Editor's Picks: May 28th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: The Busty Alone

My pick this week was not an easy one. There were a few contenders in the mix, all sexy choices that would have emitted ooh and ahhs galore. But it was the lovely Hungarian beauty, Ava Black, who captured my attention the most. Performing a solo scene for The Only3x Network, she wows in a skimpy black bodysuit, her generous assets concealed but begging to be released. Without speaking a word, Ava does a strip tease, slowly pulling down the bodysuit to reveal her big, soft, all natural breasts. I’m sure you all know by now how much I love a nice set of natural tits! Who doesn’t, am I right?! And Ava’s got a pair that will bring you to your knees. She unsnaps the bodysuit between her legs and pulls it up to show what’s hidden there–a beautiful shaved pussy and a sparkling butt plug nestled inside her tight ass! Ava tugs on that plug, slowly pulling it out of her ass before sliding it back inside. Her fingers trace lines across her body, tweaking her nipples, over her belly, and down to her pretty pussy, slipping inside that wet pink hole and eliciting moans of pleasure from the dark-haired stunner.

Ava Black shows off her natural assets

As nice as fingers can be, they just can’t delve as deeply as she’d like. So Ava adds a dildo to the fun, licking it softly before plunging it into her velvety folds. It looks so nice sliding in and out just above that pretty butt plug! Next, Ava pulls the plug out, rubbing it round and round her puckered rosebud, her asshole practically winking at us with each pass of the plug! She’s so turned on she plunges the dildo deep, fucking herself with long deep strokes. And this little minx knows just how delicious she is, sucking her juices off the dildo between thrusts. She gets onto her knees at one point, giving us a great shot of her ass as she reaches back to push the dildo in as deeply as possible. She ends her solo session on her back, one hand fondling her gorgeous breasts and the other working that toy in and out of her sopping wet hole. She doesn’t speak, but her moans of pleasure and the wet sloppy sound of her pussy are all the audio you’ll need!

Ava Black masturbates with dildo

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Jeffton Banks: Anal Exclusive

Kuleana  in Anal Exclusive from Le'Wood and Evil Angel

The point of porn is to be sexy. It’s supposed to get you off or to get you to want to get off, but it doesn’t have to be stodgy to get that done. And something that I’d say in general about the wonderful, longstanding porn couple of Francesca Le and Mark Wood is that their porn feels fun. There is a lighthearted air to their porn; even when it is anal and gaping, and the performers seem to be having a blast. Just watch the interviews at the end! As for the women? You’re not liable to find four more gorgeous young ladies in one video. My favorite, as always, is Violet Starr—who seems to have officially changed her name to Kuleana. So take notes!

Maddy May in Anal Exclusive from Le'Wood and Evil Angel

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