Editor's Picks: July 16th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Fake Agent Presents – Anny Aurora

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’ve got great taste in movies. And women. So it was only natural that I would choose this Fake Agent flick featuring the lovely Anny Aurora for my Editor Pick this week. Tall and pretty with gorgeous red hair, Anny is here to meet a talent agent to get into erotic modeling. She just really likes having sex, so why not do that as a job? Amen, sister! She’s so cute talking to the interviewer about her sexual likes and dislikes. She has been with women and enjoyed it, but prefers men because you can’t pass up a penis! Again I say, “Amen, sister!” So it’s no surprise when after a brief photoshoot, Anny takes a peek at the penis on deck, so to speak, and likes what she sees so much she puts it in her mouth! She shows the dick some love, moaning in delight at the feel of it in her mouth. Now it’s time to masturbate, and Anny is all for it! She’s so sexy as she reclines on the couch, her fingers exploring her pussy as she stares into the camera. It’s all too much for her solo audience, and he can’t wait another moment to bury his cock inside this gorgeous girl!

He sits down and Anny grabs his cock and guides it into her pussy, gasping as he fills her up. She rides him in cowgirl position, up and down, her pussy gripping his dick like a glove. She looks down to where their bodies are joined as she rises, watching the dick disappear inside of her as she lowers herself again. Her perky, natural breasts bounce sweetly and she throws her head back in pleasure as she fucks this stranger. Cowgirl turns into doggystyle position, her long legs making for an incredible profile as she’s pounded from behind. Earlier Anny stated that missionary was her favorite position, and she finally finds herself on her back, a stranger’s dick balls-deep in her pussy, and she’s in her happy place! When it’s time to catch that cumshot, Anny is up for the challenge. She sits up, grabs his dick, and opens her mouth for a hot shot of cream. She ends up getting some in her mouth, a bit on her face, and a bit more dripping down those perky tits. She totally nailed this interview!

Anny Aurora doing it doggy style

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Jeffton Banks: Cream Pies

Olive Glass and Brad Sterling in CreamPies from MILF

This latest outing from MILF is right in ole Jeffton’s wheelhouse. He’s forever the head of the Olive Glass fan club, for one. For another, all the gorgeous, MILF-y women are wearing pearls… and that is something I’ve been considering for an unsung niche article to shed some light on how hot and underappreciated it is. Director Robby D gets it! And lastly, it’s creampie-themed. The spunk is faked, but it’s the thought that counts (and also Brad Newman absolutely fucking coats London River with real skeet in a genuine pull-out).

A couple scenes use the “You’re dating my daughter, so I want you to know about sex… by doing me” trope that never ceases to endear me to a porn clip. And, what’s more, the movie has one of my favorite lines. London is trying to get Brad to whip out his cock by telling him he needs to try on condoms for fit, she says, “It’s like trying on a new pair of shoes.” Brad replies, after excusing his size because of the cold, “But I’ve never tried to put a shoe on my dick before.”

Jenna Noelle in CreamPies from MILF

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