Throwback Thursday: Don't Tell Mommy (2002)

Notorious Productions features many of the early films from director Jim Powers. While many of his early movies were extremely popular at the time, the irreverent and raunchy style of his early movies did not always age well. Nevertheless, his early work was comedic and juvenile which makes some of it still fun to watch. In his first volume of the Don’t Tell Mommy series, we see the quirky mind of the Notorious director on full display. There is a cross dressing father catching his slutty punk rock daughter having sex while his deviant son watches her and jerks off. Meanwhile the oversexed wife sleeps with the daughter’s girlfriend while the father takes the virginity of his son’s girlfriend. It was a great twist on the emerging popularity of the family-themed movies, putting the true deviancy of it all front and center and reveling in it. It almost feels like a John Waters movie if he did porn.

Jim Powers Dont Tell Mommy cover


Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten,
Rose Petal, Johnny Thrust,
Fiona Cheeks, Christine Sanders,
Saphire Rae, Marc Cummings

saphire rae and marc cummings
fiona cheeks and christine sanders
rachel and rob rotten

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