Erotica Movie Channel Releasing Sylvia Kristal's 'Julia' Exclusively on HotMovies

Erotica Movie Channel to release Sylvia Kristal’s Julia exclusively on recently signed a deal with Cult Epics to offer their library of classic erotica films through the Erotica Movie Channel studio. The studio is owned and operated by Nico B, founder of the Cult Videotheek, one of Holland and Europe’s famous video stores in the 1990s which had clientele like Quentin Tarantino and Michael Jackson, among other celebrities. Cult Epics label now operating in the US caters to uncut, uncensored versions of many classic cult films.

Erotica Movie Channel will not only be offering these famous erotica films uncut and uncensored but in many cases, the films have been beautifully remastered and are being streamed in Hi-Def format. Later this month, Erotica Movie Channel will be releasing Sylvia Kristel’s Julia, exclusively on
In the United States and all over Europe, Sylvia Kristel was famous for her roles in the hugely popular erotica series Emmanuelle. Following her role in that series, Sylvia starred in the movie Julia billed as an “erotic comedy for the sophisticated.”

Cult Epics is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the publishing of a coffee table book about the life and career of Sylvia Kristal. Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol will be an “homage to the work and artistry of the Dutch actress and icon. The book is available for pre-purchase and there is also a package that includes a 4 DVD set of films never before released.
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The film Julia will be available for streaming in early May. Click on the Email Updates icon at the top studio page for Erotica Movie Channel to be notified when it is released.