Announcing HotMovies' New & Improved Video Player

HotMovies has implemented a new player using more advanced and modern technology to enhance your porn watching experience. The new player has a cleaner interface and functions much better across all devices.

Just a few of the things you can do with the new player:

  • Want to skip 10 seconds backward or 30 seconds forward, but one of your hands is occupied? Just hit your left and right arrows on your keyboard!
  • Watch movies on your television by using Airplay on Apple devices or Chromecast on Android devices.
  • Easily access the other clips in the movie you’re watching using the thumbnails to the right.
  • Want to get rid of all that and just see the video? Go full-screen by clicking the Fullscreen Icon icon.
  • Slow down the video or speed it up by clicking the 1x icon and selecting a different speed.
  • Want to keep the video playing while you browse other pages or apps? Just click the Player-in-Player icon icon to enable Picture-In-Picture.

We have more wonderful things in the pipeline to make your porn watching experience the best you’ll find, so keep an eye on this channel for more announcements!

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