Ramon Nomar Talks 'Trans International,' His Directorial Debut

After 26 years in the industry, you would think that legendary Venezuelan stud Ramon Nomar would have done it all by now. But now, the XBIZ Performer of the Year has taken the plunge and released both his directorial debut AND his TS debut all in one epically orgasmic gonzo spectacle: Trans International LA.

Trans International LA from Evil Angel

We had to get the details on this lush new flick and where Ramon’s head is at, so over email we discussed how this project came to be, sexual expression, his signature moves, and what’s next for this seasoned performer-turned-director.

Ramon Nomar

JH: What do you want your fans to know about Trans International LA?

RN: Trans International is a series of DVDs to travel around and find the best TS girl in the industry. We are looking to have fun and show those beauties around the world!

What made you decide dive headfirst into trans porn and make Trans International LA?

Trans girls are very beautiful, I have an attraction for them and been playful with Aubrey Kate—first TS i have worked with. I just decided to say yes to John Stagliano‘s offer to work with her, but doing it on my own movie was a generous offer from the porn legend owner of Evil Angel, so Trans International was born thanks to both of them.

Since this is your directorial debut for Evil Angel, how would you describe your imprint for the iconic brand?

As this is a first gig, I know that I have to do my best to be at the level of the top directors/producers that are already under the brand. Apart from the creative ideas, I do have to realize my vision, I do take care about who can help me with it—choosing very well the team that works for this production—and as we all have long-time experience in the biz, we make it very easy, very professional, and original. Fluent sex is the key for this line; we do what we want to do and let the sexual flow take over to take us to original moments that, from my point of view, are the best.

Sean Michaels also made big news when he did his TS debut for Evil Angel a few years ago, and now you’re taking this big step too. Why do you think that iconic male performers like you and Sean are now able to openly work with transwomen?

I do believe we want to make clear how professional we can be, and at the same time support our TS partners to fight against any stigma some people still can have just because somebody has one or another sexuality. In my case, I will dig even further trying more sexualities new for me in this year; I want to explore them all. We need to prove a point where we can express our sexuality without the fear of being judged because of it.

What has the reaction from your fans been?

I could say the 95% of my followers are happy and supportive about the new move. About the other 5%… I respect everybody’s opinions.

Why did you cast Aubrey Kate for your first scene? What attracted you to her?

Years ago on AVN’s red carpet we met when I was walking with Phoenix Marie. When Aubrey saw us, she asked Phoenix why she was walking with her future husband… from there we like each other and it was just question of time. Have you seen Aubrey Kate? Everything attracted me from her… especially her eyes!

Aubrey Kate & Ramon Nomar in Trans International LA for Evil Angel
Aubrey Kate & Ramon Nomar in Trans International LA for Evil Angel

What was your favorite part of the threesome scene with Joanna Angel and Natalie Mars?

Being able to do a DP scene with a TS girl in the picture redimensioned the regular scenes about it. For me, there is more perversion in this new one, especially with Natalie Mars—who is able to do so much with her sexuality—and also Joanna Angel, who is another outstanding and creative performer who was bringing crazy and unique moments to the scene. The combination of the three of us makes the clip a must-see!

Do you have plans to work with more TS performers? Which trans girl do you think you want to fuck next?

Indeed I do want and have plans about it, that’s why the line is called Trans International. Next step is Las Vegas, and there I will be working with other TS performers I would love to mention, but I need to keep for myself until the tape is done. Sorry about it, need to keep the surprise emotion about it!

Joanna Angel, Natalie Mars & Ramon Nomar  in Trans International LA for Evil Angel
Joanna Angel, Natalie Mars & Ramon Nomar  in Trans International LA for Evil Angel

Now that you’ve shot trans porn, is there anything left on your career bucket-list?

Of course there is, and all of it will be shown on a bigger movie I am planning for summertime. You will be posted on the correct time.

Congratulations on winning Male Performer Of The Year at XBIZ this year! How did it feel to win that?

Performer of the Year is the most difficult award to get as a performer. Check the finalist list: top performers with great skills who all deserve the award, as oneself does. Unfortunately, the award is only for one of us, and this year that person was me. It’s a nice cherry on top of almost 26 years experience in the biz and honestly, I loved it!

What do you think is the best piece of advice that you could give to a male talent joining the adult industry?

Keep it healthy: practice sports, cardio, don’t drink, don’t smoke, sleep good, and try not too much to jerk off between scenes… at the end, you get paid for what you are able to bring on set. Be patient and polite—always especially be patient; sometimes productions take longer time than usual, and we can’t bring more issues to the production just because we are running late. A smile will always take you further than an angry face!

What makes you feel sexy?

Many things, music, some beautiful eyes, certain clothing, my partner’s looks before a scene…

What would you say your ‘signature move’ in bed is?

Having sex on an standing position… not everybody can do it and girls usually love it.

Aubrey Kate & Ramon Nomar in Trans International LA for Evil Angel

You’ve been a leading male performer in the industry for decades now. Do you see yourself retiring anytime soon?

I do have plans to be partially out of the industry doing promos around the world after my big movie, but that doesn’t mean that I am gonna leave the industry. I just need to focus on the promos for my business, but at the same time I want to keep shooting some projects. I don’t see myself in the biz as a performer in my 60s, and right now I am 47, so I would love to pass all the knowledge I have learned during this time to potential new performers who would love to follow my steps, and then I will be retiring, probably.

Any final words for your fans at HotMovies?

I am always thankful to my followers, subscribers, and fans for being there all this many years and enjoying the work I do. It’s fantastic to feel them support and being able to talk to them, especially at my OnlyFans where I do have closer conversations with all of them. Thank you all for being so wonderful! Thank you very much guys!

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