Lacy Lennon Talks 2021 Pornament Win with HotMovies

The votes are in, and Lacy Lennon is the 2021 HotMovies MVP! Her supporters came out by the thousands to cast their ballots and show their love, driving the quick-witted redhead to a historic win. Lacy generously decided to donate her full winnings to her charity of choice, DAV. To celebrate, we sat down with Lacy to discuss what DAV means to her, her relationship with her supporters, her must-see scenes, and what’s next for 2021.

Lacy Lennon HotMovies Porn Star Tournament 2021 MVP

JH: Congrats! How does it feel to have won?

LL: It feels incredible. I’m a bit competitive, I have to be honest with myself. So of course we’re doing this charity event and I thought, “I have to win, I have to!” I’m very happy about it because nothing feels better than putting in an immense amount of work and seeing it pay off. It’s a really great feeling.

Tell me about your charity and why you chose them.

I chose DAV because my father recommended them to me. A lot of these charities out there are going to big corporations, and once it’s divvied out, it ends up just being pennies. So I had to ask him, and he was in the military for 20-plus years; I spent my entire life as a military brat. He recommended donating to DAV because he’s seen where the money has been distributed, he knows people who have been helped by DAV. They’re very hands-on and getting the money to people who truly need the help. That was very important to me.

Doing my own research, it just seemed like a place that really does help, and I care a lot about our troops, and all branches of our military. Sometimes people forget about our past and our history, and the troops truly have had to go through some traumatic and wild moments just so we can have safety and we can have life here in America. And I guess maybe that is a touchy subject for some people, but I believe in them. I believe in our cops. I believe in the people that are out there just trying to protect the American people, and I think that’s a beautiful and selfless thing.

Your fans came out in droves to vote for you this year. What do you think it is about you that inspires so much love and loyalty?

I think I’ve been very hands-on with my fanbase; I even try not to really ever call them fans. We’ve had honest talks on live shows where I say, “You can’t get upset about me calling you a fan. I will still be delicate, but I’m gonna lay it out there. You are a fan. It is what it is, but out of the kindness of my heart, I understand what kind of feeling that may give you.” Some people don’t wanna feel like they’re a groupie, sometimes people don’t wanna feel like they’re a fan or a follower. So that’s why I call them my supporters my lovers. We have these open, honest conversations, and that’s really important. We have our naughty live shows and we have our honest-talk live shows. I came from the brothel world, where my only form of communication was email, so I was already very in contact with my clients back over at The Moonlight Bunny Ranch.

So coming into porn, it was very easy for me to continue these conversations to get to know people and ask the right questions, and that’s important for me. I know a lot of my support base; I know, very important and very small details about them, and a lot of people will say, “Oh, I don’t think that you’ll remember me.” And then they would come and see me at AVN and I would know them by first-name basis, and you can just tell how much it warms their heart. I think it has to do with a bit of customer service. I look at my brand, I look at everything I’m doing—of course I’m having fun, but I’m also a business.

Lacy Lennon

And I look at businesses that are run absolutely amazingly, such as Amazon, and their customer service is out of this world. Say you ordered a package from them and didn’t show up, you message them to let them know and immediately they resend that package out, because no matter what they want their customer service to be the best. So I feel like my customer service and companionship has been really important for my supporters in making sure that I’m not making them feel “less than.”

I’m deeply connected with my supporters, and I don’t ask much of them. I don’t treat them like wallets, so a lot of what I give them is either for free or for very low prices, so when I finally do ask for something, a lot of people are jumping to see who can do it first. And I’m very grateful for that, because I think the world needs balance, and as a sex worker, it’s like you can only ask so much before it’s gonna bite you in your ass. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve just been giving, giving, giving, giving, and now that I’m hitting about two-and-a-half years in, now I’m starting to get things in return. It’s a very beautiful process, and it’s all about that hard work, and I think they feel motivated by that as well. Seeing the happiness, being motivated, seeing me travel, saying inspirational quotes, talking about real-world things, making sure that I’m keeping them aligned with being a human versus being, once again, that wallet. So I think that’s important.

Earlier today, you wrote to me about how important it is to set a good example and show the world how positive the adult industry can be. What are the things about adult that you want the world to know about?

I want the world to know how kind so many of us are. We all go through bad days because we’re human, but at the end of the day, we are such a selfless community. I’m always inspired by my peers that are just hustling, working so hard, putting out this amazing content and promotions, and not only doing all this stuff in their free time and spending money on that, but then also working regular scenes and coming back home and doing live shows for their fans and putting out merchandise. The industry is so selfless in so many ways, and we are talking to millions of people and making them happy and being that stress relief. It’s a very doctor-patient type of deal where if you’ve got something going on, I’m the person to talk to. And not only do you get to talk to me, but I’m also gonna go ahead and take it one step further and hopefully help revive some of that stress.

Lacy Lennon

This is a ridiculously hard job to do and we are putting all of ourselves all over the Internet. You have to go big or go home, and every single one of us has gone big. I’m not sure if the world looks at these charitable causes from the porn industry and takes them seriously, but it would be a beautiful thing if they did. And I think that’s the energy that I’m trying to push forward, just inspiring others inside the industry to maybe do a little bit more, so people say, “Oh wow, they’re doing some really amazing stuff. I would have never expected that.”

And the answer is, “No, you should expect that, because again: we are a completely selfless industry.” Sex workers are bending over backwards for so many people, and some people are getting a lot in return, but they didn’t get that on right away, they had to wait til year ten or 15.

So they’re bending over backwards for ten years and they’re still smiling on the Internet and telling their supporters how much they love them, and it’s like they’re not tired. The fact that our industry is doing this constantly, year-after-year, and people still aren’t tired, it’s just an amazing thing. We are here, we can do amazing things, and we can help communities, and we are good people. And again, at the end of the day, we are human. I think that’s my main motive behind inspiring people.

Did you have any special strategies that you employed to win?

Yes, I did have a few! The Internet is saturated, porn is saturated—how do I get people to look at these tweets, and how do I get people to actually do something on their own time when everybody’s living a crazy busy life? Why would somebody take time out of their day to do something nice for me? Everybody likes a deal, everybody likes a bargain. It’s just something that humans are thoroughly attracted to. My idea was that if I’m gonna ask something of them, then I would also like to be able to give them something in return; that way they know for sure it is worth it.

I gave out free subscriptions to my OnlyFans, because it’s really the only site that I have. After I had gotten past the second round, I put up a free video on my main feed. And then for the fourth and fifth rounds I had one more free video, and I personally sent that out to everybody who showed me screenshots, and it ended up working out very well. And the videos weren’t just some phone videos; I spent $500 on a shoot, and I had Chris Streams, who works a lot for Evil Angel, and had him do three solos and three picture sets in completely professional 4K quality. Absolutely beautiful. I used two out of three of those videos as a present for those who then showed me a screenshot—which was the best that I could do, because, again, it’s how I make my living.

How do you get people to take time out of their day? They want to watch a video, something new, and they don’t want to have to pay for it. I would say 50% of the people are just hardcore supporters that, you know, would really do anything for me, which I’m very grateful for.

Lacy Lennon

I didn’t realize that you put so much effort into this, that’s awesome!

I’m just very meticulous, and I think a lot and also, that’s also one of my biggest demises. Sometimes I should relax, and not put so much thought into it. But I did this tournament last year, and I got so close. And I didn’t want to get so close this year, I wanted to do it. And I’m not sure if I’m going to do it again. Because I think after winning, and putting my supporters through so much already, I think it would be really amazing to see the next, you know, next wave of girls, have somebody else in place with me. And you know, for new winners, I think that’s really important. I know some people they’re like, well, I’m going to do it again. I’m so proud I won this year. But I think next year, I would love to see who’s competing; I’ll still partake and be a voter myself. And you know, definitely promote the tournament. I think it’s good to kind of once you do something really great, let somebody else do something really great.

Sure. If you hadn’t been competing this year, who do you think you would have been rooting for?

Probably Serene Siren. She is one of my favorite people inside the industry. I’m an Aquarius, and she is a Gemini, so she’s like, my perfect female match. Anytime that we’re with each other, we’re just full of laughs and giggles, and she’s such a powerful woman. She takes care of every single person she has in her life. A lot of people think that you know, sex workers are alone, and we’re not.

We all have family, we all have friends. And I have never seen somebody work so hard like her. She doesn’t have a place to stay out here, but she makes it work. And she always has the best attitude. She is just an incredible person, and I’m not saying none of these other girls are incredible. But she is the person who I had the closest bond with, and I’m very grateful that I’ve gotten to make that bond with her. She’s an incredible human being. She’s so kind-hearted. She works incredibly hard. And you want to talk about somebody who’s selfless, that’s Serene. Serene is probably one of the most selfless people I’ve met.

So you’re the first Spiegler girl to have won our tournament, has Spiegler congratulated you or is this just another day in the life of a Spiegler girl winning everything?

That people think that and believe that that is such a diva mentality, and I would love to throw that into the trash. I hope nobody thinks all of us have that mentality.

Lacy Lennon

Oh I know you don’t, but it’s a fun running joke in the industry.

No, jokes have a little bit of truth in them and that is totally okay. But Spiegler has actually been sick for a while. He’s doing amazing. He is home now, but he is not too concerned with anything. It has been George who has been running everything. And I try not to bother George. I haven’t messaged him yet. Everybody knows that we collectively as a group are a lot to handle. So being that I consider myself an adult, I try to leave him alone with most things.

And also, this was a charity event, and it was more important to me to win and have all my winnings donated versus bragging rights. Whether I won or lost, I was going to donate anyway. But no matter what, I’m not really looking for bragging rights. I think that, you know, it’s like when somebody donates to a homeless person, and they give them a couple dollars, and they videotape it and post it on Instagram. I’m not that person.

I think that Spiegler does expect really great things out of all of us, and this is what we should be doing. I think the perception of the Spiegler agency is that we’re supposed to be hard-working, we’re supposed to be having achievements, and we’re also not supposed to be handed things. I think that that’s just him having high standards, and I think that he will be happy to hear it. But he’ll also probably say, “Well, you better have not lost!” I think it’s more of a tough-love type thing. But there’s plenty of times where the girls lose and it’s very funny because they cry. Oh, buddy, I love it.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate your win?

No, I’m not. But it’s okay, because I actually feel like I celebrated already. I just got back from Sedona, Arizona, and I did this camping trip and it was absolutely incredible. It was Round Five when I was out there and I was getting so stressed out about everything. I realized I needed to get back outside in nature and I needed to de-stress a little bit. So I pre-celebrated ’cause I knew once I relaxed a little bit and de-stressed, everything was gonna go as planned, and if it didn’t, then what are you gonna do? You can’t be upset, you can’t have too many extreme emotions. It’s a charity, whoever won was doing something amazing for a good cause. So I thought, “I need to go camping,” which is exactly what I did. I got to lay underneath the stars, I got to go on beautiful hikes, got to go down to beautiful creeks and rivers, and it was just absolutely amazing. And it was so good to decompress and get out of the LA hectic vibe and then come home. And then go to bed and wake up and see that I won, that was awesome. What a great feeling. [laughs]

And we’re having a 25% off sale on your scenes to celebrate. What are some must-see Lacy Lennon scenes that you think your fans should get?

I know my Girlfriends Films scenes are always fabulous and I’ve been nominated for a few awards. Alien Rhapsody, which was actually directed by Serene, has two girl-girl scenes in it with myself. It was very intense, very amazing. Serene said that she had written the script just for me and she wanted me to read over it even before I got booked, to see if I was okay with it. She wanted me to change the script and correct things, if there were certain ways that I would say something better. She had me very involved because it meant so much to her, and I could see how stressed out that she was on set because she just wanted everything to go perfect, and it meant a lot.

Lacy Lennon in Alien Rhapsody from GFF
Lacy Lennon in Alien Rhapsody from GFF

I did get nominated in 2020 for Best Actress, but I don’t think that that specific feature got as much eyes as I wished that it did, because of the amount of work that she put into the script and the casting and wardrobe and just absolutely everything.

I recommend anything from Hard X. Mason is one of my favorite female directors, I absolutely adore her. She just has these ideas in her head and she knows exactly what she wants to see, where she wants to see it, and before you even walk on set, she’s got everything set up. For the wardrobe, she wants it glamorous, she cares about if you like your makeup, if you like your wardrobe, if there’s anything that you don’t like. She’s really, really involved. Instead of just telling you what’s gonna happen, she asks if you like her ideas, and then you can be honest with her. She’s very forward and she’s very blunt. Some people might be timid about that, for me it’s the quickest way to get done with the day. [laughs] Not only do you get phenomenal pictures, the trailer is amazing and then the scenes end up being super, super, super high-energy.

I absolutely adore Jacky St. James and all her work as well. The scripts that Shawn Alf and Jacky write are easy to read, but the ideas are complex. I feel like her films not only speak to men, but they also speak to women. There’s something that somebody can click to. And I love how she coordinates her talent, I love how she coordinates her days, and then how the films come out; they’re just extremely cinematic. Not many companies are doing very cinematic work these days. Some may say that they are, but I like the way that Jacky runs hers. They’re not too taboo either. There’s nothing wrong with taboo work, but for me, I’ve done some taboo work and the fanbase that I got in return was not my favorite. So I like that working for Jacky, the fanbase of the traffic that comes back to me, they are extremely respectful and they’re very passionate fans. And I think that’s what’s important with a lot of these companies and scenes from Girlfriends Films, from X Empire, Hard X, and then Jacky St. James and Quasar. Well, Quasar for Wicked, not for Quasar for Zero. [laughs]

He jokes about that, if anybody knows him they’ll understand. But all of these companies, the fanbases that come from them are really positive and they’re very involved in my career, and I just get really positive things out of them. I’m getting more intelligence from certain people, I’m getting more in-depth conversations, the people that are willing to pay for their porn. That’s really important.

You told me earlier today that you have a fitting for Black Widow this afternoon; can you tell us a little bit about that project?

I can’t tell you too much, otherwise Axel might give me text or call and be like, “What are you’re doing?” All that I can tell you is it’s amazing. Because it’s so amazing, he wants me to keep all the details a secret, and that’s the only reason why. I can’t talk about the script, I can’t talk about details about my costume. All that I can tell people is that I have been training for Black Widow. He’s been having me do boxing. What I’ve seen so far is amazing, and they are doing an almost exact replica of what you would have seen in the figurine and then also in the original comics. I’ve been doing so many interviews, I’ve been training, and these fittings have been going so well.

So I am really excited for everybody to see it. I’ve been rocking more of my natural color, and I’m gonna be going back to that super-dark, fun red, just so it matches the comic books. When you think of a Black Widow, where they have that big red spot, that’ll be the color of my hair. We’re going all the way and making sure that we are gonna be sticking as closely as we can to the comic books and bring the most authentic Black Widow to life.

What are some other projects that you have coming up next?

I can’t say from who, but there has been talk about possibly doing a showcase this year. I would potentially be debuting anal, DP, probably girl-girl anal, and then even potentially trans-anal. And that’s how I’d want it. I’ve been ready for quite a while now, with Spiegler not being at 100%, and George helping out everything, I’m not trying to stress them out or rush things because there’s no need to. My work has been extremely steady, extremely good, and then of course, my online residual work has been very good as well. And any time off, I’ve been exploring in nature, which has been so nice. So that is a possibility.

We’ve had a few companies reach out, but through some negotiations, a couple of them didn’t pan out. We have another one and I’m very excited about it. I’m so hands-on and I like working for myself and I don’t wait on other people to do things for me, so I was talking to Chris Streams about possibly doing my own showcase. I was even thinking, maybe if I did the showcase through the industry, I could also double-up and put out another showcase and do it completely on my own, but do it completely different than that other showcase. If I do a big gonzo showcase, then I’d write a script and do a feature. If the other one is a feature, then I would go ahead a make a gonzo showcase. That way, there’s a couple of flavors.

Lacy Lennon

Who would be your dream scene partner for your first anal scene?

I have to be hard on our male talent in the industry; I just want somebody who’s gonna do their job. I think that honestly on set, it’s been a big ego struggle lately. There’s people that are coming in with attitudes and getting angry at the directors and then having wood issues. It’s been very prevalent lately and I’m just sitting there with a smile on my face, “Ready when you are.” I’ve been dealing with a lot of them complaining on set about literally everything, and so at this point, I just want somebody who wants to do this and has their head in the game. I don’t really have a preference, I never have. Again, I came from the brothel world. At the brothel, you line up and a random guy walks in and picks you. You don’t get to pick. You do get to pick if you consent, but at the end of the day, you don’t really get to pick your guy.

So, I didn’t come into porn being all picky and choosey about people. I just want somebody who’s gonna respect me, I want them to do their job, and I want them to be strong all the way through. That’s really all that I want. I’m there to create amazing scenes, and I want them to create an amazing scene with me, so we can get those ratings, get that traffic, and then get re-booked. It’s all that matters to me.

What makes you feel sexy?

What makes me feel sexy? [chuckle] Let’s see… Oh gosh, I have to think about it. What makes me feel sexy is definitely intimacy. I have a partner at home. We had a little bit of time off, I guess maybe that’s a little bit too much detail, but we are gonna be celebrating three years this year. It’s crazy because I dress up in all of this lingerie and get my hair dolled up at work, and then people on set say, “Okay, you look good, ready for pictures.” But I put on lingerie and sit in front of my partner, and it’s just the intimacy, and the look in his eyes, and the way that he touches me, and kisses me, and it’s so different. And for me, I think that he makes me feel incredibly sexy, he makes me feel extremely valued, which also makes me feel sexy, and he acknowledges my mind, and my wit, and also my attitude, because that comes with it. And I appreciate his honesty and how loyal and how kind that he is to me, and yeah, he makes me feel incredibly sexy. Sometimes in the industry you can kind of feel like we’re all the same, and you kind of feel alone, but when I’m with him, the way he talks to me, touches me, looks at me; it makes me feel incredibly sexy.

That’s really cute.

Thanks. [laughs]

You’re welcome. Any final words for your fans at HotMovies?

Thank you everybody so much and thank you for getting to know me a little bit better, I think it’s hard to get to know me. We have the Internet, but I’m not always around, so I don’t think that most people get to sit down and have a full conversation with me, so I really appreciate moments where I can just authentically be myself and tell people how I feel. That’s really important to me. I appreciate you reading this. And thank you so much for having me a part of the tournament again. This is the best year ever. I don’t have too many goals for the year 2021, as I didn’t really have too many for 2020 other than I wanted Penthouse Pet of the Year, and this year the porn tournament was the one thing I want, so my year is complete. I am so happy and whatever else happens will just be like a little cherry on top, so thank you so much. Yeah, I’m just very grateful. Thank you so much.

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