box.


Nikita Bellucci

Nikita Bellucci in Obsessions 2 from Nikita Bellucci

Do you remember Nikita Bellucci? If your privates have good taste, then you probably do. She dropped off from doing mainstream studio porn a few years ago, but she’s stayed active filming her own content. The beautiful French minx, now in her early 30s and looking (I’d argue) better than ever, is finally back on HotMovies with her own studio! Sometimes wishes do come true!

Alexis Tae

Alexis Tae in Arched from House of Fyre

Alexis Tae has been handing out boners for a couple years now, and I always felt she was a little underappreciated. But it looks like the adult industry finally got the clue, and gave her two high-profile covers in March. The scenes are really good, too. She goes anal in the tender step-family love fest, My Stepbrother Took My Ass 6. And she’s in a scorching-hot threesome with silver fox Michael Stefano and fantasy-girl-come-to-life Scarlit Scandal in Club VXN 7. I hope this is a sign that Alexis’ star continues to rise!

Alyx Star

Alyx Star in Bad Lesbian 13 from Girlfriends Films

Newcomer Alyx Star is destined to go as far as she wants in the industry. She is blessed with a thick and curvy frame, a gorgeous F-Cup rack, a beautiful face, and a transcendent smile. Her scenes (only eight at the time of writing this, five of which were added in March) have that special it quality that you see all-too-rarely. Ole Jeffton is absolutely floored by this babe, and it is really tough to pick a stand-out scene. If you want to give an all-girl scene a shot, try her opposite the equally bodacious and busty Natasha Nice in Women Loving Girls 5. And if you want to see her riding dick, I recommend scoping My Sexy Little Sister 9. But again, any scene that has Alyx in it is going to be worth watching.

XXX Clips

His First Trans Encounter 2 from Devil’s Film (Clip 4 starring Lena Moon and Dante Colle

Lena Moon and Dante Colle in His First Trans Encounter 2 from Devil's Film

I do it so seldom that when I write about trans movies I feel like a poseur… but hot porn is hot porn is hot porn is hot porn. And Jesus, this scene is hot! Lena Moon is a total babe and looks great with that pink wig and black dress, exactly the sort of girl you’d want to pick up at a hip bar. And the scenario is everything a guy might fantasize about regarding his first time with a trans girl. Lena guides the action with Dante, and Dante is very receptive. By the time Lena is ready for Dante inside of her, he is practically begging for that ass.

Mom’s Anal Orgasms from Pure Passion (Clip 4 starring Cory Chase and Logan Long)

Cory Chase and Logan Long in Mom's Anal Orgasms from Pure Passion

Logan goes to visit his girlfriend, but the door is answered by her mom, Cory. Cory sneaks after Logan to listen to Logan and her daughter get up to, and she is excited by what she hears. When her daughter has left Logan alone, Cory walks in to confront Logan over what she heard. The young couple got in a fight because Logan’s lady wasn’t ready for anal. But you know who is? Busty MILF Cory Chase. She shows Logan that she already has a plug in her ass and promises to show him the ropes. Both performers are experts at the ‘teaching the ropes’ type scenes… and this is a master class (with mother ass).

The Cock Hungry Chronicles from Chris Streams (Clip 1 starring Emma Hix and Ramon Nomar)

Emma Hix in The Cock Hungry Chronicles from Chris Streams and Evil Angel

Mark my words: so long as she wants to stick with the business, Emma Hix is bound for all the adult Hall of Fames out there. She is the perfect combination of onscreen personality, dirtiness, and looks to have a career that will last until she doesn’t want to shoot anymore. She is a special one. And this scene, with actual Hall of Famer Ramon Nomar is a wonderful example of how two amazing performers and a great director in Chris Streams can come together to elevate any scenario or premise into legitimately great stroke material. The scene starts off with Emma (wearing a skirt but no panties) baking a pie, teasing her nipples with strawberry filling, and rubbing whipped cream on her bald twat. When Ramon enters the home, he takes control of the situation, and the kitchen gets a hell of a lot hotter.

Adorable Teens 4 from Private (Clip 5 starring Mary Solaris and Tim Strike)

Mary Solaris and Tim Strike in Adorable Teens 4 from Private

“Fear not, the Millenials will populate the earth, too,” is the last bit of narration that goes along with the scene. Gorgeous, tattooed, and pierced: Mary Solaris (who has the first third-eye piercing I’ve ever seen) is an artist sketching a nearly naked Tim Strike. We see the mischief and lust sweep over Mary’s face as she walks over to the stoic Tim to rub his briefs, pull out his cock, and stroke it. The scene is hot and Mary works Tim’s cock for all it’s worth. Her moans during anal are enough to put this scene in the piece. The whole movie is good, but this scene is one I have hearted on my own personal HotMovies account. Check it out!

Sinn Loves Trouble from TROUBLE Films (Clip 4 starring Courtney Trouble, Sinn Sage, and Drake Man-O-War)

Courtney Trouble, Sinn Sage, and Drake Man-O-War in Sinn Loves Trouble from TROUBLE Films

Sinn Loves Trouble is a collection that highlights all the wonderful work that Sinn Sage (a longtime Jeffton Banks all-star) has done with Courtney Trouble (punk rock, progressive porn icon and overall hottie). It is great to have a good chunk of their best scenes together all in one handy-dandy title. My favorite of the bunch (despite my unshakeable and undying crush on TROUBLE stalwart Lita Lecherous who appears in a super hot foursome scene in the comp) is a three-way between Courtney, Sinn, and Sinn’s real-life hubby, Drake Man-O-War. I don’t know what they did to get to the point they were at in this scene, but it worked. It almost feels to me like the three of them spent the entire day together bonding and teasing one another in an extended/romantic version of foreplay to get this hot for one another. It features some squirting, lots of giggling, and the hardest orgasm I’ve ever seen Sinn have (while she’s got a wand on her clit and both Courtney’s fingers and Drake’s dick inside of her). It almost seemed like Sinn was about to burst into tears it was so moving. Wow.



Fairytale Garden from SinfulXXX

I’ve been watching porn for nearly 30 years now, and I can’t think of a studio in all that time that is as consistently pretty and visually stunning as SinfulXXX. If you want porn that is so visually arresting that it could very well just be the background loop in the chic-est club you’ll never get to go to, this is your place to go. But better than that, the sex is hot. We added a couple titles in March and they’re both good. The intro to Fairytale Garden is pretty corny, but the sex is fantastic. And Laguna Passionata may well be the very definition of the phrase ‘a feast for the eyes.’

House of Fyre

Morning Sex - Indica Flower from House of Fyre

I’m playing favorites here. House Of Fyre is, without question, one of my favorite studios making movies today. Their sex is hot, their concepts are noble and unique, and they seem to get better with every film that comes out. It is amazing to see that progression as time goes on; I’ve been a fan dating back to when everything was POV and Olivia Fyre was the star of most movies, and it was almost exclusively a taboo company. But here they are, having moved from Seattle to Vegas, and they are constantly looking to outdo their last title. That is the mark of greatness. We are adding movies about every week right now, and if pressed to give my pick for their March releases, it would be Morning Sex – Indica Flower. Not only is Indica Flower ridiculously hot, but the movie shows that tender and romantic porn doesn’t have to be boring to be tender and romantic.

Wolf Wagner

Bangers In Berlin 1 from Wolf Wagner

I met the main rep for Wolf Wagner at the XBIZ Conference back in January 2020; right before the world went tits-up (in the bad way). Talking to him about the studio, I was super excited. High quality German porn good for couples and featuring real-world type scenarios and sex in public? Sounded rad. So imagine the smile on Ole Jeffton’s face when we finally started seeing the work of Mr. Wagner coming into the site a little earlier this year! The studio is everything that was promised to me. I urge you all to take a look at this Teutonic titan in the making!

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