The Best Of April 2021 On HotMovies

These Best Of’s are really tough for me! Like, really really tough. How do I narrow down the stars and scenes and studios I pick each month? Jeffton’s a sports guy. Recently I’ve been listening to podcasts from ESPN’s Zach Lowe where he’s talking about his picks for end-of-season NBA Awards. He neurotically describes sleepless nights and ridiculously long lists that he whittles down over an agonizing process to get to the magic number. I am Zach Lowe. I am the Zach Lowe of porn. It is incredible the amount of time I spend making sure I’m highlighting not just okay stuff or studios that just need a little commercial bump, but the Real Deal Holyfield stuff that’ll stand your prick (or lady prick) up at attention. Porn is one of those magical things where even bad porn has some positives to it, and most of what flows through our servers and onto the site is decent or solid, at a minimum. But decent isn’t good enough for you, dear reader of my Monthly Finds. Only the best for you. Only the sleepless nights and exhaustive lists for my adoring porn public. Clear some time from your schedule to get down, chill with a refractory period, and get down again. Repeat as necessary.


Take My Breath Away

Take My Breath Away from Pure Taboo

A pair of wallflowers into choking find each other on the internet: this is what happens when they meet and can’t keep their hands off each other (and their throats). The B-side involves a sinister adoption, and an 18th birthday.

Shouldn’t Dad Do That?

Shouldn't Dad Do That from Girlsway

Young women and their stepmoms get extra close in these three terrific scenes of family bonding.


SCORE from Erotica Movie Channel

This is a stunning classic from Hall-Of-Fame legend Radley Metzger. It follows a swinging couple trying to bed a naive, young couple, and indoctrinate them into the concept of sexual liberation!

Ignite 2

Ignite 2 from Blacked

What happens when the hottest women in the industry hang out with the biggest cocks in porn? They Ignite the screen! The newest hit series from Blacked is back with its 2nd installment.

In The Room: Watching My Girlfriend 5

In The Room - Watching My Girlfriend 5

Your girlfriend wants some new cock, and you love to share. But, you really want to watch, and she wants to show off! This has four scintillating scenes that combine hotwifing with JOI, and it’s all for you!

Multi-Orgasmic 2

Multi-Orgasmic 2 from Porn Pros

This is pure POV paradise from Porn Pros! Featuring squirting, creampies, and an amazing scene of remote-controlled orgasms with Jessie Saint.

Seducing The Boss

Seducing The Boss from Spizoo

Spizoo brings you four scenes of the most stunning women in Europe getting down in luxuriant scenarios.

Ass Trained By An Older Guy 4

Ass Trained By An Older Guy 4 from Perv City

Beautiful blondes bare their bottoms to be opened up. Legendary older cocksmen are there to show these babes how to take one in the keister.

Naughty Couple Exploits

Naughty Couple Exploits 2 from Karups

Euro hotties can’t keep their hands off each other outdoors… and even in public!

My Wife’s Games

My Wife's Games from 21Sextury

What wifey wants, wifey gets… and these wives want two cocks at the same time!


Luna Sapphire

Luna Sapphire in Model Time 5 from Adult Time

So I don’t know how many titles is enough, and it certainly helps now that we have her personal studio, Luna Sapphire, but I know we have nowhere near enough Luna Sapphire content on our site! She is a dream—with her hip style and tattoos, black hair, creamy skin, and sweet smile. She is exactly the sort of performer I was hoping we would see more of when we began reaching out to more clip artists. I’m pretty sure at one point Scarlet M. Divine mentioned she was in love with Luna. Many of the movies we have feature Luna making love to her cutie girlfriend, Sophie Ladder (be sure to check out Trans Girl Fucks Cheating Slut!). But I’m sure, as time goes on, we’ll get to see more and more situations and scene partners, and I’m there for all of it.

Kaiia Eve

Kaiia Eve in Model Time 10 from Adult Time

I first noticed Kaiia Eve working on adding Gamer Girls – DV Edition to the site. Aziani does a really good job of having an interview ahead of time to establish consent and get a general feel for the performer’s personality. But, honestly? I always thought the idea of sitting right before being banged out and having to answer questions in front of multiple men wasn’t the most conducive place to let your true personality out. While some women get real nasty and rise to the occasion as performers, the pre-scene interviews always smacked of the sorts of canned responses a professional athlete gives to a sideline reporter. So, on top of being ridiculously fucking hot and having a septum piercing (which is like an extra 300 points instantly in ole Jeffton’s book), she stopped me dead in my tracks with her answers. She was so sarcastic and comfortable in her own skin and honest and deadpan and kinda mean (but funny mean) that I immediately thought to myself: “Her! I want to hang out with her!” I’m not a great authority on gangbang videos because I’m not really a gangbang kinda guy… but I enjoyed watching her time with the crew. She’s a beast. And I love that she said it to their faces that she hates guys, but loves their dicks. That was 100% her vibe, and she owned it with every second.

If, like me, you’re not really looking for a big ass gangbang, I encourage you to watch her solo scene that appeared in Model Time 10. In it, she plays a camgirl who gets walked in on by her brother’s friend. When she sees that he’s into it, she decides to get him to jerk off so she can get off watching. This, my friends reading this, is in Jeffton Sinclaire Banks’ wheelhouse. Both of those titles I mentioned were released just prior to April, but I chose her to be a featured star because she teamed up with another HotMovies favorite in Lita Lecherous to review the movie Score (see above) for the Spotlight section. I wish the review was a video one so I could see their personalities come out more and hear them riffing off each other, but the review was still a really fun curveball that you need to go and read, and I genuinely hope to see more from that duo in the future.

Kenzie Reeves

Kenzie Reeves

Is it safe to call Kenzie Reeves a legend in the making? She’s been in the business for four years already, which is far more than the average performer. She is deservedly in the top tier of stars working today. On top of showing us how nasty she can get as the cover girl for our exclusive, Ass Trained By An Older Guy 4, she appeared in seven other titles in April. She is a workhorse! While all of them are good, and not just because of her (but also very much so because of her), let me recommend you try her as a brunette in the sexy Slutty Teen Cosplay—where her dirty talk with cameraperson/director/wife of star Dan Ferrari, Suzanne Ferrari, is absolutely epic. And if you want some over-the-top cross-eyed silliness, give Adventures In Cosplay 2 a spin! Oh, and for even more Kenzie Reeves info, be sure to read up about her (and everyone else) in the interesting article about porn stars who grew up Mormon.

XXX Clips

The School Of Hard Cocks 2 – Clip 3

Lena Anderson as Blaire Ivory and J-Mac in School of Hard Cocks 2 from SCORE

No offense to J-Mac, but he doesn’t exactly come off like a school principal to me. I’m not sure that’s in his acting wheelhouse. But a greenhorne Lena Anderson (as Blaire Ivory) works perfectly as a coquettish schoolgirl in this scene from SCORE. J-Mac calls Blaire into his office to discuss how now that she’s about to go off to college, she needs to not just be a good student, but also understand how being with men works. She’d always wanted to try sucking cock. This great little student clip has just about everything you want from a schoolgirl scene, and the outfit and behavior from Blaire are totally on point!

Schoolgirl Bound 6 – Clip 1

Natalie Knight and Chad White in Schoolgirl Bound 6 from Digital Sin

I promised in my Editor’s Picks (if you’re not reading those weekly you are severely missing out), that I loved a scene in this otherwise really good movie for a pick in Monthly Finds because I like it so much. I have become a complete fool for Natalie Knight. She has become an all-timer in my book, and I am genuinely excited when I see her listed in the cast of a movie I’m watching for work.

I’ve also got a thing for schoolgirl outfits (I blame the video for Aerosmith’s ‘Crazy’ coming out at exactly the right time). And so to see Natalie, gorgeous as can be, bound to a chair and squirming in a schoolgirl outfit (with perfectly tight white panties) while she is teased with a wand is just too much to bear. Chad White does a great job of playing a Dom-y professor, and it is clear the two of them are enjoying their roleplaying sincerely. The teasing is hot, the dom/sub components are hot and not overboard, and the sex is chef’s kiss-fantastic. This scene is a gem that I’m coming back to forever.

Mommy’s Boy – Clip 4

Riley Jacobs and Brick Danger in Mommy's Boy from Devil's Film

Devil’s Film has been one of my favorite studios lately! They have absolutely perfected the corny and fun vignette porn. Their movies have a nice, punchy set-up—and then the sex never fails to deliver! This scene between Brick Danger and MILF newcomer Riley Jacobs stood out for me a bit more than the other scenes just by virtue of the fact I think Riley is really cute. Brick plays a pretty good stand-offish gaming dork. Stepmom Riley comes over to flirt with him while he’s in the middle of a sesh, and her combination of touching him and making her clothing a bit more revealing begins to distract him more and more. It’s an absurd fantasy, but one that I love. Distracting a gamer is my favorite of the new crop of porno tropes (that, or quarantine fuck buddies).

Evil Squirters 7

Tiffany Watson and Ricky Spanish in Evil Squirters 7 from Toni Ribas and Evil Angel

The rest of this movie from Toni Ribas Productions is gonzo like most Evil Empire flicks… but the lead scene has an interesting pseudo-gonzo plot to it. Tiffany Watson is talking to the camera about how she’s going to help Ricky Spanish with a little problem he’s having in the relationship department. To get him used to the idea of his girlfriend squirting, she volunteers to show him how to enjoy a squirting woman by letting him fuck her. Ricky has one of my favorite, “Oh wow” expressions in porn, and Tiffany absolutely drenches him in her ejaculate. A soaked Ricky Spanish exclaims that it’s the greatest day in his life, and if it were me in his spot, I’d say the same.

Bad Teens Punished Vol 5

Ember Stone and Brick Danger in Bad Teens Punished 5 from Nubiles

I’m still so happy that Nubiles is now sending us content. It’s been a while, and we’re catching up on some of their older releases alongside the new. All of it is new to me, and so much of it is great. This one really got my attention. Ember Stone (sadly no longer performing in mainstream productions) sneaks into the laundry room to get some of that good dryer tumbling action. Perched atop the humming machine, she begins to rub her pussy… only to be caught by her stepfather, Brick Danger. He is livid, and bends her over to punish her with bare-bottomed spanking. I guess disciplinarians in porn haven’t gotten the memo that spankings to people caught mid-wank only disastrously skyrocket their libido. Ah well. Brick learns the hard way that Ember needs it taken to the next level after having her step-daddy wallop her little peach. The sex is vigorous and tinged with that earlier discipline, and it is a barn burner.


Standard Digital

Cabaret Sin from Standard Digital

Standard Digital, home to the Taboo series, has been on fire lately! They have been shipping over vintage stag reels from the late 70s/early 80s by the boatload! Some of these feature name actors, and some star lesser known talent that even we can’t identify. But better than that have been the features that Standard has been dropping. We started in April with A Taste Of Sugar, which was good. But what really grabbed me by the pants was Cabaret Sin; a wacky and genuinely interesting (but still sexy) sci-fi film from the mid-80s. The music is good, the costuming and design is a cut above the typical movie of that time, and I say it’s a totally forgotten gem! Both it, and its sequel Empire Of The Sins are worth watching… and it’s a damn shame that they weren’t remastered like some other recent classics we’ve gotten. The quality is still good and spankable, though!


Filthy Girls from LetsDoeIt

We’ve been given monthly exclusives from LetsDoeIt for so long that it’s been really easy to take them for granted, but they are an awesome studio. During the worst of the pandemic, they were buying up solo content for their #DOEGIRLS series. Their WhiteBoxxx titles are among the most gorgeously shot and lit sensual titles on the entire site. The Her Limit series is great for something a little more dramatic without it feeling reckless. LDI just dropped a new series on us, MamacitaZ that mines the under-utilized well of beautiful native Colombian Latina performers.

Dane Jones

Sexual Adrenaline from Dane Jones

I feel like Dane Jones doesn’t get a fair shake on our site. Classy, romantic adult content with the female gaze in mind, this is a quality studio. What’s the problem with it? We are only getting titles that are a few years old right now. So none of it hits the New Release section. But this is gorgeous, glossy stuff to get your rocks off to. Watch it with someone you love or want to love. While there were a couple April releases from DJ and they were both good, I have a couple older recommendations: try Living Doll if you want some legitimately freaky with your super sexy, or An English Girl In Prague to get a good idea of the kind of genuine sexuality that comes through in a Dane Jones title.

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