Throwback Thursday: Oriental Hawaii (1982)

Get lei’d in more ways than one! Oriental Hawaii from Caballero Video is a sexy, lighthearted feature from the early 1980s that delights in the sexy exploits of college co-eds Lelani (Mai Lin) and Ming (Jade Wong). The hot-and-horny young students have rented a room from older married couple Mildred and Bob Walker, and this traditional family has no idea the wild ride they’re in for! Between the Walker’s promiscuous daughters and hunky sons, and the Walker couple themselves, Mai and Jade are crashing over this household like a tropical tidal wave of torrid sexuality—and absolutely no one is safe from their charms!

Oriental Hawaii (1982) from Caballero Video

This Carlos Tobalina-directed film explores family fantasy, lesbian, group sex, and older/younger themes all set in the backdrop of an island-decor vacation home, and continues to be popular on HotMovies to this day! Jessie St. James received the 1982 Adult Film Association of America Best Supporting Actress award nomination for her appearance in this film.


Mai Lin, Jade Wong, Jessie St. James, Rhonda Jo Petty, Danielle, Shirley Duke, John Leslie, and Jon Martin

Oriental Hawaii (1982) from Caballero Video
Oriental Hawaii (1982) from Caballero Video

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