10 Sexy & Taboo 'Hot For Dad' Scenes

It is daddy’s turn to be filthy! It’s hard not to be as these stepfathers and older men are surrounded by hot and horny young women. Stepdaughters, younger or not, the same rule applies: the best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Celebrate Father’s Day with this fuck-fest: a list of ten scenes just for you, including boy-girl action, DP, threesomes, TS love, POV, squirt fun, and more. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to HotMovies’ latest VOD exclusive: Hot For My Dad!

Hot For My Dad from Digital Sin

10. My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 17 (2021) from Lethal Hardcore: Scene 1

My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad from Lethal Hardcore

Starring: Alexia Anders & Jerry Kovacs

Jerry Kovacs is a very naughty stepfather. He is spying on his stepdaughter as she does yoga outside. She wears transparent leggings that leave room for no imagination. Her perfect pussy is exposed. She spots Jerry. He loved what he saw big time. She finds it a little weird at first, but quickly turns all flirty with her stepdaddy. She stands up and shows him some more. Her mom is not here, so she removes her leggings and exposes her beautiful assets. They move things inside and do some XXX yoga. They have the most fun, but Alexia has a specific fantasy: she wants to eat ass! Her stepdad got everything he could dream of, a super nasty stepdaughter with more than one trick up her sleeves!

Alexia Anders & Jerry Kovacs in My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 17

9. How To Plan An Orgy Volume 2 (2020) from Crave Media: Scene 1

How To Plan An Orgy Volume 2 from Crave Media

Starring: Marilyn Mansion, Victoria Vargaz, Brannon Rhodes & Juan Largo

Marilyn and Victoria’s dads, Brannon and Juan, just got divorced and they are already going on dates. Freaking unbelievable! The girls are so pissed off that they decide to sabotage their dates. They steal their phones and call each one of their dates “hoes” to tell them to fuck off. The hoes are not showing, so the dads start to wonder what is happening. Juan realizes that his daughter did it again: Victoria sabotaged his date! Brannon notices that his date was sabotaged too! They ask their daughters for an explanation. The girls explained that they don’t want their fathers to date hoes. The dads explain that they work hard and they have needs to satisfy. Brannon and Juan swap daughters and give them a punishment to remember! Who are the hoes now?

Marilyn Mansion, Victoria Vargaz, Brannon Rhodes & Juan Largo in How To Plan An Orgy 2

8. Ass Fucked By A Trans Girl (2020) from CX WOW: Scene 5

Ass Fucked By A Trans Girl from CX WOW

Starring: Marcella Marino & Christian XXX

Christian is ready to pick up his friend’s TS daughter, Marcella. She looks crazy beautiful in her dress. She is not feeling like going to her sorority formal since she broke up with her boyfriend. Christian suggests that they can still go together, but Marcella has another idea: she always had a massive crush on Christian and she wants to act on it now that she is single. Christian is hesitant as he is way older than her, and a friend of the family. Feels like Marcella put a spell on him because he cannot stop himself from kissing her. Marcella takes care of Christian big cock orally before Christian does the same to hers. Marcella finds a better way to spend the night, right inside Christian’s tight ass! 

Marcella Marino & Christian XXX in Ass Fucked By A Trans Girl

7. Daddy’s Pretty Little Stepdaughter (2020) from Penthouse: Scene 1

Daddy's Pretty Little Stepdaughter from Penthouse

Starring: Vanna Bardot & Tommy Gunn

It should be the happiest day of her life, but Vanna Bardot is sad. It is her wedding day but she mostly doesn’t want to leave her stepdad, Tommy Gunn. The hunk stepdad is concerned as he drives her to the chapel. He suggested that they should drive back to the house to talk about it. Back at the house, Vanna is laying on the couch. She took her wedding dress off. She is wearing her wedding lingerie and drinking champagne. Tommy massages her feet to relax her. She confesses that she doesn’t love her fiance; she loves Tommy. He reminds her that he is her stepfather, but she can’t help how she feels. She is getting married in an hour! Maybe it will help if she can get Tommy out of her system… and right inside of her! Tommy can’t say no to help his stepdaughter in distress, especially with his thick cock! 

Vanna Bardot & Tommy Gunn in Daddy's Pretty Little Stepdaughter

6. Dad Crush Volume 10 (2020) from Crave Media: Scene 1

Dad Crush Volume 10 from Crave Media

Starring: Emily Willis & Ike Diesel

POV: Emily comes home and she is surprised to see you there. She asks what you are doing here, but you don’t really feel like telling her. You confess that you got laid off today. So you came home and had a few drinks. You’re a bit embarrassed to tell her that you got fired because your boss walked in on you watching porn. She promises that she won’t tell her mom. She admits that she watches a lot of porn too. She tries to cheer you up but it is not really working. You are really depressed. All you want is a drink and your wife, but she is not home. She is never home. Emily hates that her mom doesn’t give you enough attention. She really wants to cheer up and starts touching your dick through your pants. Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with her?! She just wants to release some tension by sucking your cock for a while, come on dude! What else bad can happen at this point anyway? Nothing like Emily’s slutty mouth to cheer you up and get you up… how about some pussy too, then maybe painting her face with your load?

Emily Willis & Ike Diezel in Dad Crush

5. Step Daughters 3 (2020) from Family Sinners: Scene 1

Step Daughters 3 from Family Sinners

Starring: Lacy Lennon & Tommy Gunn

Lacy Lennon’s mom is not home. She is home alone with her stepdad, Tommy Gunn. As she is on her way out for a date, Tommy stops her. He reminds her that she is grounded. Since her mother is absent, Tommy is in charge. He doesn’t want to let her go out, especially wearing that skimpy skirt. It can send the wrong message. Lacy cannot believe what she is hearing. Fine, she takes it off right in front of him. Tommy becomes all uncomfortable. She asks him what he would like to see her wearing. Tommy doesn’t want to have this conversation. He seems to like to see only her underwear though. Maybe they can make a deal. If he lets her go out tonight, she will hang out with only her panties on, nothing else. That’s a pretty good deal but Lacy might quickly lose her underwear to get dicked-down nice and deep by her stepdaddy! 

Lacy Lennon & Tommy Gunn in Step Daughters 3

4. A Father Unleashed (2019) from Pure Taboo: Scene 1

A Father Unleashed from Pure Taboo

Starring: Chloe Cherry, Mick Blue & Steve Holmes

Darla (Chloe Cherry) is hanging out with her uncle Gus (Mick Blue). Her stepfather Eric (Steve Holmes) doesn’t like that at all. Eric is aware that Gus has a terrible influence on him. Darla invites his uncle over for dinner. Eric is not happy. Gus keeps teasing her brother about how sexy his stepdaughter is. He wants to unleash his brother’s wild side and he is ready to use Darla to do it. Darla tries on the new clothes she bought while she was shopping with her uncle. They insist she tries on the new underwear set in front of them. Gus thinks he deserves a proper thank you for all the gifts and everything he has done for her over the years. Eric approves. Darla goes down on her knees to engulf Mick’s big dick into her mouth. She sucks him good and gets her skull fucked, but what about her stepfather? He deserves a thank you too; after all, he has been taking care of her for a long time. They take turns to fuck her pussy and her ass before they fill both her holes at the same time!

Chloe Cherry, Mick Blue & Steve Holmes in A Father Unleashed

3. A Study In Gaping (2020) from Pure Taboo: Scene 2

A Study in Gaping from Pure Taboo

Starring: Lola Fae & Bill Bailey

Lola Fae is on her way to meet her “daddy,” Bill Bailey. She is dressed up as a schoolgirl. She knocks on the door. Bill greets her, then they make out. He asks her if she brought what he asked, and she replies “of course daddy.” She wants to show him. He wants to see what progress she made. He becomes rough with her and starts to play with her right outside. He wants everyone to know what kind of fine young ass he plays with. The foreplay continues outside as he lifts her skirt and spanks her. As he pulls down her panties, the surprise is revealed: she has a buttplug in her booty! We got flashbacks of her being texted by Bill, playing naughty games with her. All the time, at her job, while she is having dinner with her actual dad. Nothing stops Bill from getting what he wants and nothing stops Lola from giving it to him. Back to reality: the toy is all fun, but quickly it is replaced by fingers, tongue, then daddy’s massive cock. Lola is a good little student and she makes sure to show her daddy how much progress she has made by taking it nice and deep in the ass!

Lola Fae & Bill Bailey in A Study in Gaping

2. The Prodigal Daughter (2020) from Pure Taboo: Scene 1

The Prodigal Daughter from Pure Taboo

Starring: Dee Williams, Jane Wilde & Derrick Pierce

Well, well, well… after twelve years, Kim (Dee Williams) and Bryce’s (Derrick Pierce) prodigal daughter Scarlett (Jane Wilde) is back. Their entourage is suspicious that after all those years, why has Scarlett shown up out of the blue? Kim and Bryce don’t care, their little daughter is about to come home. Nothing else matters; they can be a family again. Derrick’s brother thinks it is too good to be true. She was missing for 12 years and no one found anything, not even the cops. He begs them to have a DNA test, to not be naive. A few seconds later, a detective knocks at their door. Scarlett is here. She seems anxious. The detective asks them if the couple are their parents. They reply yes, all excited. They are so happy their little girl is home. The cop asks the daughter if she is sure she wants to stay here. The answer is an obvious yes. Days have passed and something is definitely not right with Scarlett. Something is off. Bryce shares his suspicions with his wife. What if their entourage was right all along? What if Scarlett is not their daughter? They question the girl and find out the truth: Scarlett is indeed not their daughter. Bryce tells her to get out or he will call the police. Scarletts wonders how the cops would feel if she tells them that the entire time, their “daughter” was locked in the basement. It is not true, but what if the cops believe it? They have no choice but to give her what she truly wants: some dick and some pussy! After all, how bad can it be since they don’t share the same genes after all? 

Dee Williams, Jane Wilde & Derrick Pierce in The Prodigal Daughter

1. My Stepdaughter Squirts 4 (2020) from Diabolic: Scene 3

My Stepdaughter Squirts 4 from Diabolic

Starring: Kay Carter & Tommy Pistol

It has been a while since Kay Carter saw her handsome stepfather, Tommy Pistol. The two of them are having an affair. Tommy is always gone on business trips. They sit on the couch for a little bit to catch up. Tommy asks her about college and everything. He mentions that Kay’s mom is out of town. He tells her that he finally coordinated things so that he can be home when the hot blonde is visiting. Tommy suggests that they pick up where they left things the last time. They catch up well on all the goodies they missed while Kay’s stepdaddy was away. It starts with a hot make-out session, followed by a steamy and sloppy blowjob. Damn, college girls suck and deepthroat the best! Tommy returns the favour before he dicks her down on the couch. Kay is getting banged so good that she squirts all over the place! Passion and many juices are on the rendezvous!

Kay Carter & Tommy Pistol in My Stepdaughter Squirts 4

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