Unsung Niches: 10 Super Space Buns Scenes

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away—and by that I mean in 1977 in movie theaters around the world—Carrie Fisher starred as Princess Leia Organa and instantly became both a feminist icon and sex symbol. In the opening moments of the George Lucas epic, Star Wars, the seeds of a new look for women’s hair was born. According to the Conair website (yes, the company that makes hair dryers and brushes), space buns really spring from soldaderas (Mexican women revolutionaries in the 1800s) or the squash-blossom buns the only unmarried Hopi women were allowed to wear. But whatever the origin, I fucking love them. And it’s because of the relationship to Star Wars that we’re dropping this article on May the 4th (you know, “May the 4th be with you”).

When I see space buns I think of alt-rock/grunge-girl looks from music festivals in the 90s like Lollapalooza, and then I think of more recent stuff like Coachella vibes (if you ever have time, seeing photo galleries of festival-goers is always fun). Then there’s the whole overlap with raver girls and goths and e-girls… and so it’s just a really cute and kinda quirky hairstyle that super-cute women with interesting taste have seemed to adopt.

Hookup Hotshot: Internet Queens

Tiffany Watson and Bryan Gozzling in Hookup Hotshot- Internet Queens from Bryan Gozzling

Looks like my fellow metalhead Bryan Gozzling is also firmly onboard the space-bun train! With the candy-raver aesthetic he has his performers dress in, several of the women in his titles have their hair up in buns (some small and tight, others bigger and looser). The scene with Tiffany Watson is one of my favorites of his. He has her literally squirting buckets while he fingers her into a cross-eyed oblivion. If you’re not familiar with Gozzling’s work, it is very hardcore stuff. If you can handle your sex extreme, then this might be the right fit for you. Let’s just say that by the end of the scene, Tiffany is a panting, goopy, dripping, slobbery mess (but to be fair, a beautiful mess).

Creamy Teens

Kristen Scott and Xander Corvus in Creamy Teens from Burning Angel

One of my favorite games to play is, “Would I pay to watch this if Kristen Scott was in it?” It’s fun because I always win! Car insurance commercial? Yes. Open casket funeral? Sure. Parliamentary meeting for a country whose language I don’t speak? You betcha! Lucky for me, I can actually watch Kristen in stuff that I’m into. She is gorgeous in her dark makeup, gothy lingerie, and space buns. There’s a corny tease montage where she’s holding a giant flower, but again: Kristen Scott. Xander Corvus comes into frame with his Superman curl, and the two wind up going at it rough. Probably the best moment is when he’s jackhammering her when she’s on all fours and she starts convulsing in orgasm like she was a Baptist Revival tent. Good god!

Too Big For Teens 17

Daisy Haze and Ramon Nomar in Too Big For Teens 17 from Reality Junkies

Daisy Haze, who just so happens to have a Star Wars Rebel Alliance insignia tattoo on her hip, is hot as fuck. She is sitting on a couch with Ramon Nomar and the two play a kind of chicken with one another. She says she likes big dicks. Ramon says women say that, but don’t actually mean it. She says he says it like he has one. He says he’s been told he has one. She tells him to pull it out and prove it. He tells her she has to fit the whole thing in her mouth if he does. She agrees, and it’s on. Ramon fucks Daisy so good that she is speechless; lost in a moaning ecstasy that he has to break her out of to get the response he’s goading her for.

Gothic Anal Whores

Dahlia Sky and Owen Gray in Gothic Anal Whores from Burning Angel

I’m not gonna pretend to know why space buns have become something of a fixture in the goth girl aesthetic. But I’m also certainly not going to complain. Dahlia Sky looks amazing in her buns and black lipstick. As she pogos on Owen Gray‘s cock with her butthole, she bites her lip and… I’m done for. Highly recommended viewing, and very couples-friendly. Plus, it gets bonus points because Owen seems rad and he has probably the most interesting tattoo in all of porndom.

My Boyfriend’s Dad Makes Me Cum 6

Viva Athena and Jerry Kovacs in My Boyfriend's Dad Made Me Cum 5 from Lethal Hardcore

The set-up is flimsy, even as far as Lethal Hardcore set-ups are concerned. But when that just means that someone as gorgeous as Viva Athena is getting naked and getting plowed quicker, who the heck cares?! Viva’s boyfriend is cheating, so she goes to his dad, Jerry Kovacs for support… and cock! The slender beauty queefs several times as she’s filled up by Jerry. It is no wonder he blows such a huge and hard load when the scene ends.

Let Me Lick Your Tits

Lilly Ford and Scarlett Sage in Let Me Lick Your Tits from Web Young

Lilly Ford and Scarlett Sage are BFFs having a near-naked sleepover party in bed (as girls do). Scarlett is reading Lilly’s palm and becomes excited to see a man in Lilly’s near future, but Lilly admits to being nervous due to inexperience. Scarlett volunteers to show Lilly how to kiss (after all, she’s kissed two guys before). That gets the pair tingling. Some chance thunder forces Lilly up against Scarlett, and then lust overtakes them. Lilly and her buns coo to Scarlett at one point, “I want to feel your tongue under every crevice of my pussy.”

Don John Vol. 1

Denise in Don John Volume 1 from Vlaanderens Vuilste Films

The scene starts with Denise masturbating furiously in a chair—naked save for her hair in buns, her glasses, and a little necklace. And I am immediately a fan of Denise. Don John saunters over for some POV BJ action while she’s still in the chair. The scene itself is a little rough: it gets too backlit at times, the camerawork is a little unsteady, and there are a few moments of dead space. Don John got much better over the volumes of his series (and luckily Denise and her buns re-join in Volume 16). And while some of that gives it an amateur appeal, it is the voraciousness Denise has throughout the scene for getting herself off that really sells it.

Slutty Step Daughters 4

Rebecca Vanguard aka Sailor Luna in Slutty Step Daughters 4 from BadDaddyPOV

Rebecca Vanguard (back then going as Sailor Luna) is amazing at playing the bratty stepdaughter. Her stepdad blocks her from going out with her friends while in shorts that don’t cover her ass cheeks and a tight white t-shirt with no bra. Cut to ‘daddy’ entering his bedroom, and he sees Luna in a barely-there bikini waiting for him. She taunts him and says she knows how he looks at her. He tries to send her to her room, but she gets down on her knees and says, “Like that would work. See? You’re already hard!” It’s clear both performers were really feeling it that day… because how they talk about how good it feels sort of pops out of the fantasy of the scene. When her daddy is about to pop, she exclaims, “I want to wear it like a trophy!”


Gia Derza and Scarlit Scandal in Cardiogasm from Adult Time

A one-time exclusive from Adult Time has what I would call the cutest Scarlit Scandal scene. She and scene partner (and fellow cutie) Gia Derza lead us in a little exercise routine in a brightly lit room. Like a legitimate workout routine with stretches and yoga. And when that’s done, the two bring their extra giggly energy to a breezy and sexy lesbian jaunt to reward us for being so good at exercising.

Star Wars XXX – A Porn Parody

Allie Haze in Star Wars - A XXX Parody

These aren’t the buns we’re looking for. See what I did there? Sorry. Anyways… without Princess Leia, we wouldn’t be able to call space buns, space buns. And since this article is dropping on May the 4th, I had to put this in. Also, it’s a great excuse for me to highlight Allie Haze (one of my all-time favorites). In this scene, she dons the legendary look of Carrie Fisher from the original Star Wars. She rubs her furry muff in space jail before making a deal with Lexington Steele’s Darth Vader– and slurping his lightsaber in the process!

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