10 Porn Stars From The 'Naughty Aughties' You Probably Don't Remember

Porno has a short memory. For some reason, most of us look to the new releases and little else (unless we have a certain category we’re going in for). And when we want classics, we either go to the classics for the all-timers that everybody says is a classic… or we go back to our own fap history for some personal canon.

But that leaves an awful lot of porn unwatched and unloved in the meantime. So I wanted to jump all of us back to the 00s, the Aughts, the Aughties, etc. See, roundabout 2004 ole Jeffton started working in the adult industry (there’s a reason I say ole Jeffton). And while a lot of stuff has changed (and mostly for the better), there are still some breathtaking beauties that have been a bit lost to time. When thinking about the first decade of the new millennium, we probably think of names like Ashley Blue, Sasha Grey, Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, and the like. There are easily a dozen porn stars who have leapt into legendary status and are mentioned alongside the immortals of earlier decades.

And what’s more, there are still some giants in the industry still putting out heart-stopping content. Joanna Angel, Dana DeArmond, Lexi Belle, Charlotte Stokely, and a handful of others are still blessing our boners to this day… but the women on this list are not there. Even with an impressive filmography, and even maybe some awards, they are no longer in the discourse of who we nut to. That should change. HD wasn’t commonplace as the Aughties changed over to 2010, but most of these flicks still look fine and are super beatable. Let’s give these ladies the respect, admiration, and ejaculation that they deserve!

Brooke Ballentyne

Brooke Ballentyne from Kick Ass

I totally remember being absolutely floored the first time I saw Brooke Ballentyne in action. This will date me, but it was on the website Stile Project (sort of a 4-chan-y blend of sick humor and porn). And it was a clip for Just Over Eighteen #2, where she gets picked up in a casino and gets interviewed by the camera. Her Southern twang, gorgeous and unique features, and her giggly semi-innocent personality won me over. Then she started getting fucked and it was all over. Brooke was a screamer. To this day, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a louder, sexier performer. It’s super hot, but I’d probably hate to have her as a neighbor. Anyhow, she wound up winning a couple AVN Awards in 2004 (one for Rawhide and one for the appropriately named Screaming Orgasms #11). I want you to know her, just make sure you’re listening on headphones or with the volume turned a bit lower.

Desert Rose

Desert Rose in Specs Appeal from Kick Ass Pictures

It’s 2002, and a baby-faced Jeffton is looking to get his jollies. He’s in the back room of the family video store, and he stumbles on the cover. One glance at Bring’Um Young 9 and its perky cover star was all it took to be smitten. Desert Rose, despite not having been an award-winning A-lister, was a petite and gorgeous looker who had a very solid seven-year career in the business from 2001-2008. She had a couple name changes over the years, and a modest boob job… but she was rock-solid beginning to end. There are dozens of clips to see her in.

Lain Oi

Lain Oi from Vivid

Even when she was all “porned up,” Lain Oi somehow managed to look super nerdy… but nerdy in a sexy way (see my nerdy girls article to know I’m sincere in the sexiness of nerds). Perhaps it was the glasses, and perhaps it was the disarming smile (one of my favorite in all of adult). Either way, she and her amazing rack (not big enough to be big, but just something of a C-cup marvel) were an amazing treat throughout her four years in the biz. The proof is in the pudding, and I urge you to watch her get demolished by two legendary meat-slingers in Her First Big Cock 8, get down with Sean F’ing Michaels in Young Ripe Mellons 7, or get balled out by cable guy Tyler Knight in Barely Legal 53. She also had a super kinky side, and is spellbinding in her starring role in Hogtied #6.


Kat with a lollipop

In the early 2000s, two women essentially owned the petite hottie with braces market—Leah Luv and Kat. I had a little crush on them both, but Kat was one of the first names that jumped into my head when thinking about this article. Working from 2004 to 2012, she racked up an inconceivably large filmography. Hell, we have at the time of writing this, 617 scenes with her in it… and she makes up roughly ten percent of our braces clips! Despite never having won an AVN Award, she was a great performer who could be cast in any number of ways. Sleight and having braces, she could be put in young titles. She was in countless Latina videos. Her almond-shaped eyes got her put in plenty of Asian flicks (even though she isn’t Asian). She was an anal queen. And then when time went on, she started to squirt. It was super hard to pick her best stuff, so here is a sampling of good scenes: Jerk Off Instructions 8: Jerk It For Me Daddy!, Flower’s Squirt Shower 2, and Jailbait.

Ashlyn Rae

Ashlyn Rae from Lethal Hardcore

There’s no true way of figuring out if this was actually the case, but it sure did feel like Ashlyn Rae was the catalyst for a trend in porn of women rolling their eyes in ecstasy. While Ashlyn wasn’t the first to do that, she is in the top two of women to have ever done it (alongside Chloe). Her whole library is worth watching (she was a real dream), but I’d recommend any of her titles with Girlfriends Films, her taboo turn in It’s Okay! She’s My Stepdaughter! 3, and her ultimate scene (in my opinion) in Mommy & Me.

Kelly Kline

Kelly Kline from Hustler

Kelly Kline had an absolutely amazing girl-next-door type of look, but she also had this way of acting and talking dirty that flipped her into an apex predator. Don’t believe me? Just check out her scene with her “dad’s friend” (played by her husband Richard, who she entered the adult industry alongside… despite being 10 years his junior) in Don’t Tell Mommy 6. Kelly worked for a total of eight years, and left us with hundreds of sexy clips. But one awesome artifact is an amateur tape submitted before she and her hubby officially went to Porn Valley called, appropriately, Richard & Kelly.

Lie Lani

Lie Lani from My Horny Asians

When I first saw Lie Lani pop up in videos, I was convinced she was going to be a star. She had that it factor that so many performers never develop, and it seemed to come naturally. The half-Asian beauty had a nice, long career… but she never quite attained the fame she probably deserved. Curvy in all the right spots and with the seldom-seen, mid-sized torpedo tits, she was a dream come true. Her scene in a laundry room in Freaky First Timers 4 is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever watched. I also heartily recommend her scene in WIfe Switch 3 (which is also just a tremendously hot, couples-friendly series all the way around).

Nicole Ray

Nicole Ray in First String from Innocent High

Nicole Ray didn’t perform for nearly as long as most of the women on this list, but she made an indelible mark. Gifted with perhaps the most smouldering looks porn has ever seen, she could reduce a man to cinders with just a glance. The petite blondie is one of the brightest gems that the world at large seems to have forgotten. Essential Nicole Ray viewing? Look no further than First String, where Nicole is so sexually frustrated by her abstaining jock boyfriend that she just cannot stop herself from masturbating… in the principal’s office! Another brilliant scene can be scene in Hot Bush 2 where she wins a game of pool by distracting with her hairy pussy.

Angela Stone

Angela Stone from Vivid

In the Golden Age of squirting, people (rightly) went gaga over Cytherea and Tiana Lynn. But the name that should always, always be mentioned in the same breath is Angela Stone. She could squirt with the best of them. Like Cytherea, Angela was a walking fire hose—incredible speed and force and velocity. Where Cytherea would collapse into a quivering heap, Angela would bestow upon us a deep, bellowing scream (as if demons were nipping at her heels). While I’m hard-pressed to come up with a favorite Angela Stone scene, because any scene where she is spraying jet after jet of girl cum is a favorite of mine, I can vouch for the following off the top of my head: Supersquirt II, Stop Or I’ll Squirt! 3, and the erotic BDSM foursome from The Perfect Secretary.

Missy Stone

Missy Stone from MOFOs

I’d like to do an article on the greatest eyes in porn. Of course I might be the only one who’d read it, but there are some women just blessed with the most beautiful eyes. Missy Stone, who is beautiful all the way around, headlines the All-Time Eyes list. It’s probably the main reason her porn-covers-to-porn-appearances ratio is so damn high! She was a great performer, and had a look that was at once both perpetually young and eternally sexual. Selecting any scene over others feels like a betrayal to the rest, but there is a 0% chance you’ll walk away dissatisfied from Sweet & Petite 4 and It’s A Daddy Thing! 5.

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