Up To And Including Her Limits: A HotMovies Review

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I don’t like my porn with a plot. That super-glossy gonzo look suits me just fine. But (And there’s always a but, right?) there are exceptions. And as far as I’m concerned, most of the plot-based exceptions in my masturbation milieu have come from Deeper. You guys, if you aren’t familiar with this studio, I actually feel bad for you. Beautiful, dramatic, incredibly sexy films (with a plot!) are being doled out by this stellar studio and I’m all about it! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that the acting is tremendous. It’s truly some of the best content I’ve ever seen, and not only worthy of your viewing time, but your admiration, your devotion, and your very soul. Okay, not that last one, but you get where I’m going here. They’re fucking great, and if sky-writing wasn’t so damn expensive, I’d tell the world. But I’ll settle for telling you fine folks all about the newest addition to the Deeper library—Up To And Including Her Limits—a feature film presenting four incredible vignettes.

Up To And Including Her Limits from Deeper.com

Scene One: Ashley Lane, Naomi Swann, and Jax Slayher

Ashley Lane and Naomi Swann give Jax Slayher a blowjob

Ashley Lane is a beautiful, intense, driven photographer who demands the very best from her models. Shooting nudes can make some girls uncomfortable, and Naomi Swann is definitely feeling uncertain! She was nervous to work with Ashley, knowing her reputation, but she had no idea what would actually happen during their photoshoot. After several clothing changes and dealing with a clearly unsatisfied photographer, Naomi is further out of sorts when a very naked, very aroused Jax Slayher enters the scene. He is there to model with Naomi, and Ashley can tell immediately that her model is uncomfortable. She is arrogant and cruel as she sneers at Naomi, taunting her, forcing her to touch Jax’s manhood, and demanding that Naomi admit she’s uneasy. Her words dripping with venom, Ashley says, “Are you fearless, Naomi?” Naomi knew this would be difficult, and she’s ready for the challenge. Her hand wrapped around the stiff dick, she makes eye contact with Ashley and slowly parts her lips to take the stranger’s cock into her mouth. After wetting his cock with her hot mouth, she stares defiantly at Ashley and responds, “Are you?”

Ashley Lane photographs Naomi Swann get fucked by Jax Slayher

Ashley rushes in at Naomi’s dare, wrapping her lips around Jax’s manhood while maintaining eye contact with her model. When Naomi has her mouth full of dick again, Ashley admits she underestimated her and says, “I like you better this way,” before taking her turn on that dick. Naomi tells Ashley the same, and I have to imagine that Jax likes them both better this way! Wearing sexy metal lingerie from the shoot, and now draped across Jax while Ashley sucks his cock, Naomi begs to have her metal panties unlocked and removed so her throbbing pussy can get the attention it craves. Once unlocked, Ashley rushes to pull aside the thin cloth covering her pussy and sits on Jax’s cock, taking every inch deep inside her wanton hole. She bounces up and down on his cock as Ashley takes photos, impressed by her newly awakened model. This scene is intense and deeply erotic, Ashley is both a bossy bitch and a shameless one, taking her turn at riding Jax’s dick. And when Jax is fucking Naomi from behind, Ashley presents her pretty pierced pussy and Naomi dives right in to taste her. The debauchery and the photoshoot come to an end with hot cum dripping down Naomi’s face. Ashley picks up her camera and takes the shot, saying, “That’s the shot.” Seriously, I loved this scene! Ashley plays the role of bitch boss wonderfully and Naomi is sheer perfection. Jax and his cock were the right fit for the role!

Scene Two: Jill Kassidy and Mick Blue

Jill Kassidy bound and teased by Mick Blue

Jill Kassidy meets a man online in a fetish chat room. When presented an opportunity for something exciting, Jill cannot refuse. She agrees to play a game with the stranger, taking direction via text messages, and agreeing to meet with him at his desired location. She arrives and takes the elevator to the penthouse. When the elevator doors open, there are glass doors keeping her from entering the apartment. Another text reminds her not to look, so she turns her back and is startled when someone comes up behind her and slips a blindfold over her eyes. Everything goes dark and suddenly her nerve endings are tingling in anticipation. A perfect stranger to the unseeing Jill, Mick Blue stands very near his plaything and asks, “Did you dress as I asked?” It’s the first time she’s heard his voice, and she shivers at the sound. I love this setup—it’s profoundly carnal, producing a visceral reaction that is impossible to ignore. Jill opens her coat and it drops to the floor, revealing the sexy bra and panties she’s worn for him. Mick glides his fingers across her skin and pinches a nipple. The fun is about to begin!

Jill Kassidy tastes Mick Blue's cock

We next see Jill bound, still blindfolded, and totally at Mick’s mercy. Seduction and sensation are at the heart of this game, and Mick is doling it out in spades. He rolls a pinwheel over her taut body, her soft flesh dimpling with goosebumps. Ruled by sensation alone, she is overcome with desire. Mick gently cups her barely concealed pussy, then runs his nails down her legs. Jill is lost in the pleasure she’s experiencing, giving in entirely to this passionate game. Unbound and next found on the penthouse balcony, Jill is lightly spanked before Mick slides his cock into her eager mouth. He uses her mouth vigorously before moving on to her pussy, sliding into her from behind after making her beg for it. Imagine being blindfolded and made to beg for a stranger’s cock. It’s literally fodder for every one of my fantasies! They switch up positions—doggy to missionary to cowgirl—Jill sightless and writhing in pleasure the entire time. Mick finishes on the black satin blindfold, using his cock to smear the thick cum down onto Jill’s face. He helps her to dress, walks her to the elevator, removes the blindfold from behind, and then he’s gone. This scene is fiercely seductive visually, and your arousal is further heightened by the perfectly paired music and Jill’s audible gasps of surprise and pleasure throughout. Definitely a must-see!

Scene Three: Jessie Saint, Lilly Bell, and Manuel Ferrara

Jessie Saint quarantined from Manuel Ferrara

Covid affected our lives in ways most of us could never have expected. It’s only natural that this life-altering thing that’s happened should at least provide some ideas for the creative minds among us. One such reality-inspired story features the lovely Jessie Saint, a girl down on her luck and desperate for work. She’s been referred, she makes the call, and then gets the job—with admittedly no experience in this type of work. What exactly the work is, we don’t yet know, but it soon becomes evident. Jessie is meticulously tested before beginning her journey. She takes direction from her employer’s secretary, played by Lilly Bell, who tells Jessie, “We will provide a device to assist in your abstinence in the outside world for a period of seven days. A car will come for you at the end of that time.” Upon arrival, the chastity belt is removed and she is quarantined for seven days. The tension mounts as she sees her employer, Manuel Ferrara, a number of times through the plastic barrier of her confinement. He touches her through the plastic, their mouths fogging the thin separation as they lean in passionately. This scene’s strength lies in the waiting, the building of sexual tension, and finally—the culmination of that wait. It teases and tempts so deliciously!

Jessie Saint and Lilly Bell fuck Manuel Ferrara

The day arrives when quarantine is over. Jessie bathes and dons the limited clothing she’s been left. Manuel enters the quarantine space and Jessie catches her breath. Her chest heaves as she fights for control over herself. When his lips finally touch hers, it’s explosive. The hunger they feel for one another is plain to see. Up to now, Lilly has been seen as an employee, but she asserts herself here, tapping Manuel on the shoulder and taking his place in Jessie’s mouth. She kisses Jessie fiercely, forcing Jessie to respond to her. Lilly opens Manuel’s pants and pulls out his rigid pole, offering it to Jessie. When Jessie drops to her knees and begins to perform her duties, Lilly finishes undressing Manuel, his hands roaming her body and squeezing her juicy ass. Thank god for nice asses, am I right?! When Manuel finally dips his dick into his newly acquired toy, it’s in cowgirl position, Jessie riding him fast and hard as Lilly licks Jessie’s ass. Later, Lilly rides Manuel’s cock while Jessie sits on his face. The two girls staring into each other’s eyes as their pussies are simultaneously pleasured by Mick is crazy sexy! And then seeing Lilly lick Jessie’s freshly fucked cunt while Manuel rails her from behind… perfection! Alas, all good things must come to an end, and this one is a doozy! The girls wait on hands and knees, each receiving a squirt of his hot cum into their open mouths. When he’s been properly drained, the girls turn and kiss, each sharing their creamy contents with the other. Is there anything hotter than seeing two cum-covered girls kissing and reveling in their mess? I think not!

Scene Four: Addie Andrews and Mick Blue

Addie Andrews bound by Mick Blue

Addie Andrews rolls her ankle while hiking with her boyfriend. He insists they find a doctor, but the only one to be found in this remote area runs his practice out of his enormous home. Enter Mick Blue, handsome doctor extraordinaire, and the man who’s going to ruin Addie’s relationship. Of course, we can’t blame it all on Mick. Addie is attracted to him, captivated by his quiet, reserved manner. The doctor’s question about an old scar on her wrist starts her reminiscing about past erotic encounters, taboo encounters, complete with tight ropes and bated breath. You see, Addie enjoys a bit of pain with her pleasure, and Mick understands that he’s found a kindred spirit. He locks Addie’s boyfriend in a bathroom and finds her. He tells her he thinks she’s figured out the secret, produces a length of rope from behind his back, and in his quiet, composed way he requests that Addie remove her dress. She hesitates only a moment before dropping it to the floor. Mick binds her hands with rope and picks up a crop. He tells her, “If you chase pleasure, the pleasure you chase will decrease each time. And the pain of withdrawal increases. And eventually you will need the source of pleasure just to hold back the pain of withdrawal, though it stopped providing any feelings of euphoria.” SLAP! The crop strikes her bottom. “But if you chase pain, the opposite happens. The intensity of the pain, will decrease each time,” SLAP! “…leaving euphoria in its absence, as the high of withdrawal from pain increases each time.” SLAP!

Addie Andrews fucked by Mick Blue

Hands bound and at his mercy, Addie’s passion erupts. She flings herself into his arms, their lips crashing together in a hot, passionate kiss. He lays her down on the piano bench, pulls aside her panties, and dives into her pussy. After tasting her, he stands her up and turns her around, using his big hands to roughly slap her ass—Addie gasping in pain and sighing in pleasure. He leans in for another taste of her pussy, also giving her tight asshole the attention it deserves. When his dick finally enters her mouth, he’s too revved up to wait, and he fucks her face hard and fast. Eager to feel her hot pussy on his manhood, he slides into her from behind, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Addie. They switch positions often, from doggy style to cowgirl, and later Micks fucks her from behind while they stand near the harp. This music room is seeing (and hearing!) more action than it has in years! And it begs the question: doesn’t Addie wonder where her man is? Or is this new naughty dick just knocking those thoughts right out of her head? The two share an erotic encounter that leaves them both breathless and Addie with a hot load on her pretty pussy. This has got to be the best doctor visit she’s ever had!

Each scene stands alone as it’s own unique story, skirting the edges of decency and flirting with fetish fantasies that will leave your mouth watering and your groin tingling! This porn with a plot is totally hot! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

But seriously, check out Up To And Including Her Limits today; your dirty little mind will thank you!

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