10 Tips to Show Your Partner That a Threesome is Right For You

The Couples Seek Third series from Pornstar Platinum poses a question that comes up in numerous relationships: How can I convince my girlfriend to try a threesome? Couples Seek Third 10 is an exclusive on HotMovies, starring Dee Williams, Texas Patti, Alura Jenson, Megan Maiden, Lydia Black, Miss Demeanor, Sexy Vanessa, Sergeant Miles, Brad Knight, Harlow Adams, and Nathan Bronson. In honor of Pornstar Platinum’s threeway fest, HotMovies has ten tips to show your partner that a threesome might work for you! Keep in mind, I am not a professional sex columnist, but Sarah Jessica Parker liked one of my Tweets once, so osmosis…

Couples Seek Third

1. Offer a Break in the Routine

Sex is great, but when it’s always available with the same partner… sure, things can get a tad stale. Suggest to your partner that bringing in a third would put some pep in your step. But, be mindful, and strategic with your whining, and keep those expectations grounded. A threesome may not be the sexual panacea you’re looking for, but it could be worth a shot!

2. Use Math to Make Your Case

The more orgasms the better. Start the day by nonchalantly humming the Double Mint gum jingle, until you know it’s implanted into her brain. The 80s makes everything easier. Then give her the best orgasm she’s ever had and ask her if she’d like that, only double. Double trouble, if you will. Two mouths are better than one.. Twenty fingers are better than ten, so basic math. Remember professor, as you make your case for quantity, make sure you can deliver quantity.

No. 3 – Curiosity Killed the Cat?

Go bicurious! When asking your partner for a threesome, an open mind goes both ways. Show your partner you are willing to expand your own sexual horizons. Let her know you’ll meet her halfway. You want to try G/G/B threesome, maybe she would like to try a G/B/B. Then negotiate, and get over yourself. It’s called being a good partner. Besides, it all tastes like sweat anyway. You’ll be fine. If she can do it, you can do it.

4. Trim & Moisturize

Your heels are so dry. You know it. While you’re at it, you should probably clip your toenails. If you don’t want to do it for your wife or girlfriend, just think of the poor girl you’re trying to bring into your bed. Trim those toenails already! Maybe trim your nose hairs while you’re at. If you’re vaccinated, you probably don’t need those COVID-catchers getting in the way anymore.


5. No More Bacon Strips

Mmm… bacon. Okay, you’re probably pretty progressive and allow your mother to do your laundry as opposed to your partner. But she knows. She’s seen it. You’ve left your dirty underwear on the bathroom floor dozens of times and she knows what’s going on down there even more than you do. Invest in a bidet. Be clean, be free. Prune out all your dingleberries while you’re at it, so your partner is not embarrassed to share a sex partner with you. Dig out the lice comb from when the kids where in elementary school; that should suffice.

6. Commit To a Couple’s TikTok

Couples on TikTok are the coolest thing, right? And you should let your partner pick the subject of the video. It’s bound to bring you two closer together, and the closer you are, the better the communication. If you go viral, it will inevitably be for all the wrong reasons, but maybe you can still get a threeway out of it. We all want to be famous, and thanks to the bounty of social media, we’re all entitled to 20 minutes as opposed to Warhol’s stingy 15. Your partner will love you for it, and the returns will lead straight into the bedroom if you play your cards right.


7. Inception

This one could take some time, because it’s our most complex tip. Build a team, and plant the seed. If Leo did it, don’t worry, it couldn’t possibly be ethically questionable. Don’t forget your totem.

8. Adopt ALL Kittens

This one will only work if your partner is an animal lover, but of course they are, because who would love a monster? A longterm project for sure, with a lot of cleanup and responsibility, but you do want that threesome. Totes worth it.

9. Be Submissive

Give her the control. Offer up your agency, and see if that tickles her interest. Allow your partner to handpick your third. You’re in a partnership, and letting her have more control of the sexual encounter might make her feel more comfortable with the psycho you two eventually let crawl into your bed.


10. Don’t Be a Dick

For Christ’s sake, don’t be a dick. Dicks should be salubrious and ethereal, not toxic. Boundaries! No means no! If that’s the answer, accept it. If your partner not wanting to bring another person into your sex life is such a deal-breaker for your relationship, there are probably other compatibility issues you have yet to work out. Threesomes are fun, but your partner’s not obligated to give you one.

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